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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sourdough, Spring and Sunshine

Helloooooooooo... is there anybody there?
I know I've been neglecting my blog which is not what I planned.
It seems Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have taken over my online time, they just seemed to sneak in and take over... but now I'm aware of that I'm going to do something about it. 
The good news is that my laptop finally made it to A&E and should be ready by Saturday to come home... woohoo
The Geek Squad (and that's the real name for the guys looking at it) didn't seem to think it was that much of a problem. I thought I'd need a seat and at least a cuppa of strong tea to be told the bad news. Many of you might be thinking why on earth doesn't she just get a new laptop, but in my own defence... it's not going to cost a fraction of what I thought it would to get it fixed... but more to the point there is SO much junk, stuff crutial information stored on it, that I need it back to sort through everything and transfer it to a seperate hard drive at least. 
So what's been happening?
Well the craft fair last weekend went really well. 
It was a first for us but everyone made us feel so welcome. 
All of the other store holders were lovely and helpful. 
They nattered, exchanged experiences and expertise with the newies on the block which was very generous of them. They are like a little crafty community. 
And gues what?
 We were incredibly lucky to be next to the baker Vicky from 'The Little Sourdough Bakery'. 
She bakes a range of speciality sourdough pastries & breads.  Yummy!!!
Of course we had to sample her products (and bring home lots) to check them all out. 
The Blueberry and white Chocolate Sourdough Loaf was possibly my favourite.
But there were lots of wonderful goodies... 
Here's a link if you want to start drooling The Little Sourdough Bakery

Before we entered the Bon Accord Centre on Sunday where the The Crafters Roadshow was to take place the church bells rang out. I adore church bells but I'm not so sure the seagulls perched nearby do. I hope you're noticing that glorious blue sky. 
 In fact we've been having fantastic weather over the last week or so. 
The kind that I love during winter. 
Crisp frosticles with glorious sunshine and clear blue sky. 
Just perfect.
I've been posting photo's on instagram lately, so you may have noticed them or if not on instagram... I have the feed on my sidebar here on the blog, so that you don't miss them.
 This photo was taken in a local park. 
Duthie Park is a park of 44 acres which was donated to the city by Miss Duthie in 1880 and opened to the public in 1883. Mufftypup loves this park but then there are so many others in Aberdeen and fantastic dog walks it's difficult to choose a favourite.

 But don't dispair if you need a little spring... it's taking a peek.
(in a whispered voice...) there's actually a little warmth to that sun.
Yep I kid you not... you just have to make sure that you are out of the wind if its blowing. 
The birds are twitterbaiting (Bambi reference here) and sounding absolutely delighful plus there's little bulbs and shoots appearing everywhere.
I've even managed to dig a border during the earlier part of this week.
It's all looking good and certainly heading in the right direction with an extra hours daylight already. 
I'm keeping a close eye on developments!
So that's it for today... I know there was lots to tell you, but I know you're busy and that's possibly the end of your coffee or cuppa break.
I must dash... but it's great to see you again and I hope that I won't be so long with the next post.
Have a great day
Pass on a smile 


  1. Guess what? I spotted that bread stall straight away after I'd oogled at your & Nic's stall first of course! Lol Your table looks very professional and I'm very happy to hear that the regulars were kind and helpful. Sometimes there can be such rivalry at these things, it's sad. It happened here and a super wee shop ended up closing because of it. So I actually don't support some of the craft fairs around here, because they don't deserve my time, or my pennies. Anyhoo, I'm delighted your day was a success. Do you have a date for another?
    I like the sound of the Blueberry and white chocolate bread. Mmm. What others have you tried since?
    No floral signs of Spring here yet, but we too have enjoyed a fair bit of sunshine, altho' earmuffs are still needed for the wind that's still blowing. No hoolies just now tho' thank goodness.
    Oh well, I'd better get to cooking or there'll be complaints of 'I'm starving' being bandied about. Nae rest fer the wicked ((hugs)) :o) xx

