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Friday, 14 August 2015

My Week On A Page #2 (unfinished) PPF

After having so much fun last week, creating a painting which illustrated my week on a page
I decided to give it another go this week.
I found that it has really helped with my decision making... what to include in the painting, colour combinations, and composition, so thank you Tracey Fletcher King who passed on her inspiration for this project. 
Unfortunately, my week might actually stretch over a few weeks at the rate I'm going, before I manage to finish it. But then it's not all my fault, as I had guests staying over last weekend and then I'm heading off myself tomorrow. 
I've had to cram a whole week into four days! (What a woman!!!)
So let me show you what I've done so far... here's my preliminary sketches.

There are tales to tell as to why I've picked what I have to be included in my week, so maybe it's best to start at the beginning of the week. Once my house guests had left... it was beds stripped and into the washer before they were half way down the lane... along with the toweling robes and bath towels.
To say I go through gallons for fabric conditioner is an understatement, but when my hubby came home with this latest bottle I just burst out laughing. 
It's called Doussy!
Now I'm not sure how the manufacturers or you might pronounce it, but my hubby actually calls doggy doodoo's or poop, a doozy (see how polite I'm being) 
So to think I'm going to be washing my clothes in dog doings just tickled me.
He wondered why I went into a fit of giggles when I saw the label.
(It doesn't take much to amuse me)
But then on Tuesday Muffy did have a 'doussy' day because something must have visited our garden overnight and left it's calling card.
To say that this beastie had a problem might be an understatement... and have you guessed yet? 
Yep Muffy rolled in it. 
Well not exactly rolled... more camouflaged herself in it.  
She had to be bathed twice outside in the open air (which didn't amuse her with a chilly breeze blowing at all) but there was no way that pong was coming into my house!
She even had to be squirted with her doggy perfume once dry just to make sure.
And that's why the doggy brush is included in this weeks page ^..^

Along with the fabric conditioner... hubby decided to buy kitchen utensils.
Now at one stage I could say he doesn't even cook... at all... but lately he's been having a dabble.
With success I might add (well he might read this and you have to give positive reinforcements wherever possible) but I've never EVER seen him whisk anything over the 37 years we've been married. I suppose it's a case of never say never eh?
Anyway, it's a beautiful colour so it was added to the page too.

There always has to be plants involved in my week and I'm thrilled that my Eryngium are doing so well. I love to include them in my flower arrangements around the house. 
Like a mini Scottish thistle
The honeysuckle is flowering too and it's perfume wafts on the breeze.
I thought it would be good to include it as a link to help bring the composition together.
Lastly, there's the bird feeder (one of 10 I might add, that I have dotted around the house...not all the same design but feeders all the same) 
I think this might be a little more difficult to paint than I initially thought. 
Why is there always something to catch you out?
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the photo I took of the desk and window yesterday, which included my enthusiastic peeping pigeon... well dove really. He/She was perched very precariously on the ledge leaning in watching me paint.
We now have seven white doves come to call daily.
(it sounds like a song doesn't it... seven doves a-calling)
I'm now called 'Momma Dove' by the way, because I nip out early most mornings to feed the birds in my dressing gown. It's a white, hooded, ankle length robe and I'm sure the doves think that I'm one of them!
So I must fly away and leave you now... my weekend starts today and I haven't even packed yet. 
But why don't to nip across to the Paint Party Friday with Eva and Kristin... they'd all love to see you.
Click here to be transported.

Paint Party Friday
Have a wonderful weekend everyone


  1. Sounds like a busy week and I can empathise all too well with the whole dogs rolling in unspeakable things situation - I don't know how many times Reuben and Brodie have done the same while out on a walk and then stunk the car out on the way back to the house!
    Your week is coming along nicely on the page. Anyway, I hope you have/are having a lovely weekend away - anywhere nice?

    1. Oh my Nic, I can imagine what a pong it would be in the car!
      I desperately wanted to finish the page before going off for the weekend but it wasn't to be. I hope to get back to it soon.
      There's just not enough hours in the day!
      We went down to the Scottish Borders... clocking up lots of mileage but great to see and stay in lovely locations. We've never been before so it needed ticking off the list.
      Have a great week ahead with hopefully lots of creativity.
      I'm happy to see you're using your hand now ;D

  2. What a busy week and fun scetches‼
    Happy PPF♥

    1. Thanks Sirkkis,
      Hopefully it will be calmer next week and I will be able to finish the page.
      Have a great creative week.

  3. Great WIP! I have had dogs and why animals like to roll in "stuff" is beyond me. I hated squirting the hose on my ancient Lab but I couldn't have let her in the house as she was.

    1. Thanks Faye, it's beyond me too. Oh I couldn't possibly squirt Muffy with a hose... she'd never forgive me! Warm water in a bowl is the minimum requirement I'm afraid.
      I'm happy to report she's behaved every since.
      I hope you have a great creative week ahead.

  4. Cackling my head off. What a week....doggie doussy guests and helpful hubbies! Tehe

    1. It was quite a week Nan,
      Hopefully next week will be calmer... fingers crossed.
      I might actually get to finish the page if it is.
      Great to have you call... have a great week

  5. Sounds like a frenetic week...oh my, the doggie do do is hilarious! I love when people...you and Tracey express the realities of dog ownership. I had dogs much like yours from birth to death for over 35 years...and loved them like kids...However the last five years I've been without has been so much easier! We need our fix, we babysit one! Great sketches and painting... Enjoy your holiday!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. When I first read a Tracey post a few years back, I wrote and told her that the way she wrote was just like I think about things. I was hooked from that first post!
      Muffy is our one and only dog and I have to admit now that she's on her way to 12 in December I panic about what I would do without her. Oh yes she can be a real pain in the bahooky but I love her to bits and couldn't imagine life without her now.
      I'm hoping next week is calmer and I'll be able to catch up and maybe even finish this painting.
      Hugs back to you and I wish you a great creative week.

