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Monday 1 September 2014

A final fling perhaps...

Everyone seemed to be on a mission this morning.
 The traffic even though it was rush hour was static, but it still didn't stop revving and inching closer and closer to the car bumper in front... getting nowhere fast!
Quite frankly, I've never understood why it's actually called rush hour, when most of the time the cars are static!
 It felt as though those leisurely drives at a slower pace may be a thing of the past for now, having been replaced with urgency whether it's to get to work, kids to school, appointments or those Christmas bargains! (ARGH)
Leisurely summer days seem to have drifted away. 

A few days ago I was watching the swallows stretching and putting on an incredible aerial display, but I knew all the time that they were participating in their pre-flight preparations to take off for warmer destinations soon. 
I've been searching the skies today to see if they're still here, but there's not one in sight. 
It's a shame because we're to have a warmer week ahead apparently, so they could have stayed for a little while longer. I feel sad that it will be quite some time before they return. 
I have to remind myself that to miss something sometimes is to really appreciate it upon it's return. 
Looking at the photo of my jasmine above and it's wonderful warm autumnal colour confirms my fear that perhaps summer is about to disappear. 
I doesn't feel like we had a long summer, but I'll embrace autumn if I must. 
One advantage will be that we can wake up our Aga soon... she's been asleep for far too long. Casseroles and comfort food will be on the menu and I can't wait. 

Here's a starter...Jam Doughnut Muffins
These gorgeous jam doughnut muffins are incredibly like doughnuts but without the deep frying. They are so quick and easy to make too... and I must say even quicker to disappear, but it does say in the recipe that they should be enjoyed whilst still warm. 
No problem there! 
They were wickedly divine even though my guilt would only let me eat half of one. Next time (oh yes... there will be a next time) I'll make them smaller and add more jam. 
Well if you're going to indulge you might as well make it worthwhile!
The recipe came from Karen's Lavender and Lovage blog and her photos are far more superior than mine. The smell brought a crowd so I had to snap the photo quickly.
Karen has amazing recipes so why not pop over (with a cuppa) and enjoy all the baking delights. 

Now the sun's shining here so I'm off outside...
Enjoy your Monday because it'll be Friday before you know it!
Late news in...
Tuesday afternoon: Wonderfully warm with glorious sun. 
Swallows seen so summer is still here. Yay!
Crazy weather and that's why people in the UK are always talking about the weather! 


  1. Yes, birds feel their time exactly, with us they also away now ... it is an early autumn, sigh!
    Hope, it will be a long and colorful time.
    Wonderful picture of jasmine and the doghnut muffins looks very delicous.
    By the way, I dont understand too, wy the call it rush hour when all stands still ;-)
    Have a nice day

    1. Well Mascha,
      Just ignore all of my post about it being autumn, because apparently I know nothing!
      The sun has been shining since first thing this morning and it's been warm too.
      Even the swallows have made an appearance so they haven't left after all.
      I know this might all change soon... so I've made the most of it today.
      I hope the sun shone with you today too ;D

  2. There were masses of swallows playing in the updraft here a few days ago. Since then I have only seen one or two at a time. I wondered if they had already moved on, too. I always look forward to their return.
    The muffins look scrumptious!! :)

    1. Hey Rita... they're back. The swallows I mean, but obviously they never left.
      It's been a fantastic warm sunny day here today and they've been having lots of fun.
      I even felt some warmth in the sun so maybe we can delay autumn for a little while.
      The forecast is for this weather to continue for the remainder of the week YAY!!!!!
      I hope it's all good with you too.

  3. I can't believe Summer is about over. It went by SO fast! Fall in generally my favorite season but I'm just not ready to let go of summer yet. I had so much more I wanted to do. I'm trying hard to get with the calendar and start embracing Fall now too. It makes it harder because the end of Summer meant that I had to help my daughter move back to her rental for college. That's what we did over the weekend. I've been comforting myself with yummy delights like your doughnut muffins. Those sure look good!

    1. Me neither, but it appears that I might not have to let summer go just yet.
      Today has been wonderful.
      I've been outside for most of the day to make sure that I fully appreciate it.
      Even the swallows have put in an appearance.
      I love autumn too, but I'll appreciate it only when there's no choice and summer has truly disappeared.
      Hmm... you're having a tough time with your daughter moving out once again. I've been through so many farewells for whatever reason and each one incredibly painful.
      She's home for the forseeable future now, so I'm very happy having all my chicks in the one nest.
      Go carefully with those delights especially if you have the doughnut muffins. They'll really hit the comfort spot though.
      Deep breath and I hope your week becomes a little easier ;D

  4. Stunning colours captured there Denise, I bet it still smells pretty awesome too.
    I love to watch the house martins swooping around here but thery seem to be dwindling too. I actually saw a Robin a couple of hours ago *sigh*, but oh they are so cute!
    Those muffins look totally lush and I am super impressed with your willpower at only eating half! Half?! Amazing. Happy mid-week - it's nearly weekend ,hehe :D

    1. Oh robins are one of my favourite UK birds... I often find myself standing listening to their incredible song. As for their gorgeous little red waistcoats... well, they're just so smart and cute ;D
      Only one batch of muffins baked Mo and no more... they were far too tempting.
      I know I'm so late with this reply, but I'm working my way backwards whilst I've time today. Home alone and loving it. Yay!
      Happy mid-week to you, although it's another completely separate week... the sentiment is still the same.
      Have fun xoxo

  5. ooooh yeah... not-jam-doughnuts are on the menu this weekend for sure! it;s still cold enough to get away with some last bit comfort food cooking... yes it is!! ♥ ♥

    1. If it's not too cold I'm sure we could come up with another excuse (cough) I mean reason to bake these muffin's Angy ;D
      Well I've been living in fog for the last five days so I could make a batch a day at this rate. It's beginning to get to me especially when the rest of the country is enjoying warm sunny temperatures. I say 'share nice'!!!!! PLEASE!
      Sorry for such a long delay in my reply to your lovely comment. It's been a little crazy here lately.
      Have a great day and let's hope the weekend is wonderful


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