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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Lots going on...Valentine's, Disappearing Trees and WOYWW

There's a huge amount of noise and activity radiating from our place this morning...
We live in a quiet suburb normally, but not so today!
All because a healthy tree has become a problem...it's outgrown its space and therefore isn't welcome anymore.
Not by me you understand...I hate to see a tree even pruned, never mind uprooted and murdered, but I know this has to be done. The Ficus Elastica is going to cause problems soon with its root system spreading at an unbelievable rate....across to the neighbour apparently and so she must go.

I'm hoping that something else will be put in its place but I'm not holding my breath...

 It's a beautiful tree and I do feel rather sad that it's got to go just because it doesn't fit in!
I'm just hoping now that there's such a gap where it used to be....that my neighbours aren't the sticky beak type...there are no net curtains on that side of their house, so maybe we'll be okay?!?!

There was also another tree that needed attention today due to one of its high branches snapping and only just hanging on. I'm not sure when or for how long it's been like that...so we've been living with the danger and not even knowing that a huge branch could have fallen on any one of us who just might have been unfortunate enough to be standing underneath. But thankfully it didn't fall and so has been carefully removed.
 Gulp....note chainsaw strapped to his waist?
My hubby would be very pleased to see all the PPE though.
(That stands for Personal Pretection Equipment just in case you haven't got someone telling you all about this sort of stuff...even when you're only using a whisk in the kitchen!!!!)

 And to show just how high this guy is...

Oops I should have said initially that if you're here for WOYWW then please scroll down (and anyone who hasn't visited before or knows what that term means...it stands for 'What's On Your Work desk'. As the title suggests each Wednesday we show and tell what's on or happening on our desk. 
(It sounds like I'm spouting from the fountain of knowledge today lol

Julia over at Stamping ground hosts a plethora of creativity each week for you to enjoy...so why not nip over there and take a peek at everyone's desk? It's allowed...they're a friendly bunch!

So here is my desk....

There's more space than work to display this week but I have had a little doodle! 
I'm a little later taking this photo because as stated above, there's a lot happening here today.
Unfortunately the sun has left this side of the house at this time of day, but it is beating down on the other side...you can just see outside where the wisteria hangs just how bright it is. 
Put your sunnies on if you want to look!
We still haven't seen any rain here and finally there's that photo I wanted to post last week which highlights just what happens when the rain decides to take a holiday!
This isn't my garden by the way...it's a riverbank a little further out of town.
I feel decidedly thirsty when I look at this don't you?

I'm not pleased with the production of this photo (taken on my phone which is usually okay) and will be retweeking it...it's caused me nothing but bother since I first took it...but you get the idea....its dry!

And so what have I been doodling I hear you ask? Well I can pretend can't I? I'm harmless enough ;D

I'm aware that it's Valentine's Day on Thursday and although it's never a biggy in our house, I thought I'd enter into Jenn's Valentine challenge this week over at Just add water silly  Jenn is always encouraging everyone to think outside of the box and I'm sure she'd be kind and generous no matter what we entered into the Artist Play Room...she's just like that, but I thought I'd keep in with the theme...well loosely!
So here he is....my LURVE BUG!

 I love ladybirds (as I've always called them) so I liked the idea of this chaps shell being a heart shape...and then I just got carried away with my usual quirkiness and this was the result! 

I hope you get bitten by the LURVE bug this week, but if you don't then don't disappear...I think it's so much better to have a spontaneous day to show how you feel about someone whenever the mood takes you...not to be told what to do on what day!
I'm sending all my followers/readers and visitors a little lurve bug here to say thanks for stopping by.....I always love to see and hear from you all.  
But I think there may well be some pink heart shaped crepes appearing for breakfast around the 14th...well I have the mixture already so it would be a shame to waste it! 
I'm not going soft ~ honest!

And lastly peeps, I've got to give a shout out for the lovely Cynthia over at Cottage Remnant
She noticed that I didn't have a badge for my blog as many people have, so she very kindly helped create one for me ....did you notice it on the way in, at the top right hand side? 
I've been going to try design one of these for quite some time but never got around to it. Truth be told I'm not even sure I'd have a clue where to begin or be successful...but I was going to give it a go anyway...that's what blogging has taught me if nothing else.
But now thanks to Cynthia I've got my own...yay.....(grinning like a Cheshire cat here :D)
So make my day as the header says...I'd be thrilled if you took it and attached it at your place. 

