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Friday 12 September 2014

Paint Party Friday... Picasso Cockerel

This post should come with a warning... ha... now I bet I've got your interest.
It's just that the photos are a wee bit blurred and this time it's not my eyes! 
Let's call them action shots shall we? 
So with all the kiddywinks going back to school ... I wanted to get in on the act too.
I enrolled for an art class which it appeared at first glance had me entering Hogwart's.
Here's the first apology for the photo above because due to the poor available light the stained glass window at the turn of the stairs doesn't show up properly. But even so the staircase is impressive isn't it? 
Maybe I'll be more successful and manage to capture it at a later date.
 I entered the classroom (ballroom) keen and raring to go...
Art supplies, name badge and cups of tea handed out without thankfully the usual... 'let's take it in turns to stand up and tell us a little about yourself" introductions. 
We went straight into the fun stuff with a few exercises first and then a small study.
There are 'returners' who have finished the first course and are now carrying on, so we get to see their work and also the resident artist creating drawing/paintings examples too.
I learnt quite a few things in this first lesson, so I think it will really help fill in the gaps of my very sketchy (sorry) art knowledge. Instead of winging it constantly.
One of the fun exercises was to sketch the Pablo Picasso, 1938 (charcoal on paper) cockerel.
He's not exactly a handsome chook but he certainly was fun and caused some humorous comments as we worked away. 

But then it all got turned upside down... quite literally. 
We folded the sheet of paper in the sketch book in half and hid it. Then turned the cockerel upside down. 
We then had to draw him again. (all very odd until you get to know why)  
This exercise was to help draw only what we saw and not a cockerel. (if you get my meaning) 
Instead of trying to make the cockerel appear from our memory, we were only using our eye hand 
Once the sketch was finished we then looked and compared the two... and had to decide which one was the one we liked the best. I'll let you decide. 
But one thing I was really pleased with, was how loose my sketch appeared.
I've tried and tried to loosen up previously but always have difficulty. 
I thought right from the outset of this course that I'd shed all of my hangups and just go for it. 
I have to say so far I'm pleased. 
I had so much fun visiting and being part of Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday link last week that I'm heading over there again today. Maybe you would like to join me? 
If you'd like to then click on the button here
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking to Dion Dior's Friday Sketches...
Friday Sketches Button
I apologise if I missed you last week. I have been away for two days, but I'm trying desperately to catch up.
Well the sun has arrived so I'm off to enjoy... maybe my order for an Indian Summer got through after all.  
Have a fantastic weekend everyone... whatever you have planned, have fun! 

Hot off the Press....
My daughter has entered a competition to find a new contributor for Ohh Deer (a quirky online retailer of illustrated goods) and is so excited because if successful, would be joining a very talented bunch of creatives.
Click here to help her out and vote for her designs!  


  1. Oh this is such a cool course. I love how the second one turned out...there is even a little humour in the face... I think your personal style is peeking through. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful lesson!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. It was my pleasure to share,
      I'm quite thrilled as I've never indulged in something like this before.
      I think it's going to be fun but productive too.
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned.

  2. Love your cups! I love drawing cups and bowls for some reason...
    Happy PPF :)
    no. 17

    1. Oh how I wish I loved drawing cups Claire, unfortunately I don't find them easy except to drink out of ;D
      Thanks for stopping by...
      Have fun with PPF and I hope your weekend is a great one.

  3. Good for you to learn more!
    It's amazing how changing pressure of the pencil you get different styles, textures....
    I'll start an aquarelle course at the end of this month....
    Happy PPF!

