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Thursday 7 November 2013

A Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY ~ Thursday 7th November 2013

Outside my window...Although the light is fading now there's still clear patches of blue sky edged with grey rolling  low clouds. We woke to a cold, frosty, crisp, tingly morning with the temperature just below freezing. The field had a white thin blanket of frost covering the wide open space. I know there will be lots of mornings like this and far worse perhaps, but it was beautiful so I stopped to appreciated it. 
The birds were eager to queue up at the bird feeders, some more patient than others. It's beginning to get tough for them out there and it's every bird for himself.
My son put up another bird house on one of the trees in the front garden and within hours from when the hammering stopped, three blue tits were fighting for a viewing. We haven't even advertise it on the market yet!
There's plasterboard and general debris outside which has been thrown from the bathroom window, but I'm not going to mention the alterations in today's post. There's been enough said over the last week I think. I'm already feeling that I'm living in a Grand Design programme and that Kevin McCloud will come walking down my driveway at any minute. 
I heard a pheasant in the front field but unfortunately didn't see him. They can be very shy...but I'm hoping he'll overcome that and come to call. After all there's a five star restaurant waiting for him when he does. 
I saw a dog playing on the outskirts of the woods, friskily trying to find all of the rabbits when suddenly I thought there must be another dog with him....a much bigger dog but then I realised he had flushed out a deer. A young stag in fact. It was fantastic to see it gallop and leap across the field coming straight towards the house. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos. He appeared to be moving in slow motion. It was just so incredible to watch, but I only managed to get one photo in the end that was in focus. It's in a my peek into my day at the end of this post if you want to have a look. 
Well it's totally dark now with just the flickering lights on the other side of the river bank, so I'll move on.

I am thinking...about my 'to do' list that grows like a triffod each day. If only my plants would be so prolific! 

I am thankful...that I can make choices. From simple things...to more complex. What to eat, drink, where to live, spending time with whomever, even down to what to wear. I'm lucky and am truly blessed.  

In the kitchen...there's a Victoria Sponge cake...well half of one actually. I've been busy baking cakes this week due to the builders, slater, sparkie (electrician) and plumber visiting. This is the third cake that I've baked this week...but they've all been well received and seemed to disappear within minutes so at least they are appreciated. 

I am wearing...a black thermal vest, fluffy black jumper, a leopard pashmina, jeans and my Ugg slippers. So we're all cosy here.

I am creating...idea's at the moment. There's no logic to them, but it's good that my creative mind is still active. I did wonder for a while if I had left it somewhere. 

I am going...to see a big West End show soon. I can't wait and no doubt I'll be telling you all about it.

I am wondering...how I ever got started in a morning without listening to the Chris Evan's morning breakfast show on BBC Radio 2. I've never heard anyone so awake and full of beans at such an early hour. I'm a morning person but even I find him incredibly full of energy. It's a good start to the morning. 

I'm reading...Brochures and magazines mainly for ideas on refurbishments, fittings, decor and fixtures. 
I'm also still reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult but only for a few minutes each night before my eyes close...much to my annoyance. 

I am hoping...that I can get back to drawing or painting soon. I really miss it so much. Everything else seems to take priority but I'm going to try to change this. Even if I have to go to a class in order to achieve it.
I am looking forward to...a forthcoming weekend away. It will be great to escape for a few days.

Around the house...
Hmm...I said I wasn't going to mention the renovations in this post, but it's pretty hard to ignore it at the moment. There are dustsheets from the front door right the way through to the top of the house. I don't want to even look in some of the rooms, but I think today and tomorrow should be the worst. Then we'll can start to get organised and work on all the good stuff. Hopefully seeing the plan come to fruition. 

My favourite quote of the day...

One of my favourite things...is my sat nav or should I say satellite navigation system. Although as many of you know, I've lived here before, at times it doesn't feel like it. I've had trouble finding my way around the city and beyond. I've found streets that I have known but didn't know how to find them until I suddenly am driving along. All flying by the seat of my pants really, but not anymore. I'm plugged in and raring to go...

A few plans for the rest of the week: Well the week is almost over as it's now Friday, so I'll let you know the plan for over the weekend. My daughter is coming to stay which is fantastic because we haven't seen her for a few weeks. She's been so busy working lately, it'll be great to have her come to chill and be spoilt by Mum ;D 

A peek into my day...here's the deer that I mentioned above...

