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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My week on a page #1 (WOYWW 322)

Just a quickie this morning, which will please Julia over at the What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday party, as she likes us to be brief when we open our doors to show what's happening in our creative world. It's understandable because there are so many desks to visit, so it works well if the text is brief... (so maybe I'll manage not to natter too much this week?)
(Click here if you'd like to see more work desks from around the globe)

After taking part in Tracey Fletcher King's art classes over the summer, I'm now playing at loosening up in my drawing. I think it's beginning to work because I did these paintings really quickly for me and I actually had fun!
It's difficult sometimes to find subjects that I would like to paint, so to have every day objects for my projects is a perfect way and now I have no excuses.
Tracey has recently started to draw her week on one page and I love it. So I asked would she mind if I tried and she said nae probs no problem in her gorgeous Aussie accent.

So here's some of mine...
No desk view sorry, but a work in progress... I'd rather not let you know entirely what I get up to... so I'm chief editor and executive decision maker!
Oh don't you just love power?
Above are a pair of my gardening gloves... I have about three pairs currently and these are the newest. I just brought them in from the garden and put them on the studio desk... I started drawing straight away... hence the mud and damp patches. Yep, I'm still battling in the garden whenever the weather is kind... which isn't as often as I'd like it. 
Next, because we have actually had the odd day with sunshine, I've put my cozy Ugg slippers away and found my summer slippers hidden in the back of my wardrobe.
Then here's my best gardening implement. 
I've no idea what it's called but it's such a little Trojan and makes weeding as easy as it possibly can be.
The pea's are what I've managed to grow without a greenhouse or a veggie plot.
I'm so pleased with them and myself... (she says puffing up with pride) and I have to tell you they are delicious. 
There are other things on the page, but they need to be finished off before I show you the whole page. 
Besides it's only Wednesday, so there's a few days to go before my week is up. 
What a tease eh?
I told you I like power! 

So that's it for now peeps.
Have a great creative week and I'll hopefully see you soon.


  1. Hi Neesie, love your drawings! So beautiful. And I'm with you on home grown peas- delicious, especially raw straight out of the pods! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xx

    1. Pop... Mmm... definitely the best way to eat peas. Walking from the plant to the kitchen!
      Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. Have a fun weekend too

  2. What Fab drawings. thats my fav tool for the garden too> Not grown any peas but we have (had) strawberries, and soon will have (late) toms and a chilli plant and yes it feels good. Thanks for shareing and have a wonderful week. x Soojay 24

    1. It's a brilliant tool isn't it. I even don't mind weeding with it which is a miracle in itself!
      I've had strawberries and the peas. Bean were devoured by slugs but I'm hopeful my toms will eventually ripen (you have to remain hopefully here in the North East of Scotland that they'll see enough sun) and I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any carrots under all the lush leafs.
      I wish you a wonderful week too... enjoy!

  3. I do love Tracey's blog and her sense of humor. Your drawings are fabulous. I should do some more. I went to a life drawing class during my week holiday and it was just like riding a bike after 25 years... It all came back to me like it was yesterday. Class was 3 hours but it felt like 5 minutes... I was shattered at the end of it though! Wish I could do more, but they are on the nights I teach. 11

    1. She's a hoot isn't she Belinda?
      Thanks so much for your kind words about my drawings. I really appreciate them as this is a completely new way of painting for me. It's fun and exciting.
      I love joining in with a class of like minded creatives... and yes the time zooms past and you feel exhausted at the end of it. But in a good way.
      Have a great creative week and thanks for leaving such a great comment.

  4. Great drawings! Those gardening gloves really spoke to me! It looks like you are having lots of fun just puttering around, in both your carden and in your artwork. How nice that the could combine! Judy #49

    1. Haha I wish those gloves would talk to the weeds and ask them to vanish!
      I am indeed having fun Princess Judy and long may it continue ;D
      Enjoy your weekend and I wish you masses of creativity for the coming week.

  5. Hi Neesie I love your drawings too. Your contemporary style is great. We have one of those tools too which is perfect for digging the weeds out from between the paving stones on our little terrace. Have a great week. Barb#20

    1. Aww thanks Barb, it is so inspiring to hear everyone's reaction to this new way of painting for me.
      As for the gardening tool... I even enjoy taking those pesky weeds out of the paving stones with my trusty sword. The trouble is they keep reappearing!
      I hope you have a great week too... enjoy!

