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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Tribute to Trees

Today I wanted to post a tribute to trees....
It's something I've been thinking about for some time now and I know there are many fellow tree huggers out there. The only trouble is how much I wanted to post...seriously I've chopped (oops...sorry no pun intended) this post from a 'War and Peace' type post.
So where to start...obviously trees provide us with two of life's essentials, food and oxygen but then there is so much more...as shelter, medicine, and tools. They can provide peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environments which we can all enjoy. They frame landscapes, create beautiful backgrounds and enhance building designs. Trees can provide privacy, emphasize beautiful views, and screen unsightly areas. 
They improve our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings...in fact I'd better stop there because there's a risk I could go on and on....and there's a lot of photos to get through. Maybe you should pop the kettle on for a cuppa while you browse?
If you're a tree lover then you'll know just how special they are and how they can touch your very soul.
I hope you enjoy my little tree tribute.
The first photo on the left is the Crow Pine tree in Canada 
The middle tree was taken during our trip to New Zealand's North Island and the far right was taken on one of my morning walks here in Melbourne.
The exfoliating bark never ceases to amaze me...and also reminds me just how important moisturizing is and that I must step up my beauty regime!

The patterns and colours are stunning....especially when they have just had a shower!

I sometimes feel compelled to touch the tree trunk especially when it's stripped of bark...it looks like it should feel warm like a living limb...and I'm always surprised that it doesn't. 
(I know that this might sound odd...maybe I should move on swiftly?!?!)


Then of course there are the big blousey show offs that like a splash from the colour palette...you'd like purple? 
Not a problem.....

 Or would you prefer red?

And that's just a snippet of looking at trees but then there's all the other aspects...like who visits or uses a tree for shelter or survival.

Here are a few fellow tree huggers....precious birds eggs, the koala, a possom snoozing away during the day and a flock of local rainbow lorikeets enjoying breakfast.
 Sometimes an unexpected guest might arrive.... the tawny frogmouth owl that isn't really an owl at all...


And of course I couldn't miss out the majestic kookaburra

Or the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo...

Yet another serious tree hugger....literally!

We mustn't forget that trees bare fruit too....here's a photo of my lemon tree last year and I'm happy to say I've noticed lots of flowers appearing again this year :D
I'm thinking it might be an idea to plant an apple tree in the place of the tree that had to be uprooted last week. I miss being able to just pick an apple off my own tree. It's been quite a while. 

And then of course all the various colour that appear with the different seasons...giving pleasure as we pass from one season to the other.

Spring positively bursting into life...with pungent fragrances to stop you right in your tracks in order to appreciate their effort!

Beautiful blossom....

But then fall comes to call....

I don't think I'd ever seen a pine cone this big before and thankfully it didn't fall on my head as I walked beneath the canopy.

From little things...big things grow!
Did you ever plant an acron as a child...I'm hoping to visit mine one day just to see how big it might be. 
I also had the priviledge of taking part in a local council organised Community Planting Day here a few years ago where I helped plant lots of trees and grasses along a nature reserve...but I took a special note of this one particular tree, so that I would remember...that's MY TREE!
I regularly check on its progress....it's now over 6ft tall and looking good...I'm so proud of it!
Everyone should plant at least one tree...it's incredibly satisfying.

The bottom right hand photo show's my hubby standing beneath his favourite oak tree which is in a local park back in the UK. The photo doesn't do it justice and its beautiful perfect shape...as you can see it's been there for quite some time...and must have some stories to tell.
 As the wonderfully warm summer days slowly leave us... trees compensate and console us with colourful displays.

Finally the leaves fall...leaving bare branches but even so they can be spectacular on the landscape...oh and I mustn't forget we then have the most special tree of all...the Christmas Tree! 
I've searched my mess, unorganised, collection of photographs for my best Christmas Tree photo and I can't find it! 
Note to self...I really must take some time to reorganised my photo files...but that could take me years. 
I have quite a few :(

Even when sadly a tree has to be taken down....it can still enhance our lives, by keeping us warm and cosy throughout the winter months. There's something very special about a real fire.
I know I'm going to see so many things I should have included in this post but I think you get the point...trees mean a lot to me and I couldn't live without them. I hope you feel the same way.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to take a look at the trees around you...there's sure to be something special. 
See you again soon https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif


  1. I loved this post, I lov trees, I have loved painting them for a long time, the hardest thing for me living in the city is there just are not enough trees and our building has quite a few, just not like the bush, I enjoyed this so much, thank you for creating such an informative and beautiful post!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the post today Laurie.
      I found it really difficult to restrict myself because there's so much to say and show concerning trees.
      We live outside of Melbournes CBD and all the suburbs have beautiful tree lined streets and avenues. There are also so many parks here too, so we are truely blessed.
      I hope you are well and that you are having a brilliant week thus far.
      Take care and I'll visit you soon xoxo

  2. wow, those are some really cool wildlife. I can't imagine having that kind of exotic selection around where I live. Lucky girl. I like the owl best!!

    1. I know I'm lucky Jenn and that's why I want to appreciate it fully whilst I'm here. Blogging is a brilliant way to do this, plus share it with everyone else ;D

      I must admit the little owl was so cute. He was watching us watching him!
      So funny :D

      Have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon

  3. Brilliant post, Neesie, beautifully illustrated! You should send it in to your local logging company...
    When we moved into our present property 22 years ago, we planted a couple of little saplings, and it has been wonderful to watch them grow. One of them is a Bronze Maple, which is now quite a substantial tree.