Phewph...well I think that's enough for today peeps...you're cuppa or tea-break must be over by now. 
So have a wonderful Wednesday whatever you have planned...enjoy, have fun and most importantly keep smiling or better still laugh! 
Catch you later....


  1. Awww, too bad about the tree, I'm with you, I hate to see a living thing uprooted and murdered. Great bug though. I'm hoping I get bitten by the chocolate fairy, hehehe. Although if the lurve bug gets me first maybe I can request chocolate from the guy who gets equally bitten and it paired up with me . Crossing my fingers!
    Much love and chocolate to you my friend,

    1. Hi Jenn,
      I hope you were showered with masses of roses and chocolates but if not don't worry neither was I! LOL

      I decided to stock up on my choccy supplies myself...so I feel much better now. There's something reassuring about having supplies sitting in the fridge...there's trouble brewing if there's none there. Its safest for everyone concerned :D

      I'm looking forward to headiing over to the playroom later this afternoon. I know I'll be in for a treat ;D

      Have a wonderful weekend and apologies for not replying sooner...it's been quite a week! xoxo

  2. So sad about the tree but when danger rears it's nasty head then safety first, shame it looks like a beautiful tree.

    I love your bug.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 13

    1. Hi Eliza,
      It wasn't too bad...we didn't loose the huge tree in the front...it only had a few branches chopped ~ a little like having a nail filed!

      But the tree in the back garden had to go. I've got a gapping hole there now, which is slightly annoying but I'll find something to put in as soon as the temperature cools.

      Thanks for visiting and I'm sorry to take so long in replying.

      Happy WOYWW to you too although we're nearly at the next one! ;D

  3. Shame about the tree, but better not to have root damage! Hope you can find something to replace it that will be more controlled!!! Your desk looks good today, hope you have a great WOYWW, Helen 2

    1. Hi Helen,
      Yep the week has been good but it's flown by as usual hence only just getting to reply to all the WOYWW visitors.

      I haven't replaced the tree yet but will as soon as the temperature is at a level where digging and planting are do-able! At the moment all I'm doing out there is watering and plunging myself in the pool!

      I hope you've had a creative week and are enjoying the weekend.
      Have fun :D

  4. Great protests in Manchester UK where the council is cutting down HUNDREDS of trees in a park 'in order to restore the park to what it looked like in Victorian times'. So sad when even one tree, like yours, goes.
    I absolutely love that champagne/rose/chocolate-waving bug. This kind of art really chimes with my own doodling, so it's great to find a like-minded artist. Love your APR challenge drawing.

    1. Hello Jez,
      Oh how sad to hear about all of those trees. I can imagine everyone getting very upset. Here in Melbourne there are so many parks that people can enjoy today due to the Victorian's.

      Thanks for your kind comment on my lurve bug...I'm going to head over to you as soon as I can to check out your art!
      I start out thinking I'd like to do a serious piece of work but before I know it...there it is whimsical and light-hearted doodling!

      Have a super Sunday whatever you're doing...have fun! :D

  5. Lurving your lurve bug what a great fun valentines card. So sad about the tree I like you hate the thought of anything having to be taken off a tree but as you say this is a needs must case.
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

    1. Hi Ria,
      Yep that's me...even when I'm trying to be serious I just seem to end up on the funny side.
      I really wish I could do a serious piece of artwork. I'm thinking of going to a workshop or participating in an online tutorial to try to reign myself in! Fingers crossed ;D
      (see I'm laughing here ~ there's no help... hehe)

      So many people feel the same way about trees which is rather nice...we all want to protect them and rightly so.