 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your visit to my Daybook. 
Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Woman's Daybook and check out the other day book entries.
 I hope to see you again soon...Have a wonderful weekend.
Have fun and hopefully the sun will shine for you!!!

~ ♥ ~


  1. I do hope you get back to art again, I love the deer picture, had one in my backyard the other day but she snubbed me and turned her back when I tried to take her picture! You sound all warm and cozy, I can picture you as I read this. Sorry I haven't been around lately, but have been way over loaded with art! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

    1. Oh I hope so too Sandee,
      I really miss drawing but you can't do everything I suppose, even if I think I'm Wonder Woman!
      It's a shame about your deer but they are very shy and flighty aren't they?
      Maybe she was showing you her best side ;D

      I am cosy and determined to stay that way until at least May!

      Thanks so much for visiting...it's great to see you even if I am green with envy that you've been so busy creating. It all sounds brilliant and I'll be across to the hills of North Carolina as soon as I can. I have nipped recently and seen all of your fantastic cards but didn't have time to stop to comment. Sorry.

      Have a great Friday and a brilliant weekend :D

  2. So lucky to get at least that one shot of the deer. I have thought in previous posts that your life just now is like a Grand Designs programme - well, that's good because it always turns out wonderfully in the end in spite of Kevin's regular predictions of gloom and misery.
    Very much enjoyed your post, as always.

    1. I'm amazed I managed to capture him Jez ;D
      He was so graceful and appeared to move in slow motion, but it was deceiving...he covered the whole field in a matter of thirty or so jumps! It would have been perfect to capture that on video, but I would really have to be lucky for that to happen.

      Maybe we should have contacted the BBC Grand Designs producers before we started? Hehe
      Let's hope our little story turns out well too.

      Thanks for visiting Jez...it's always great to see you.
      Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you have planned ~ Enjoy! :D

  3. Isn't it fab to live someplace with such varied critter activity. Part of the reason I love where I live. I may have hawks or owls visit one day. Then a whole bunch if small birdies visiting the berry bushes by me the next. And down by the lake, of course, gators or eagles, osprey and scads of water birds. I have yet to capture any in a pic.
    Oh the cake sounds yummy! Lucky workmen! Now don't be distracting them Nessie they've got work to do. :)
    Oooh reading about all the layers you're wearing makes me shiver. Our temps have dropped and we're in for a chilly week ahead. Guess I'll have to get out some winter clothes. Not quite ready yet to be wearing sleeves and long pants let alone sweaters.
    I love to go exploring searching out areas that are new to me without the fear of getting lost. Just push the Home button and wa-la, satnav shows me the way the home. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend. As usual, I've enjoyed my visit. Hugs

    1. Wow your place sounds incredible. I just can't get enough of nature. I seem to get worse as I get older ;D
      I know that I shouldn't have started baking the cakes for the workers but they are working incredibly hard. Next I think will be a fruit cake?
      Thankfully we will have peace over the weekend...I can't wait. There's dust that thick we can leave messages for each other ;D
      I can't believe that you aren't even wearing sleeves yet!

      Now here's a little thought and I don't want to scare you... but I was told never to put your home address into the satnav under 'Home' because if the worse case scenario happened and someone stole your car (heaven forbid) they also have your keys and your home address. Maybe you could enter the address details under something else?
      Sorry, but I couldn't not mention it. I hope you don't mind :$

      On a lighter note...have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those critters :D

  4. Good Morning Denise! What a pleasure to have my morning cup of coffee with you. I cannot get over the amount of clothing you have on. So you have been busy baking cakes - how thoughtful of y'all - that's a Southern way of saying you are very thoughtful. I bet your house smelled oh so good. Now why couldn't you have renovated in the summer. - Just a thought. I love to read but I have found Jodi Picoult a little to "real" for me. I look forward to you getting back to your art work but I must admit I am enjoying your posts.

    1. Good Afternoon to you Sandy ;D
      I missed our coffee (although mine's a tea please) this morning because I was wondering the grounds of a castle!
      Don't worry you'll get to see the photos soon. It was one of those stunning mornings with frosticles covering the ground. Fabulous blue sky and glorious sunshine. I just couldn't resist getting out there. :D
      We couldn't have renovated in the summer Sandy because we didn't get here till half way through and didn't have a builder. We've got a good 'en now ;D

      I know what you mean about Jodi Picoult taking you into situations that you'd rather not be in, but I like her writing. I'm going to read Bridget Jones next for light relief.