    1. Haha... it was a lovely bakery stall and the smell was delicious wafting over to us all day.
      I'm not sure what the plan is for any future dates... as I'm only a minion. My daughter has definite ideas of what she wants and doesn't want for her business. But there is talk of doing more at some stage.
      She's so busy with the run up to Valentine's that she's not had time to create any new designs yet. I didn't realise how much 'LUV' there is out there for Valentine's.
      Going back to the bread the Blueberry and White Chocolate was delicious. We just toasted it and added butter and it just disappeared!
      The bacon, mushroom & caramelised onion loaf is Vicky's best seller and I now I know why. I'd better stop going through the list because I'll be needing more and I've only just had breakfast!
      I hate to tell you that snowdrops and daffs are opening here. There is actual warmth in the sun. The last three days here have been incredible and I'm hoping that it continues.
      I'm always using that quote Mo... nae rest fer the wicked... and I must be VERY BAD!!! #
      I'm just off to Glasgow today but I'm going to try to catch up with all of my visiting... I've been very bad in that regard.
      Have a great day and hopefully we'll chat again soon.
      Say 'Hi' to Wee Man ;D

  2. Good to hear you had a successful time at the craft fair and those beads sound divine! I live rise clear blue winter days-we just haven't had enough of them up north. I love that there's a little stretch to the evenings already-can't wait till the clocks go forward and there's oodles of daylight!

    1. I can't complain about the weather this past week Nic... it's been fantastic and last nights starry sky was amazing.
      We'd nipped down the coast to the Creel Inn at Catterline and because we were away from the city the sky was spectacular.
      I can't wait for the clocks to go forward either. It's a lovely thought.
      Have a great time... enjoy your break (although you could be back by now)
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
      (by the way... the Japanese paints arrived today ARGH! I'm hyperventilating just thinking about using them)
      Happy days ahead xoxo

  3. I'm still here... I love your "Light and Shade" photos. And the blue sky!

    1. Hehe... oh I'm so happy to hear that Mark ;D
      Also glad to hear that you like my photos. That sky has been like that for nearly a whole week. Everything is sprouting and buds are beginning to open... I just hope they aren't too keen and will pay the price.
      I really should be out digging my new veg plot. It's just rubble, weeds and grasses at the moment. It'll be tough work but got to be done.
      Have a great day and thanks for being there

  4. I'm glad when you post a blog because I don't do the other social media. Congrats on a good craft show! They can be so hit or miss. Spring? Wow! Nice! Enjoy. :)

    1. I wish I didn't do all the other media either Rita. I think I'll stop them all and just imagine how much free time I'd have?
      The craft fair was a very good start considering it was our first time as a stall holder. I'll be so different if I visit one again as a customer. Now I know just how much work goes into one.
      Another beautiful springy day here... oh I do hope it is spring arriving.
      Have a great weekend whatever you have planned. Give Karma a cuddle from me

  5. Happy to see your post. I don't use the sites mentioned except FB. I am fairly new to that but since some of my pals dropped blogging altogether for FB I am having to learn. I'll try to see if I can "friend" you or whatever it is one does to get on board with your activities (and photos)

    Never participated in a crafts fair although I've attended many. Glad you had a good experience. And ah the bread.....


    1. I've looked to see if I could find you Darla, but I couldn't. I'll have to try again.
      I'm not a huge fan of FB either but it seems to have taken over a little from my blog. I'm going to cut back I think.
      You've reminded me of the bread and now I can almost smell it again.
      Have a great weekend and thanks so much for popping by to leave a comment. It's lovely to know you're there.

  6. So glad to hear that you and Nic's craft adventure went so well. When I was doing wedding cakes years ago, I found that I loved how friendly all the other vendors were at the wedding fairs. It sounds like you're having an early spring just like we are !! YAY, hoping it continues and we just slide into spring and skip cruddy weather. We have the Pineapple express weather coming in from Hawaii now so temps are up in the low to mid teens. LOVE it. Keep it coming Hawaii! Hugs my friend, scritches from Muff.

  7. glad your computer is fixable and getting fixed!

  8. Happy to hear your craft show did well. I used to do them year ago and found that most vendors were always happy to barter share and buy from each other as well as offer helpful hints.

  9. I love your photos the shot of the sun peaking through the trees is beautiful


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