      Thanks for popping by and I hope your WOYWW went well. I'll visit you soon to see what you've been creating.
      In the meantime have a great Sunday :D

  6. Your Lurve Bug is Great :0)
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your comment...have a great weekend and I'll see you soon ;D

  7. Morning Neesie - Wow what a photo of the guy up the tree. My husband would pass him on his PPE too! Who stands underneath to catch the branch I wonder ;-) Loving the lurve bug - he is looking like a smooth operator to me!! WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 56

    1. Morning Helen, although it's many mornings since you left your comment. Whoops!
      The other tree chap stood well back and had a cigarette whilst his young daredevil collegue scales the heights of the tree. Then he went under and collected the branches once they'd fallen. The noise was deafening whilst they mulched them, so maybe I should have been wearing ear defenders. My hubby probably would have produced some if he'd have been there at the time.
      Thanks for your kind words on my 'ladybug' although I think of him as a Manbug! I think he'd be a real smoothy with the ladies.
      I hope your WOYWW went well and I hope to get to you before next Wednesday!
      Enjoy your weekend :D

  8. We had one of those trees in our back yard (a very ignorant person at the local nursery assured me it was ok to plant... grrr) any way... eventually we could see it was an issue and waaaay to big for our little suburban backyard. I was denial until I googled the tree and read an article titled "The Trees That Ate Sydney" Eeeek. Although I hate to see a tree TOUCHED I have to admit it's often necessary. Hope you have a super Valentine's Day! Luuuurve your Lurve Bug!! ♥

    1. Hello Angy,
      Well I was surprised to hear about the problems concerning this tree because a landscape gardener created this garden apparently...so someone obviously didn't attend that particular class!
      I must admit it had grown quite considerably in the two years we've been here, so I can see why the neighbour (would isn't going anywhere soon by the look of it) wanted it taken out.
      Wow...The Tree that ate Sydney sounds scary!
      I know you'd have had a wonderful Valentine's Day, so I'm coming across to take a peek. See you soon :D

  9. No net curtains is indeed a good sign ;) I, too, hate to see trees go... I understand your feeling. Love the ladybug! Greetings from Holland, Marit #89

    1. Greetings from Melbourne Marit,
      It's great to see you and thanks for coming all this way to leave a lovely comment! ;D
      Have a great Sunday. See you soon :D

  10. Wow lots going on! I agree while trees are so lovely they soon become a problem so need sorting. I love seeing your pics, that dry pic is amazing, yep made me thirsty! It's cold and wet here, sometimes thick flakes of wet snow fall but mostly rain. Horrible. So I'm tucked up in home with the heating on! Enjoy your week, take care Zo xx 93

    1. Oh Zo, I better not mention the weather here because you may hate me...but it is does get a little toasty at times, if that would make you feel better.
      I do like the light and would miss that plus I don't like damp!!!
      The original dry river bed photo is very crisp and clear which pleased me but then when I transferred it...something strange happened and I haven't a scooby what that was?
      I'll be across soon to visit, although I'm not sure where my wellies are just now.
      Enjoy the weekend and hopefully you'll see a little sunshine. :D

  11. I'm with you on the tree.....I hate seeing trees being murdered I mean cut down as well.....there they are minding there own business, growing away giving shade and oxygen....and then the sound of the chain saw...EKKKKK!!!

    Well have a "grrrrr-eat day 'heen' (can you hear my english accent...lol)

    No net curtains....is that an aussie thing....or is that the same as a sheet tied in a knot hanging in a window as a poor excuse for a curtain? Oops, did I say that out loud.....lol


    1. Hi Cynthia,
      Not sure about that accent sweetie...I think it might be more of a Glaswegian (Scottish) accent. LOL
      The net curtains are from the UK when a while back in the day, it was fashionable to have net curtains dressing all of the windows. Basically it enabled people to peer out without being seen! But I don't think that was the initial idea.
      We would often say about snooping neighbours 'see the nets twitching' which would indicate someone was behind taking a peek!

      Have a super Sunday whatever you are up to and I'll be across to cool down soon. :D

  12. The tree looks so nice but guess these things have to happen
    The picture of how dry the earth is sad when we have had soooo much rain if only we could share
    Love your lady bug ....
    Jackie 3

    1. Hi Jackie,
      It does seem crazy doesn't it that one place seems to get all the rain whilst another bakes...and then there's the temperature differences too. It would be so much better for everyone to share and that way we'd all be happy! Or would we? I think that might be boring.
      I love the weather and all the changes...it's the main thing I missed whilst living in the Middle East. Other than my family of course :D

      I hope your weekend has gone well and your fully relaxed and ready for a creative week ahead!
      I'm so late this week with WOYWW but I'll get there ;D
      See you soon

  13. I hate to see a perfectly healthy tree killed as well...hopefully they plant something smaller to replace it.
    The photo of that fellow up the tree is amazing...he is so small compared to the towering tree.
    Your desk looks great! How nice to have the view of the garden while you work!