      I hope y'all are doing well this mighty fine day and don't forget to come back now ya hear ;D LOL

  5. Hi there, Neesie. It's always so nice to hear from you, and to read your sweet comments. Thank you for visiting--I've been bad about my visits in Blogland, but now that you've seen the party pictures you might understand that I was a wee bit busy :). I've wondered if our sweet Baby Love will remember this birthday. My 6th was also a big, big event, but what I remember I'm afraid is because of pictures, not the true experience. But children are so much more attuned today, and we adults go to such lengths to teach them and provide experiences for them, that she very well might. I hope she will remember the feeling--the love and the energy that surrounded her in celebrating her and her birth.

    I'm so glad I stopped in to catch up with you...always so enjoy your updates, and learning more about your "new" life. Through your eyes and words it sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing in such a lovely way.

    I know you'll make every moment with your daughter count--because that's what counts, isn't it?

    Thanks for connecting with me, Neesie. ~Zuni

    1. I remember lots of my birthday parties but not the age...although I suppose I could take a guess at them.
      I tend to try to forget them these days...the numbers are just creeping up too high and quickly for my liking! ;D
      My daughter and I have been out on a photographic shoot to a castle this morning. It was a perfect morning...all frosticles everywhere. Blue sky and sunshine too so it was good to get outside and appreciate it.

      I hope your weekend is going well and you are able to enjoy it to the max.
      Thanks for popping over xoxo

  6. I'm excited to see how your renoation comes along... I know it must be disruptive but just keep your eye on the prize.. a long soak in your brand new tub with bubbles (both kinds!) and some soothing music... aaaaah.

    Enjoy your time with your daughter too... I bet she will get spoilt. ♥♥♥

    PS - I am feeling so good... all of "it" was definitely worth it - DEFINITELY!
    Thank you for your care and encouragement.... xx

    1. I hear you Angy and I like what you're saying...lots of bubbles sound just perfect. We've a fair way to go to get there yet, but it'll be worth it.

      Yep spoiling is going well :D

      I'm so happy to hear that your feeling so good. I knew you would.
      Well done and keep doing what your doing because it's obviously working.
      Take care and enjoy the weekend

  7. Renovations have a way of playing havoc with normal life but is well worth it in the end! I am sure your contractors enjoy your baking. My hubby is an electrician and those homes where he worked and the ladies would offer them baking were always held in high esteem. Have a blessed week!

    1. Hehe...oh that's so good to hear (about the cake baking I mean) ;D
      Maybe that's why the builder is calling me 'ma...lady'! I hate to admit it but I kinda like it.
      I thought at first he just couldn't remember my name, but he's used that a few times too so it's not that.
      We're moving on to fruit cake for Monday and see how long that lasts!
      Tell your hubby that if the sparkie here (that's what they call an electrician here) let's us down, then I'll give him a call?
      He can name his cake even :D

      Enjoy your weekend and blessing to you too.

  8. You have had a busy week, I empathise with you regards the renovation project having just completed one!

    1. And it continues LindyLou,
      There's no end in sight yet and probably won't for quite some time yet.
      But it'll all be worth it I hope ;D

  9. I hope you will return to your art. You have a gift! I am also an artist, but there are large periods of time when I take it for granted, I think about it often, but life gets in the way. I have just decided to try another medium of art, so that things will be fresh and exciting.

    It sounds like you are doing quite well. I think the move was a good thing. Lovely photo of the deer. They don't usually stop to pose. Do they?

    I will try to stop by your blog more often. I always enjoy it.

    1. Oh I hope so Patrice...I'm even thinking about going to classes, so that it guarantee's that I at least get some art time ;D
      This particular deer wasn't playing ball either...he just lept over the wall but thankfully by the time he'd traveled over the whole field, I had my camera ready and managed to capture him.

      Good luck with the new medium...I'll be interested to see what you create :D

  10. Wow! You were fast to capture the deer!
    I hope you enjoyed the show and tell us all about it. :)
    Always enjoy these posts.

    1. Just call me Flash!
      Although I hardly never use flash hehe
      I saw the deer heading our way, so had time as he galloped all the way over the field. I only just managed it though before he lept over the wall.

      I'm happy to hear that you like these posts ;D

      Have a great week and give Karma a cuddle


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