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Thursday, 14 November 2013

An Arctic Blast...and McMuffy isn't happy!

That's it winter has come to grab hold of us and by the feel of it, it means business and won't let go!
There's an arctic blast whipping through, which has reduced me to a fire magnet. 
But I'm not the only one...McMufftypup isn't very impressed either ^..^
I know we shouldn't laugh, but that's exactly what we did do over the weekend.

Picture the scene...Muffy went out for her morning ablutions early on Sunday morning, only to stop dead in her tracks virtually as soon as she'd walked out of the door. 
The grass had a white, crisp covering of frost, that came as a complete surprise shock to her.

For those of you that may not know McMuffy was born in Qatar, in the Middle East 
(yep heat, deserts, virtually no rain and generally temperatures which can range from the mid 20's to 50+...Celsius that is!) 
So when she arrived in Melbourne Australia, she had a little awakening to cooler weather with seasons for the first time. During the winter months it could be quite wet and cold...well to her standard it was cold).
But then her cruel owners whisked her away once again, to an even colder place...Scotland! 
(If you'd like to read the tale of her journey from Qatar to Melbourne click here)

You can imagine the toilet break that frosty morning was the quickest on record. 
She was like a greyhound out of the traps.
Immediately as I opened the door to let her come back in...she dashed past me and straight into her bed (which is next to the wood burner...see we're not that cruel) 
Frantically, she tried to fluff up her blankets but then the penny must have dropped because she remembered she'd been sleeping at the bottom of my daughter's bed and that she'd been cosy there. So like a herd of elephant's she ran through the house and up the stairs. 
I think if her legs had been a little longer, she'd have jumped up two at a time if she could have. Nah what am I thinking? She's a mini shuh-tzu for goodness sake!
She'd never manage that...bless...she's like me...vertically challenged!
After reaching my daughter room, she somehow managed to launch herself up unaided (which is a miracle in itself because she always gruffs and asks to be lifted because it's far too high for her (yeah right m'lady...you're busted now)
Without asking permission she burrowed under the sheets and didn't move for the next 45 minutes! 
Here she is later emerging when she thought it was safe and warm enough.

 (Yawns...lip smacking...and where's my brekkie look?)

I haven't broken it to her yet, but she's booked into the groomers for next week! EEK!
I think she'll probably decide to hibernate after that! 

She'll probably never forgive me, but she'll dry out far quicker if she's clipped. 
We've got jumpers and jackets at the ready to ensure she doesn't freeze. 
She's a little madame though and will milk it for all she's worth...shivering whenever anyone looks at her. 
It seems chicken always helps to keep her warm! 
I know it's a mystery to me too. 

Stay cosy if winter has come to call...but if you're lucky and you're on your way to summer ~ ENJOY! 
(I'm not jealous in the least Emoji)


  1. Lol bless her! Baxter is a fair weather gent & does a similar dash out/do/in again! He has a coat for when we go out but in home he will happily lie in front of the heaters or in his warm bed if the heating is on. It's got cold down here in Somerset, while it's sunny there's a real chill. So I guess winter is here! Take care my friend up there. Woof Woof for McMuffy from Baxter! Zo xx

    1. Yeah...see she's got you too Zo. That's what she does...she works her magic! She's amazing!
      Looking out the window here, we're really in the grip of winter today...grey, wet with a really freezing wind!
      I've just been speaking to my sister and she informs me that next week is going to be colder! :(

      Stay cosy and Muffy says gruff back to Baxter ^..^

      Thanks for the Tweet message too :D

  2. Aw, so cute!! I laughed aloud about her being busted! :)

    Hugs, Di xx

    1. Hmmm... yeah she didn't realise what she'd done, until I told her she'd blown her cover of being a little cutie!

      It's great to see you Di...I hope to get back to some arty stuff soon and will be able to share my desk once again!
      Until then take care and stay cosy.

  3. No worry we have a couple of dogs like that though we are a bit warmer here down south

    1. Hi Bill (or should that be Murphy?) hehe
      Lucky you to be warmer...make the most of it because I think this blast might well make it's way down the country.
      Thanks so much for being my latest follower. I really appreciate it :D
      Have a great week whatever you have planned....enjoy!

  4. its amazing what they are capable of when pressed, what a little luv, she made my day! When we had our little Buck groomed he hid for a couple of days in shame, poor fella,

    1. Indeed Laurie,
      Little minx ^..^
      I must admit I chuckled throughout the day when I thought back to how she reacted. I'm a little like that myself but unfortunately can't run back to bed to hide...I just have to be brave. Next week there's talk it's going to be really cold...so not looking forward to that.
      We've got some fun to be had before then though ;D

      Poor Buck...Muffin doesn't seem to mind as long as she can keep warm enough.
      Keep cosy too and I'll pop by for a cuppa soon

  5. Oh poor little McMuffy, what a mean mummy you have. You can come and live with me in lovely hot Brisbane. Other than that there is no shame in having a cats litter box by the fire, then your little paws won't have to go out in that nasty white stuff. You can tell your mum it's going to be 30 deg here today (mwa ha ha) :)
    Keep warm my little one and hugs to mum.
    Luv Von.