    1. There's no sign of a replacement yet...but I'm hopeful. I've got a great lemon tree but that's in a huge tub and I'm not sure that it would be happy in that particular spot...plus I wouldn't want to upset it as it appears to like where it is now.
      I couldn't resist grabbing the camera when I saw the guy up the tree but obviously making sure I was right out of the way.
      I played at my desk yesterday for a little while and splashed some paint around ~ literally! Thankfully the floor is tiled and I could just mop up. LOL
      I hope you're having a great weekend ~ I'll pop over to see what you're up to soon :D

  14. you know how love tress, wow, thats a beauty, I hope someday to come to see your fair land, it looks like heaven to these sorry snow blind eyes, love the love bug!!!You are so neat, everything orderly!

    1. Oh Laurie it would be lovely for you to visit...there would be so much for me to show you. You better pack a few suitcases because you'd have to be here for quite a while to fit it all in ;D

      I'm sure you're spring will be appearing soon although our autumn doesn't seem to be anywhere near. We've only got two weeks of summer left before it's officially autumn, but we're having some of the hottest weather this week.
      I may be neat Laurie and I think that's part of my problem...I need to loosen up with my art! I'd love to do something really serious and always tend to start off serious and then something happens...it turns into whimsy or just funny. :$

      Oh I nearly forgot I did throw some silk paints around yesterday...onto that silk scarf that's thrown over the frame in the photo, but it's not anywhere near finished yet. Maybe it will be by next Wednesday but it's doubtful.
      Enjoy your Sunday and I hope to chat again soon xoxo

  15. I know what you mean about having to do things to trees, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet don't you. We have a HUGE Eucalyptus in our garden that is going to have to be cut down this year but thankfully it's shooting from the bottom so I shall keep the new shoots smaller and controlled,
    Love your Lurve bug and thanks for my weekly helping of sunshine. We have snow again today.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #66

    1. I can imagine your Eucalyptus Lisa...there's some serious big boys here in our neighbourhood. I love them especially if they have lost their bark...I always like to touch and expect them to feel warm like flesh!
      Is that weird??? Maybe I should have kept that to myself? :$

      We've certainly got enough sunshine here this week to share with everyone.
      Thanks for visiting and I hope your cosy and enjoying your Sunday.
      I'll be popping over soon to see what you've been up to. :D

  16. So sad that the tree has to go. Good job they don't apply that logic to people - I wouldn't be writing to you now LOL! Seems strange looking at your dried up ground when, here in the UK, I'm thinking of buying wellies for my chooks as they clamber about in the mud! Happy WOYWW, Chris x

    1. And I wouldn't be here reading your comment Chrysalis! LOL
      Ahh the poor chooks. I have a cute picture in my mind now of them clucking about in their green Hunters!
      Maybe I should just explain that wellies are the same as gumboots for any Aussie readers.
      I think I could do with a pair of those for Mufftypup this winter. Her paws get very black picking up everything in all the long fur ^..^
      I hope you enjoyed WOYWW and I can't believe that it's nearly time for another before I'm even finished replying and visiting my list.
      Happy Sunday :D

  17. Ooh the house will feel naked! I understand about the tree, console yourself with picking out some new vegetation! We have the opposite..a normally dry and walkable bourne in the nerby village is full, flowing and frankly dangerous at the moment..amazing thing, weather! Your desk seems to be the calm amongst the storm for you today...hope you get a chance to sit at it!

    1. Hi Julia,
      Great to see you...and I hope you are safe and dry!
      I know my desk looked calm but you should have seen it yesterday...paint splattered everywhere! I was fantastic!!!
      Enjoy your Sunday...it'll soon be a whole new week to create in. :D

  18. It upsets me to see beautiful trees cut down, I'm sure they have souls...the Luv bug made me smile, great post :)

    1. I was a woos Morag because I didn't actually watch them take it out...nor shred it. I just heard all the noise and commotion!
      I hope that tree knew I wouldn't have taken it and just discarded it...it was all my neighbours fault. :(