  6. Your work is looking great and plants are always a good subject.

    1. Thanks GlorV1,
      I'm looking forward to carrying on with this painting. Hopefully in the next few days.
      Have a great creative week ahead and thanks for visiting my place.

  7. Your very diplomatic doggy "doo doo" story gave me a good chuckle. Been there and done that. I like your beginning sketches. I want to take one of Tracey's classes one day, too.

    1. Hehe I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed my post. I thought everyone would be able to relate to the subject matter! ;D
      I can recommend Tracey's classes Jo... they're so much fun and she is so inspiring using a very relaxed and fun way to pass on masses of her skills. I'm certainly going to sign up for her next class.
      Thanks for stopping by my place and I hope the coming week is fun for you.

  8. I love this work. . very creative. Blessings, Janet PPF

    1. Aww thank you so much JKW... I really appreciate your kind words.
      Blessings to you too

  9. See, you on your second drawing of "what you did last week"and me still at NOTHING. I gotta get going on these once a week things. I don't have any cool doves watching me paint though. sigh. Hi to you and muff!

    1. Hey Jenn I've come to a sudden stop with the crazy week, but hopefully next week will be different. I'm not so sure the doves are cool or just greedy!
      They arrive very early in the morning and do a fly past my window to attract attention.
      Muffy has a fit when they land on the patio for breakfast. It's quite a work out for everyone involved and it's costing me a fortune in seed.
      Muffy says hi back and we wish you a great creative week ahead.

  10. Ha ha I can just picture you mama dove! I have lots of unfinished work on my 'to do' list and I'm so impressed with all that you are able to do! I must congratulate hubby on doing the shopping these days, maybe he can search for funny lables on all the Sainsbury's or Tescos shopping?
    You fly Wonderwoman, who needs a 7 day week?!
    Wren x

    1. I'm starting off with a complete new list again for next week Wren... I just hope I can get it all done but it'll be on a wing and a prayer.
      Now let's not get carried away with hubby and the shopping. He goes sometimes at the weekend for the odd thing and then if something catches his attention or is a bargain, then he can't resist! We have some very bizarre things appear.
      I don't wish to promote or endorse one particular supermarket... but these shopping spree's are to Lidl. (I have to state clearly here that no payment has been made for this statement) ;D
      Wonderwoman limbering up for another fun packed week ahead. Imagine what I'll be able to do with a whole seven days this time!

  11. Fantastic sketch! I love the items you are sketching. They are all important in my world too.

    1. That's great to hear Erika,
      I hope to finish the painting in the next few days ;D
      Have a great creative week ahead... enjoy and thanks for stopping by my place.

  12. I really love your idea of journaling in sketches and painting your daily routines. I may thy that myself since you are such a good teacher and mentor.

    1. Thank you for such a lovely compliment Wanda,
      I don't manage to produce a journal page every week (life's too hectic) but I do try to keep to the theme and post every two weeks. I'm finding them fun and it's making me paint far more frequently than I have been which makes my work much more lose than it was... so I'm a happy bunny.
      I've been using the technique today, but it's not a journal page... it's a rooster! Whoops, I was going to keep that a secret... oh well it's out now! ;D
      Have a great week and I'll be checking Miss Wednesday soon. (hehe)

  13. Hey Sugar - I did not delete nor did I forget -- I just get terribly behind. Love your drawings and paintings. The page does indeed tell the story of your life or should I say a week in you life. I love the bird feeder.
    I don't know why dogs love to roll in - well in you know what. My large cat was sprayed twice by a skunk. Now that was really hard to get out.
    Hmm - I wonder if I sent my husband out to buy kitchen tools if he would take an interest in cooking. Oh probably not. I do wish that I could draw half as well as you do!!
    Love your page.
    Sandy xx

    1. I'm also a little late catching up here Sandy,
      I can't imagine the stink of a skunk spray thankfully and that's at least one thing that I don't have to worry that Muffy will roll in.
      Now let me put you straight on sending my hubby out to buy kitchen tools. He often calls into a local shop on a Sunday morning for bits and pieces, but I never know what he's going to come back with. I've had plants, chocolates, garden shears, and last week kitchen tools! They were a bargain so he couldn't resist.
      He does cook but only on the Barbie ;D
      I've been playing and having lots of fun in the studio again today... there's no stopping me at the moment and long may it continue.
      Have a great week and thanks for your lovely visits.

  14. You not only do a lot but also capture it artistically well. Hope your dog appreciates all that you do. Obviously, your husband does!

    1. Aww bless you Indira,
      As to my dog appreciating me... well I'm not so sure but I certainly wouldn't be without her. Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate both your visit and your words.
      Have a great week ;D

  15. This page has been open in my browser for a week! I am bloody hopeless at times, but anyway better late than never I suppose. The page is looking awesome and I am impressed at its size... I am working on a4 and it sneaks up on your I me wise, so this is quite the commitment... Worth it though because nit is generous

    1. It's always fabulous to have your visit Trace...no matter when or how long in between visits. I know how busy you are so never worry about timescale with me.
      I must admit now that I've started drawing on A3 I'm hooked. I also love the Bristol Board paper and underpainting! See what you've started!!! (hehe)
      I'm wondering if you've seen the final painting or whether its in your browser? HA!
      I'm loving my time spent in the studio lately. I'm painting more than I've painted for years and it's all thanks to you and your brilliant class.
      Have fun and I'll chat again soon


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