    1. I have always thought and quoted that you're never too old to learn something new, so now I'm making sure I take action.
      Thanks for stopping by... have a great weekend

  4. Ni ce work, love the cockerel. Valerie

    1. He's quirky looking but we had fun so I think that's important too.
      Thanks for visiting Valerie,
      Enjoy your weekend

  5. sounds a great experience and love the results. Happy PPF, Annette x


    1. Thanks Netty,
      I appreciate your visit today especially with you suffering with shingles just now.
      Take care and get well soon
      Have a restful weekend ;D

  6. That course sounds really good Neesie. I've heard that before about drawing upside down and it seems to have worked a treat as i can't tell which is which for your cockerals! Your daughter's illustrations are so quirky. I did follow the link from her blog but i couldnt see where to click for her work. I wish her the best of luck. When does the competition end.

    1. I think the class will be great, especially as it will make me commit to a whole morning of art! Yay!
      Don't tell anyone else but the upside down one is the one on the left ;D
      Thank you so much for visiting my daughter's blog Nic and for letting us know about the link. I've just been to check with her and it wasn't there. Whoops!
      She's now corrected it. Once again thanks a million... you know how hard it can be to get your work out there so every little helps.
      The competition ends on 25th September.
      Have a wonderful weekend and let's hope this beautiful sunshine continues to shine.

  7. oh, my! sounds like a fun class. my cockerel would look nothing like yours - hahaha! mine would be a stick figure cockerel :)

    1. I don't think my cockerel would look like that if I was given free reign but we had to follow Picasso and the tutors instruction. Great fun though ;D
      Great to see you over at my place.
      Have a great weekend whatever you have planned I hope it's fun

  8. First off I have to say the Horgart's stairs are Beautiful!!! Oh yes I'd love to see the stained glass windows if you get chanch! Now for your Picasso Bird.... that poor little guy, he's giving a nasty look like he may be laying an egg rather than giving a crow.....but both your drawings have diffently captured his feelings I think.. What a Looker he is!!

    1. I'll make sure that I have my camera ready and try from a different angle next time I'm near that window.
      I must say I had such a giggle with your comment about the cockerel laying an egg. I thought he looked like he had just seen the butcher!
      I think he'd cause quite a stir in the farmyard, but not for the right reasons and his good looks ;D
      Thanks for popping over DottyA... I hope you're having a brilliant Friday night and the weekend is a great one.

  9. that staircase-wow! Good for you to be taking an art class-looks like you're having fun AND finding your way beautifully. I too am not fond of those "stand up and tell us about yourself" intros:) Happy PPF!

    1. Isn't it just Linda. A very grand staircase and one that probably has many tales to tell.
      I am enjoying the idea of attending 14 weeks of total devotion to something that I love and am passionate about. At least I can guarantee that I get a few hours once a week to dedicate to drawing/painting at least.
      I don't think many people like those intro's ;D
      Happy PPF to you... have a great weekend

  10. Oh, I do love that staricase! Get you! It sounds like a grand old place. No dingy old college for you, huh? :p
    Hehe - jealous Jane here! The cockerels are almost identical, (to me), and I love the wee cups you started with. I may have a go at that, to see what my different pencils look like. Hubs bought me a tin of them, and I'm feeling obliged to use them all at least once, lol, but I haven't a clue which is best for what, lol. I must look at the college course a little earlier next year (if my butterfly brain hasn't moved onto something else by then) :D
    Have a fab weekend Denise, and I hope you get the nice weather that we are promised here too :D xox

    1. You gave me a giggle about the dingy old college campus Mo, but this class is being held in an old hotel in the centre of town,
      The cockerel on the left side of my pad was drawn upside down and I didn't think it would come out looking anything other than a mess never mind resembling a chook!
      The cups exercise was to learn about Ellipse (the oval shape) and how they change with different angles. It was quite hard to match the top of the cups with the bottoms. I've always had a lot of admiration for anyone who could draw them.
      The sheet above my pad on the photo of the first cockerel, shows what we had to do with the three pencils (HB, 2B, and 4B). It was a good exercise in what is best for what kind of stretch.
      My course is just one that we saw in the newspaper. It's a privately owned course.
      I hope you have a brilliant weekend too. The weather looks brilliant so I'm going to make the most of it. It might be the last.
      Happy PPF to you xoxo

  11. Impressive rendering of the cockerel. And what a gorgeous staircase.

    1. Thanks Faye,
      I was impressed with the staircase too... but not so much the cockerel ;D
      Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my place
      Happy PPF

  12. I've done that Picasso sketch too. Its so much fun. And wow- what an inspiring place to take an art class. If the stairwells start moving then you know you really are at Hogwarts.