      I'm glad to hear that Mr Lurve Bug made you smile...that makes me happy :D

      Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

  19. Look like a case of Neet by name and neet by nature.... very tidy this week. Louve the big bug, very cute. I wish I could send you a load of the wet stuff.... we have loads... too much in a lot of places.
    I finished my first zentangle piece if you ahve time to pop over. I'd value a critique
    have a good week
    janet #15

    1. Hi Janet,
      I don't normally like bugs but I liked him right from the offset ;D
      Oh how I wish it would rain...just a little would be nice. I'm melting here today but there is a report that later tonight we might have a shower. The trouble is they've said that a lot over the last two weeks and there hasn't been a drop.
      It's 34C degrees just now and my laptop is adding to the meltdown here. I was thinking of switching it off and going to do something else but that would mean the ironing! Eek! Steam coming out of my ears never mind the iron! :$
      I'm so interested in coming to see your first zentangle and will be with you shortly. :D
      I hope your weekend was good and now you're ready for a fun packed creative week!

  20. Such a shame about your beautiful tree. I'm sure you will be able to plant something beautiful and not so 'rooty' in it's place. We have had so much rain, I wish I could send some down to you. I will go out and tell the clouds outside to head on down to Melbourne.
    I lurve your gorgeous lady bird, so cute. I went the chocolate route for APR, not so clever, should have gone the cute route.
    Luv Von xx

    1. Hi Von, long time no speak eh? I hope you're all well,

      Hey...did you speak to the clouds because I'm still waiting?!!?! Maybe use a sterner voice please. It's 34C here and I still haven't seen any rain since before Christmas! Last night was very uncomfortable with the temperature not dipping below 27C. We don't have AC in this house...it's an old double brick...which normally is okay because as you know Melbourne weather doesn't last long whatever we're having...but this hot spell has gone on and so now the house has had time to heat up!

      I don't think you can go wrong with chocolate in any shape or form. I don't always intend to go the cutie way but for some reason all my artwork tends to go that way. I have no idea why and I just wish I could produce a serious piece of artwork just once! ;D

      I'm on my rounds today if my laptop manages to keep cool enough so see you in a wee while. Put the kettle on...or better still maybe I'll bring a bottle of something cool and crisp! :D

  21. The ficus is like the 'rubber plant' we have here in the states that only grows inside in a pot and rarely gets bigger then 4 feet tall. WOW to lose a tree like that would hurt a lot! I 'luv's' your lurve bug. He is so cute! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

    1. Hi Vickie,
      Yes it does look exactly like the rubber plants we have in the UK. Always in a pot so maybe that's why...to contain them. ;D

      Thanks for liking Mr Lurve Bug...he is a smooth operator isn't he?
      I can't believe it that I'm replying to your comment and we're nearly to Wednesday already! Eek!

      Have a great week to and thanks for stopping by...I'll pop over to your place soon :D

  22. Your Lurve Bug is a great entry for the APR challenge. Sweet but funny too. Hope the missing tree doesn't leave too big a gap in your landscape.


    1. Hi Darla,
      I really want to post a serious entry for APR but for some reason they just keep coming out funny, cute or whimsical! No idea why? ;D

      There is a huge gap where the tree used to be but I don't look out of that window too often so it's okay for now, besides it's too hot to venture out to plant a replacement yet. It's in the hot sunny position so I'd have to think what would be best to replace it.

      I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Have fun and I'll see what you've been up to soon :D

  23. your lurve bug is awesome! at first i thought that box of chocolates was a TV remote control :) but of course the chocolates make more sense. i like the blog button cindy make you - isn't she the best!

    1. Hi Alice,
      Well I suppose he is a male after all, so I can't blame you for thinking it was a remote...don't the guys always have the controls?
      I know they do in this house!
      I was going to draw a box of choccy's but the bar just appeared.

      I was so thrilled that Cindy mentioned and then produced the button for me. I feel very priviledged and loved hehe :D
      I haven't been across to you in ages but I'm on my way...you must have so much for me to catch up on.
      See you soon ;D

  24. Although the story of the tree is a bit sad you gave it the final respect with all these beautiful and impressing photgraphs and all the thoughts you shared. I was so impressed.
    The little lurve bug looks so cute!

    1. Awww Stefanie I don't feel quite so bad now, thank you :D
      I must admit it's so lovely to hear so many people feel exactly the same way...there are a lot of tree huggers out there!
      Thanks for all your kind comments...I appreciate them all.