    1. Thank you so much Mark...I really appreciate your kind comment.
      I've actually just added a few more photos but will have to be firm with myself and STOP!

      I can't imagine being in the same property for 22 years...it must be wonderful to have such memories and history all within one house!
      Maybe my next move will be the last and I'll be able to clock up some history there too.

      Oh a bronze maple would be stunning!

      Have a great week and I'll nip over to see if I can take a peek at your maple!!! ;D

  4. I love your tree post today and I love trees. There is a grove of trees in Wagga Wagga down by the river that my husband and I was privileged to see back in 1980. I was enamored with their size and shape and the fact that hundreds of parakeets were living among their branches. I wish I knew the name of the tree. Do you? I know it would be a shot in the dark, but who knows.....you may have been there as well.

    1. Oh hello there, I nearly missed you...I'm sorry my reply is so late. It's been kind of hectic here lately but then that's nothing new! ;D
      I'm thinking the tree wondering if the trees you mention would be the eucalyptus. They are incredible specimens and grow to great heights.
      I maybe wrong though :$

      I'm afraid I haven't been to Wagga Wagga...well not yet anyway. If I do I'll make sure to check out all of the trees LOL

      I hope you are over your flu by now and back to having fun. Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by :D

  5. Tiptoeing in to whisper, Hi Neesie :D Oh, I too loVe trees! I caress their beautiful bark and encourage my wee one to do the same, all the while telling him to be gentle and how important and special they are. From my kitchen window we can see up into the tree tops where the crows work rest & play year on year. At the moment we can see the remnants of last years nests and soon new ones will be appearing until the canopy fills with leaves and we can see them no more until Autumn arrives again. But I've always wondered, where do the old nests go? They don't get sold on, or moved around! Do the birds dismantle them or does mother nature simply reclaim the building materials....?
    Thank you for bringing out these gorgeous pictures for us to see and putting your very eloquent words alongside them. Wishing you wonderful dreams and hoping you are managing to keep cool. What a muggy night. 21c just now, ugh...Mo :0) xx

    1. Hmm...I can't help you on the crows housing market I'm afraid. I would imagine it might be a bit of both...nature and reclaiming, but that's just a guess.
      How cute to imagine your wee one caressing the trees. I think it's so important to capture the little ones early on and that way they are plant lovers or gardeners for life. I've found that if you give a little one some seeds or plant something together and watch it grow...it's pure magic and something that stays with them forever. I've never know it fail. ;D
      Thank you for your beautiful compliments Mo...they mean to world to me and I love the fact that you always check what's happening here. So with that in mind, I can tell you that although we've entered into autumn, today is getting warmer by the minute. Tops today is supposed to be 31C and tomorrow 33C, but the difference is that the night-time temperatures drop so it's perfect for sleeping. I'm going to make the most of these glorious days whilst we still have them.
      I hope because we've entered autumn that means that your spring has arrived?!!?!

      Have a great week my friend and I'll see you again soon I hope. :D

  6. Fabulous. I wholeheartedly agree. Trees are amazing - and I hate the way folk just chop them down, seemingly with the only thought being that the roots may disturb the house.Years ago I based a design project on the bark of trees - had enormous fun going round taking photos. The different trees have such different bark. was quite pleased with the end result, too. Made a fan! Your photos are lovely. well done


    1. Hi Margaret,
      Firstly apologies for my late response...but thankfully I made it in the end.
      I've been collecting photos of trees for a few years now and did think I'd do a collection of bark designs but sadly I've not got to it yet! I say yet because it still could happen...one day!
      Thanks for popping over ~ it's great to see you.
      Have a fantastic week whatever you have planned :D

  7. Those trees remind me of zentangles!!! And, that pine cone is so strange!! Pine cones don't look like that here! Not even close!! That is so strange and huge!!!
    I am so happy you visited me today!! I've thought of you often, and I've checked for you at the party but you haven't been there. But, I missed a lot of weeks too. With the holidays and other stuff.
    Your plan to join once a month sounds good to me!! Although I find it hard to believe you don't have anything to show!! You are always making such gorgeous works of art!
    xxDanielle#91 LOL!!

    1. Hi Daniella,
      Great to see you again....yep 'tangles came to my mind too with some of the bark patterns and I did plan to do a series on them. Still not managed that but there's time one day I hope ;D
      I do have things to show for WOYWW but I decided that I'd do that once a month (not sure what part of the month yet) and that way I'll have lots more to show and tell. It was the visiting and replying that just took up too much of my time and then I couldn't get to the art which seemed wrong. The art is what it's suppose to be about.
      Anyway, I'll see how it goes...I do miss everyone though and wonder what you're all up to. I've got a couple of pieces that I want to concentrate on for people and so want to stay focused. Once they're completed I'll be showing them, but I don't want to spoil the surprises.

      I hope you are having a great creative time with lots of productivity! I'll nip across to check it all out soon.
      Have fun :D

  8. Love your tribute in photos. Trees are really amazing aren't they? I love the big pine trees and of course the California redwoods. Very interesting post.


    1. Oh...now you've just reminded me Darla, I had some fantastic photos of the great California reds!!! Drat I never included them!
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post...it's always good to hear.

      I hope your week has started well and will just continue to improve! ;D


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