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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Gardening forever... housework whenever

This sign was given to me by my sister a few years ago. 
As you can see it's had a life! 
In fact it's a very well travelled sign, having covered three continents. 
It did have a stake, so it could be stuck into a pot, but somewhere along the way it fell off. I've always been fond of it, not only because it was a wee gift from my sister, but the sentiment is spot on as far as I'm concerned. 
I'd much rather be outside (weather permitting) instead of ironing, cleaning bathrooms or moving dust from pillar to post. 
So imagine my delight when I received some lovely happy post this week from Twinkletoes2day with the same saying....
'Gardening forever... Housework whenever'
... AND a  very special Toby Poby drawing!
Now if that doesn't make you smile flying through letterbox I don't know what would? 
Whilst I'm mentioning gardening, I thought it might be an appropriate time to show you a little produce.
(little being the operative word here) 
I've not organised the area where I'll have a beautiful huge greenhouse, raised beds, chooks and bee hives. Ha! All in my head of course or possibly in about Phase 15 of our renovation plans. 
(We're only onto Phase 2... but anyway I digress) 
I did have a little play though and for the first time I have grown courgettes... with some success. 
We had the four shown above and my word I have to say they were delicious. 
There are still some growing, so we might be lucky and have another meal soon. 
I love the beautiful flowers but so far I haven't eaten one. 
But then with success there were a few disappointments... my french beans to name but one. 
I had big plans for them but unfortunately so did the snails!
Don't laugh if I tell you that I harvested two... YES TWO... that's not a typo.
Here they are...
But they are stunning specimens if I say so myself. 
(I can hear you laughing...but there's more)
I cooked these two and cut them in half so that we each could taste them. Again, they were delicious and just reinforced that we will grow them next year, but be ready for the slug invasion.

I think my best results though, came from two old compost bags... I planted tatties (potatoes) in them and was rewarded with 2 kilos!
I'm about to plant more so we can have our own for that special day in December.
I'll leave you with a few pics of a beautiful visitor to our plot...

Remember 'if a garden is finished... then it's dead'
Thanks for visiting.
I hope to see you again soon!


  1. Awww, yipp! yipp! Yippee!! How lovely to see our happy mail on here, thank you Denise, for showing it off, especially Toby Poby. Wee Man will be chuffed :D :D
    Your gardening endeavours have paid off on an up and down kinds scale, just like mine lol. I had as much success with my raddish as you had with your beans! The bulbs just didn't materialise and I have a sneaky suspicon, the distant cousins of your garden dwellers were at work here too! (note to self: buy more beer for the slugs!) I haven't harvested my tatties yet, but am thinking this weekend will be the right time. I wish you LOADS of luck with Christmas pots, I have never had any survive as yet, but will keep trying. Maybe this will be 'the year' for us both.
    Oh, yeah, Wee Man, has a second flush of flowers on his strawberries, so we may be treated to some late fruits, if Jack frost doesn't suddenly appear without warning, so keep your fingers crossed.
    Your butterfly photo's are beautiful I love butterfiles so much, but they are so rarely seen around here it's scary.
    Right, it's time for a late night cuppa, if you're still awake and fancy one ((hugs)) xox

    1. It was my pleasure because everyone should have a little happy post to start their day ;D
      My strawberry plants have gone mad with runners shooting off all over the place. I just need to capture them now, in new pots to enable them to root. Then hopefully next summer I'll be drowning in strawberries!
      I didn't include in this post that I'd picked over 2 kilo's of berries from the lane which have now been put into pots in the freezer, for enjoying in the dead of winter... and also into my apple and blackberry crumble for devouring tonight. Yum!
      We've been having lots of butterfly's visiting, but it could be that I've planted so many flowering plants this year and that has encouraged them to come calling.
      Missed the late night cuppa, but I could do with one now. I've been up since 5am and had two already, but whose counting?!!?? ;D
      Have a great day... a momentous day for Scotland.
      Chat again soon. Toodleloo for now

  2. Oh I love todays post!!! Yes your little plack says it all!! I can see why you've kept it no matter how will used it looks it's the perfect way to start each day!!!
    Great pics of the garden, I'm sure next year will be a winner too!!! Such a beautiful butterfly, Lovely colors!

    1. Aww do you? That's great to hear DottyA,
      The plaque is carefully balanced on an outside window ledge at the moment... but housework is taking priority, even with the plaque because we have been having foggy days over this last week. I have to confess that I'm a good weather (or at least dry) gardener.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Have a great day ;D

  3. He, he, it's not the quantity of the beans, it's the quality and you each got to have a little taste so that's fine. Great lot of tatties you got there. My vegie patch is all weeds at the moment. I will get stuck in next week as it's school holidays, just hope I don't fall victim to the dreaded slugs as well. Love the sign and how lucky that you got it from Twinkle Toes as well. What a gorgeous picture from Toby Poby. Have a great day. Luv Von

    1. They all laughed when I cut up the beans Von, but I thought we should all appreciate the fruits of our (my) labour!
      Oh I have those pesky weeds too... in fact, I think I've lost that battle for this year. I was doing so well until this last bout of fog (Yep you read that right FOG) I've not been out gardening for over a week as we are living in a cloud... AGAIN!
      I now realise that I am not a true gardener. If it's not dry or sunny, then I don't seem so keen to be out there.
      That reduces the days I can garden quite considerably!
      Thanks for stopping by... I know what a busy bee you are.
      I've been trying to nip across to you, but hopefully I'll manage it today.
      Toodleloo until then

  4. love your veggies, and lovely gift from Twinkle.

    1. Wasn't it just Christine,
      I love to receive post at any time but there's something very special about receiving surprise post.
      Thanks for stopping to comment. It's always great to see you.
      I hope your week is going well and that the weekend will be wonderful.

  5. A cool spell for me (I more like to be in the in the garden too and rather do housework)
    and nice stuff harvested. Oh yeah, snails are a nuisance! I know that problem, in this year so much than I've never found before, sigh!)
    Wonderful buttefly-pictures! The more flowers and fragrant herbs ... so more butterflies.
    Have a great new week :-)

  6. What great happy mail! Two beans are better than none, I guess. (Slugs are alien creatures here.) The tatties look wonderful, though. As does your visitor. :)


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