      I'm looking forward to nipping over to see what you've been up to...so see you soon. In the meantime...have fun! ;D

  25. I hate trees coming down as well... and we lost a couple in the storm the other week... it is quite an adjustment to see a gap where there used to be green... and your love bug is perfect... and the button great... going to add it to my blog love page later... happy Valentines day my dear...xx

    1. Hi there Trace,
      I'm so sorry to hear that you lost some trees...I know all about the gap because if I look out of the studio window...there it is!!!!
      Hopefully not with my neighbour peeping through. :$

      I have a confession to make with reference to the APR challenge the other week, because I tried to paint a Bushell's box and failed miserably!
      You went up a few more notches in my admiration of your work. I don't know how you do it. I was like a bear with a sore head, so I decided to paint chocolates instead but then ate them! Not surprisingly I felt much better after that! ;D

      I hope you had a lurved up Valentines Day, so I'll come over to check what's been going on in my abscence.

      Thanks for your support with the button...I'm thrilled xoxo

  26. I hate to see the tree go...couldn't the neighbor go instead! LOL! :) I love your Lurve Bug! He is clever bringing all required Valentine gifts at once!

    1. What a laugh Gloria...I did think that myself but we've only been here two years and they look like they're lifers! ;D
      Thanks for your kind comment on Mr Lurve Bug. He knows how to woo the ladybugs for sure...taking no chances with a rose, chocolates and champers! A smooth operator indeed :D

      I hope you had a great weekend and that your week continues to get better.
      I'll see you soon.

  27. I am scared just looking at that guy dangling from the tree on a photograph! So glad I did not have to see it in real life! I hate killing trees, but sometimes you just have no other choice.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #20

    1. Hi Tertia,
      You should have seen me underneath trying to get a good shot but then I suddenly realised...hang on a minute...this is quite dangerous! ;D

      That tree only had a branch cut, so it wasn't too bad. But the other tree in the back garden unfortunately wasn't right for the space or to the neighbours taste apparently...so it had to go. They can be very evasive...not the neighbours...I meant the tree! LOL

      I will wish you a very very belated WOYWW or maybe it would be better for this week...I'll just be early for once.
      I'll nip across to see your desk...promise! :D

  28. oh what a JOY to read you and your wondrous tales again, Neesie!! seems like it's been forever!!!
    the dry is surely dry and the tree cutter guy surely high [how is that for some poeming?!] and your Lurve Bug, fantabulousity!!

    1. Oh Currie what a lovely thing to say...I'm blushing but thrilled.
      I must admit I was horrified this morning when I read over it and found mistakes. I had taken quite some time and had to rush in the end to complete it...hence the errors but then it appears you forgive me :D
      I'm so embarrassed when these little whoopsies appear.

      I loved your poeming!!!?! You are just like me and make up 'stupensational' words. Isn't it great?

      I'll be across to see you soon...so stand by your beds! ;D

  29. That guy hanging is your tree is makes me nervous. I don't love high places. Your lourve bird is very cut. Lady bugs are just so cute. I'm going to see if I can grab your badge and get it to my blog. Sometimes I succeed with that & sometimes I don't.

    I love your writing. I feel as if I was sitting there talking with you.

    1. Hi Boo,
      The tree climber was very high and had me nervous too, although he did have every safety contraption on his person and looked like he knew what he was doing. ;D
      Thank you so much for taking my badge...you've made my day. I'm not sure if you managed to attach it but I'm coming across to visit so I'll know then.
      Have fun and enjoy your week :D

  30. Neesie- it's so sad to have to lose a beautiful tree that's been there forever-- we've had similar experiences as well- somehow it's just never quite the same-- but it's necessary, I know---

    I hope your neighbors aren't too nosey!!

    1. Hi Vicki,
      So far I haven't caught the neighbours peeking but it was their request to have the tree removed. They've been here far longer than we have and will remain after we've gone by the look of it, so we can't complain.
      We are only renting here at the moment so we just do as we're told!

      Great to see you again and I'm still not even close to visiting all at the GYB party, but will keep nipping back in. Thanks for being the perfect hostess with the mostess :D
      Have a wonderful weekend and catch up soon ;D


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