    1. I'm so glad that someone understands me Aunty Von! ^..^
      Can't say I like the idea of a litter tray...so as soon as I can save up for the plane ticket...I'll be on my way!
      30 degrees sounds just about right for me but not sure mum likes it that hot.
      Thanks for the warm hugs and I send you big licks back!
      Luv McMufftypup xoxo

  6. LOL!!! I can totally see that whole scenario!!! Our Kelly...a Golden Retriever...came from the beach originally, and now lives in the mountains. She can't decide which is better...swimming in the lakes or playing in the snow. She'll go outside, find the only patch of snow, and lay down in it!!! When we take her down to So California...she's bewildered at how warm it is!!!

    1. Kelly sounds adorable ^..^
      They give us such pleasure with their little quirks and antics don't they?

      We've had snow for the first time and it'll be Muffy's first time to see it...when she finally manages to get up!
      At the moment she's curled up at the foot of my son's bed.

      Apologies for my late reply to your lovely comment, but we've been away for the weekend and I'm trying to play catch up!
      Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by :D

  7. She is so cute even though she's suffering from hypothermia (lol)...Bless her..here in the south a little chilly with lots of sunshine today....Keep warm guys.... Hugs May x x x

    1. Hey May, we've had a flurry of snow today. Are you snow bound?
      Muffy is hiding curled up at the foot of my son's bed. I'm going to have the camera ready when she steps outside...or should I say if she steps outside.
      Houston we may have a problem!!!! ^..^

      Haven't visited you for ages sorry...will try soon.
      Keep cosy and have a great week. I'd send warm hugs but I need to thaw first :(
      Toodleloo for now

  8. Aww she is so cute I hope she enjoys her grooming session and jumpers he he :) they go like to milk things don't they ha ha

    Vic xx

    1. Oh she's perfected the art of milking it Vic ^..^
      She's in for a shock though this morning as we've had a flurry of snow overnight!
      It'll be her first encounter...she may never forgive me.
      I'm even feeling guilty about the arrival of my car yesterday all the way from Australia and it's sitting out on the driveway. What a shock! hehe
      Thanks for popping by my place.
      Have a great week :D

  9. Poor McMuffy...you may have to get her one of those indoor pee pads. Clever girl knowing where to warm up!

    1. I think she'll probably be hibernating from today as we've had our first snow flurry! ^..^
      At the moment she's curled up at the foot of my son's bed...hmm...maybe they're both hibernating! I wouldn't be surprised ;D
      Thanks for calling...I'm hoping to do a little visiting myself later.
      See you soon :D

  10. I'm right there with you, McMuffy! Hunker down for all your worth. :) So nice of D to have a nice fluffy comforter for you to hide/curl up under. We had a little taste of winter here on Wednesday, 64F with 25-40 mph winds! Puts the wind chill effect in the 40s. Bbbrrrr I would love to be Brisbane with their 30C temp! Will have to be content with 75 and rain today. Sending mildly warm hugs from FL.

    1. She that's you under the duvet too eh Nan?
      We had a flurry of snow overnight and it's only just above freezing. Thankfully the sun is out and the sky is cloudless, so that is uplifting as long as I don't stray from the wood burner! ;D
      McMuffy is in for a shock when she finally emerges from the foot of my son's bed. It'll be her first encounter! I'll have the camera ready.

      Stay cosy too and I'll nip across in the hope that you're a little warmer.

  11. I'm not a fan of cold either so I can appreciate McMuffy's feelings about the situation. I am sure she will bat her eyelashes and shiver like a Jazz dancer doing the shimmy and get lots of your attention. And chicken.


    1. You couldn't be nearer the truth if you tried Darla,
      Today's snow flurry has got her pulling out all the stops for the maximum sympathy and chicken ^..^
      Thanks for stopping by and my apologies for the delay in my response. We've been away for the weekend and I'm trying to play catch up whilst virtually sitting on the wood burner! ;D
      Have a great week and I'll catch up with you soon

  12. Hey Denise - she is so very cute and more traveled than I!!!!! Wonderfully cute story. Bless her little heart.

    1. She's had quite a life so far Sandy...considering she's such a little toot she's coped amazingly well ^..^
      She sends blessings to you too

  13. SUCH a delightful story about Miss McMuffy! Love it!

    1. Aww I'm so happy to read your lovely comment Barbara.
      Miss McMuffy has had quite a shock this morning because we had our first flurry of snow!
      I've got a few photos of her tentatively stepping onto the garden but then she dashed back indoors. It's beautiful with the clear blue sky and sunshine but we've only just reached 0c degrees! Brr....xoxo

  14. LOL! That had to be quite the culture shock to Muffy!! Here she thoght she had adjusted to her new life and the new digs. Little did she know what lie ahead and that things never stay the same for very long when you have such distinct seasons--LOL! I hope we will get pics of her in her winter clothes. ;)

    1. She's had yet another shock this morning Rita...it snowed over night!
      Thankfully only a little flurry so we'll not lose her in the snow just yet but it still stopped her in her tracks.
      I've got a few photos so there may be a post soon. She's wearing her fleece this morning too ^..^
      Have a great week and if it's chilly with you...stay cosy!


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