    1. Let me tell you Erika... if the staircase starts to move... I'll be out of there in a flash!
      Thanks for your kind words and visit.
      Happy PPF to you

  13. What fun! Your drawing made me smile today. Thank you!

    1. Oh thank you Beth... but I hope you smiled in a good way ;D
      Thanks for visiting my place.
      Happy PPF ~ enjoy!

  14. Fantastic sketches! Drawing classes are usually very helpful and I hope you get many good things from yours. Upside down drawing is a fantastic exercise. Doesn't matter what angle you draw from as long as you get the hand and eye working together. Great start!

    1. Aww thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I enjoyed the class and look forward to my next session.
      Thanks for your visit... Have a great weekend ;D

  15. Beautiful work on the sketches Neesie!

    1. Thanks Christine, it was a fun exercise
      I've not tried drawing upside down before! ;D
      Thanks for stopping by... have a wonderful weekend

  16. Replies
    1. Hehe thanks Leovi, it was fun
      I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my place

  17. Replies
    1. Thanks... I'm not sure I like it but then there was a purpose to the exercise.
      It was a surprising result.
      Thanks for visiting my place... Have a great weekend
      Happy PPF to you

  18. :) Drawing is so hard, but you made it look easy.

    1. Thanks Katherine,
      Maybe it looked easy because it was fun ;D
      Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

  19. Looks like it was a fun course, and what an interesting subject matter! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Abigail,
      I didn't really know what to expect from the course but I really enjoyed every minute of it and am really looking forward to the next lesson.
      Thanks for visiting my place and I hope you're having a great weekend ;D

  20. Wow, that's interesting! Somehow I expected the 2 to be very different, but they are almost exactly the same. I never knew this sketch of Picasso. I quite like it :-) And your versions are looking great, both of them!

    1. I thought my upside down version would be unrecognisable Denthe,
      It surprised me how it turned out. It was a very interesting exercise ;D
      I had never seen the Picasso cockerel either.
      I also learnt quite a few more things in that one session alone, so I'll look forward to the remaining weeks to see what's in store.
      Thanks for stopping by to visit and I wish you a fun packed creative week ahead.

  21. Replies
    1. Aww... thanks Karla,
      It was fun. I'm looking forward to my next lesson.
      I hope you have a fun week ahead and thanks for visiting my place.

  22. Wonderful sketches...such a handsome...um...bird. Thanks for sharing on Friday Sketches. Hugs xx

    1. Hehe... handsome... err... okay ;D
      I have to admit that I'd not seen Picasso's cockerel before.
      It was my pleasure to share Dion... I thought it was a fun interesting lesson.
      Thank you for hosting FS so that we can aspire and inspire.
      Hugs to you too xoxo

  23. What a fabulous building you classes are in. Your drawings are incredible, you are so talented. That chook is so gorgeous and interesting that they made you turn it upside down. It worked a treat and you wouldn't know one was done that way. Sorry I'm late, been one of those weeks.
    Luv Von

    1. Well thanks Von,
      I bet you've never seen such a funny looking chook? I have to say the exercise of turning the image upside down to draw was so surprising and the result a complete mystery to me. I thought it would look nothing like the image.
      This week we did perspective and enlarging. I'm still in shock that I've drawn a horse. Normally I'd have bolted hearing we were going to draw a horse.
      I'll possibly be ready to show and tell on Friday.
      Hey, never apologise to me for being late... you know me... I'm the world's worst.
      I'm just thrilled you're here.
      Have a great day and let's hope the weekend is wonderful (with sun hopefully)


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