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Monday 8 February 2016

Spring came to call

I just couldn't contain my excitement today because spring came to call. 
It was a total surprise. I didn't expect it, but you can be sure that I made the most of it... and so did Miss Mufftypup!
Whilst she had a fantastic workout in the woods and a good run home, I spent a few hours outside tidying up the garden.
As you can see here in this little video clip, the birds were in fine voice. 
I missed capturing the geese flying over...yet another good sign of spring. 
They're returning back North!
I tried desperately to obtain a close up photograph of a robin, who was keeping me company as I worked. He was so close at times, busily trying to see what I might unearth, but as soon as I reached for my camera he flew!
I'm sure he was toying with me. 
I even uprooted some carrots that I'd forgotten about.
I thought they might have rotted away due to all of the wet weather we've experienced over the winter months, but I was pleasantly surprised. 
I dubiously pulled one and it was a really good (straight) specimen. 
So I pulled another... and that too was perfect.
They looked fantastic... I just hope they taste the same.
I hope you had an enjoyable start to the week. 


  1. Oh how wonderful to have a little bird keeping you company, I find them very challenging to photograph too. Happy start of spring to you and your pup!

    1. The robin's are often keeping me company in my garden. I have three bird feeding stations dotted around the house, so they don't argue too much. I love to hear their song. I just wish they'd sit still so that I could photograph them!
      I hope this springy spell will stay with us now.
      Fingers crossed Lisa ;D

  2. Oh how fortunate for you ~ Spring ~ (right now MA is getting more snow!) Fun video and am sure you both had a wonderful time! Great post too!

    Wishing you a Happy Week ^_^

    1. Would you believe it that we've had another spring-like day today too.
      It's fantastic to see all of the flowers, bulbs and shoots sprouting everywhere. I just hope we don't head into a cold snap and it catches them out.
      It's my son running with Muffy in the video... I delegated that part to my son. I'd have been too fast for Muffy (wink wink ;D)
      Stay cozy and enjoy the snow. I'll look forward to seeing more winter wonderland photos soon.
      I wish you a Happy week too

  3. ahhhhh,, what a beautiful picture you painted in my mind,,

    1. It was a beautiful day Laurie,
      We've had such wet grey days that it really was a delight.
      I just hope that the weather stays like this because all the flowers, bulbs and shoots are sprouting everywhere.
      They'll have such a shock if it changes.

  4. Lovely to see Ms McMuffy enjoying a romp. :) I hope the weather stays around for you for a while. We're back into the freezer here. :( I did get out and get my groceries when we had two days of 75F. Hugs

    1. She's always up for a romp Nan, even when the weather isn't good!
      We had another great day today, although it is a little chilly. I'd rather have it chilly and bright then wet and warm.
      I need to see sunlight.
      Brr... it's good you've managed to get your supplies in. Stay cozy and safe until the thaw. Hopefully it'll be soon.
      Hugs back to you

  5. There is nothing like that first taste of spring. You obviously had a wonderful day. Loved the video - and to have your little robin near by .. such a gift. Thank you for allowing us to share in your happiness. The carrots sound fantastic -- enjoy. hugs, Donna

    1. Oh Donna I've been looking out for spring for so long... so it was brilliant to see it's arrival. We had glorious day today, although it was a little chillier. All the bulbs are sprouting beautifully.
      I do love all of the changes to the seasons.
      I really missed them when I lived in the Middle East.
      I've actually got four robins dotted around our place... so I have three feeding stations to keep the arguments to a minimum.
      It's my pleasure to show you around... I love visitors.
      I'll pop the kettle on next time you come to call ;D

  6. Wonderful video - is that you running!!!! I want more!!
    sandy xx

    1. Ha! I would be too fast for Muffy so I delegated it to my son (wink wink) If you believe that you'll believe anything.
      They had had a good walk in the woods and then decided to run home... as you do when you're a 12 year old mini shihtzu!
      You might have to wait a wee bitee for a sequel Sandy... it took me quite a time to get this one to attach.
      Have a wonderful week

  7. I can't imagine spring weather! It's 10 degrees here--LOL!
    Enjoy it!! :)

    1. Oh poor you Rita,
      I am hoping that this weather will stay now, otherwise all the bulbs, shoots and flowers will have a shock.
      Keep cozy until the thaw... it can't be far away... can it?!!?!

  8. Replies
    1. I just thought it sounded too good not to share Catharina,
      I think it was a flock of goldfinches that feast on my bird feeder daily. I have counted over 30 at one time. I think the word must have got out... prime seed this way!


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