  6. Your drawings are fabulous and I love how loose they are. I hope that Tracey runs her workshop again so that I can learn to loosen up too. We had sunshine this morning, I had to get the encyclopedia out to work out what it was ;-) lol xx

    1. I wouldn't have believed that I could be so loose Mo ;D
      I've heard a little whisper that Tracey might well do another class later in the year, so keep watching her space (as they say)...
      Oh now you are showing your age... what's an encyclopedia? I only use Google! (hehe)
      There's an energetic breeze here this morning and little snippets of blue sky but alas no sun yet. I live in hope.
      Enjoy your Sunday... chat soon

  7. Gorgeous drawings, love your style. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 19

    1. Thanks Angela, I'm certainly having fun which is the main thing.
      Have a great creative week ;D

  8. ya know, you and tracey do have the greatest ideas. Your week on a page would be great, I'll have to try and borrow that and put it in my sketchbook. Maybe a double wide for the week! Your page looks fantastic by the way. Love how it all looks, can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thanks Jenn,
      It has been such fun and ticked so many boxes.
      1. There's always something to paint
      2. It's made me lighten up and not get so stressed over the details... just going for it!
      3. Painting using Tracey's newly learnt techniques.
      4. Having fun (did I mention that already?)
      5. Enjoying seeing a new style develop.
      So I think it's a win win situation for me. I'm hoping to do another week soon.
      I hope you're having a creative week and a fun weekend.
      I owe you a few visits (re paint supplies etc) and an email, which I hopefully will get to in the coming week ;D

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Laney, I've enjoyed creating them ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting my place.

  10. The drawing is awesome. I just love the gardening gloves and shoes. What a great subject. Congrats - your work looks great! April #39

    1. Thanks so much April. I think the gloves and shoes might be my favourite too.
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      It's great to receive such positive feedback when you're trying something new ;D

  11. love it... you have always been a big tease so nothing surprises me any more lol... but now I am gagging to see the whole lot... it has been a bit of a day here today so I have a gin bottle on the desk considering whether it should be part of this week's spread!!! hurry up and finish so i can see how it turns out!!!

    1. I'm late with my replies Trace so I'm assuming you might already have seen the whole page by now. I've been playing the hostess with the mostess once more this weekend.
      Hopefully get back to painting again this week. I would love to paint another week.
      I had so much fun!
      Chat soon

  12. Love the drawings, even if you are keeping things hidden from us, you naughty desker,you!! Helen 3

    1. Hehe... sorry Helen but a good proportion of the page was blank. I thought posting it this way would make it more interesting.
      I'll try not to be so sneaky again... but I'm not promising ;D

  13. Fantastic - you cannot hide real talent now can you!!
    Sandy xx

    1. Hehe... I thought it would be fun to post the page this way Sandy... but mainly because a lot of the A3 page was blank at this stage!
      Thankfully I did finish it off by the end of the week.
      Thanks for your lovely comment once again. I really appreciate it especially with trying this new style.
      Have a great creative week

  14. Hi Neesie, your drawings are brilliant. I couldn't possibly show you my gardening gloves, they are a disgrace but I love them! And I'm intrigued by your favourite gardening implement ... what is it? Mine is a dandelion howker upper :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #37

    1. Hi Elizabeth, oh I have some humdinger gloves too but these are my most recent ones. I think the older the gloves the more interesting they are. They show how much dedicated time has been spent tending the garden. I'm not sure what you would call my implement but it is so useful. It gets weeds out of the paving incredibly well due to it's thin sharp blade but I also use if in my borders. No weed is safe when I'm wielding that baby!
      I'm completely mystified by your dandelion howker upper thingymabob?
      Maybe I should have or need one?
      Have a wonderful week ahead and hopefully the sun with shine and warm our backs as we double over in our borders!
      (apologies for my late reply

  15. Stunning my friend...those gloves are so amazingly well done!! Pretty sure I have an older pair of garden gloves in the same pattern as the middle of the glove... They probably had a bolt left over somewhere and just filtered them into the newer versions... so interesting!! Love the slippers and the calculator too!! Wow you really are good at this...I think Tracey may be taking you in a new direction.... I love it!! Also we always have to buy a huge and I mean huge and expensive bag of peas when they are in season and eat the whole bag raw!! We love them that much!! Lucky you!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Aww bless you Giggles for your lovely kind words.
      It's fantastic to hear such positive things especially when it's trying out a new style of painting.
      Fancy having similar gloves... great minds think alike eh?
      Hehe... I had to laugh because there isn't a calculator on the page... that's my house phone and my mobile underneath ;D
      As for the garden peas... I've had visitors this weekend so haven't been near the plants to see how many are there. I'm hoping there are gazillions of the wee gorgeous pods all ready and waiting for me to pick them.
      Have a wonderful creative week ahead... enjoy!


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