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Friday 29 May 2015

Snails and tails continued... PPF

I can't believe that the last time I wrote a post was last Sunday and here we are... it's Friday already!
This post is going to be a whistle stop too, because I'm away for the weekend (woohoo)
But before I go I wanted to nip into the Paint Party Friday link.

If you visited last week you might remember I started to draw a snail (click here if you missed it) and here's how it has progressed. 
Unfortunately, the photo isn't the best but it's been a funny kind of day... rain, sun and hail once again so it's difficult to get the lighting right. 
As usual I walked the tightrope with this painting and then took a tumble by fiddling and going beyond the point of no return. 
But I did have fun. 
One thing I did want to do though was to put him into the garden where he belongs. 
He's incredibly close to the hosta but he assures me that he'll not touch it.
Talking of the garden... that's my outdoor canvas and where I've been busy all week
I've been weeding and weeding and weeding...
It's a fantastic time when everything in the garden bursts into life, but unfortunately so do the weeds.
I feel like a Neptune trying to hold back the sea... a sea of weeds.
And I'm slightly worried that I'm not winning.
I'm also planting up pots... changing the winter plants and bulbs to a summer display.
It's a good job that it doesn't get dark here until after 10.00pm, although I tend to flag a little before that time. And finally let me show you the veg plot with Muffin exploring in the jungle... 
I know that I have lots of visiting to catch up on... which I will do. If you visited me and left a comment then I will be popping into your place at some stage soon.
So I'll see you later... right now I've got to get packed.
Whatever you're doing this weekend... have fun, enjoy and let's hope the sun warms up. 
Surely it has to soon.


  1. Your snail looks very sweet, and he's obviously enjoying your beautiful garden.

  2. You snail is super cute and I love that you took him into the garden! Speaking of which - it looks pretty amazing although Muffin looks decidedly unimpressed with the long grass!! Ours is as bad. We have a small paddock which S usually cuts with a ride on mower and he hasn't gotten near it this year as it's been so wet and it's actually going to seed - I'm tempted to invite the sheep in the next field in to have at it!! Enjoy your weekend away!x

  3. Your snail came out nicely, and I love the way you differed the snail and his house. You don't really want snails in your garden, will you? We have a large gaeden as well, and the weeding is a never ending story, but there is small pockets of rest and enjoyment as well. Good luck with yours this season.

  4. Once again I ask, do you have any idea how talented you are!?! Love your work!!
    Sandy xx

  5. Lovely snail painting, cute doggie! Yes, that reminds me, I better do some weeding, sigh.

  6. Hope you are off to someplace lots of fun! The snail is looking good and I know what you mean about the weeds in the garden. Its a non-stop game of cat and mouse with them for sure.

  7. Your snail is charming..especially in your garden. You have had a busy week!

  8. Awesome snail. Love it in the garden and your Muffin is just adorable.

  9. Your snail looks like it is zipping along. :) Garden is beautiful...as is Mufftypup. ;)

  10. What a beautiful garden you have! It is hard to honor a snail... but you certainly did! Hope you have a fun weekend away:-)

  11. love the snail but really really love seeing that glorious garden... it looks amazing...xx

  12. The most beautiful snail I've ever seen.

  13. That hosta is looking so beautiful. Hosta are my very favorite plants. Ok, gardenias are up there too, lol. Have a great weekend Neesie! (can't WAIT for Tracey's class!!!)

  14. If only all snails were as non invasive and pretty as yours!! Enjoy your time away!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. What a gorgeous garden! And here in California with the horrid drought, everything is dry and we still have not started the real summer... sad story haha
    I love your little snail, I have been dealing with many of his friends here in my yard!

  16. Your snail is gorgeous but I wouldn't trust him not to eat your plant!! The garden is magnificent, it shows that you spend a lot of time out there. My poor garden has to fend for itself. Have fun with Tracey on monday.
    Von xx

  17. Mr. Snail came out nicely! Laughed when I saw him in the garden among the hostas. I can't get over how much our dogs look a like.

  18. Adorable. I really love what you've done with Mr. Snail's Snail.

  19. I love the way you have done the shell. I wish I had the patience to do such intricate patterns.

  20. The snail is coming along beautifully. Have a great vaca. Love the garden. Blessings, Janet PPF


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