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Friday 30 December 2016

Aaand Breathe

Aaaand Breathe
Yes, we've managed Christmas and have now entered the 'winterval' before New Year.
I hope you had a lovely time with family and friends or perhaps you just had a peaceful relaxing holiday, whatever I hope you enjoyed it. 
(Muffin waking up and checking if Santa had been)

Our clan met up once again and had a few 'fantabulously' hectic days together ticking all of the boxes. 
Exchanging gifts, toasting absent friends, eating beautifully cooked food (okay, I'm not sure I should say that with being the sous chef but I have so there you go), post Christmas lunch woodland walks through the Welsh countryside, to name but a few of the activities, and finally the long homeward bound drive before the New Year kicks in.
It's great to go away, but so good to be home once again. 
I think I may have actually been glued into my chair yesterday, right next to the wood burner... snoozing the day away. 
I know I'm totally guilty, but I have no shame... I enjoyed it! 
(and Muffin did too) 

Now I'm in the precarious predicament of having so much to do, but not knowing where to start.
So I've decided that I'm not even going to try.
I'm giving myself time out until at least next Monday.
There's no end to my shameless inactivity.
I'm hoping that this current lacklustre will to recharge my batteries and I'll be raring to go once again.

Before I leave you today, I have a confession.
It's only a little one, but I will feel better starting the new year with a clean sheet.

I never thought I'd use a puppy pouch or a pooch pouch as we are now calling the doggy backpack... but I do now and I'm singing it's praises. 
Obviously with Muffy only being a mini shihtzu and weighing in at a reasonable 4.6 kilo's, it's no problem... but I can't imagine I'd like to carry a larger breed of dog. 
The pouch was my nephews dog Woody, but he willingly gave it to Muffy.
Hero of the day.
Woody is so full of energy now that he's grown, that to even try to put him in a pouch would be a major achievement... even if he could fit into it.
I was tired just watching him run full pelt around the woods on our walks.

So here's Muffy glad to have a rest after walking 5 miles, virtually uphill for the majority of the walk.
I know she doesn't look particularly happy here, but she really did like it.
Maybe it was the fact that where we had stopped for a little lunch at The Miner's Arms pub in Maeshafn, was full of dogs and she couldn't carry on socialising. 
I think she liked being so high up though... which is not a usual advantage point for her with her little legs. She seemed very settled once we started to walk the return journey.
It's opened up a whole new world whilst she's recuperating from her surgery.
We'll be able to manage any mountain now... I just need to sort myself a backpack now... and someone who'd be willing to carry me!

I'm not sure I'll manage to pop back for another post before the countdown to the New Year, so I'll take this opportunity to say I wish you all the best for 2017.
I hope you have the best year ever! 
Thank you for your friendship and support throughout this year. 
I really appreciate it.


  1. Muffy is so cute! Have a wonderful New Year's and best wishes for 2017!

    1. Thanks so much... it's been a wonderful holiday and hopefully will lead into a great 2017. I hope you had a fantastic time too.
      All the best for 2017! :D

  2. Glad Muffy is doing so well and likes her new doggie pack rides.
    Happy New Year!! :)

    1. I'd never normally put her in a backpack Rita, because she loves her walks and sniffs about, but I didn't want her to overdo things, especially with recently having major surgery.
      I think Karma may love one too for going out and about, if you have places to visit.
      Happy New Year to you and yours and of course Karma ^..^

  3. What a neat idea for the pups and you. Yep, we are like batteries and we need recharging at times. Thanks for the visit, it really means a lot to me. Happy New Year and Many Blessings into the new year. Janet

    1. I've been recharging my own batteries over the last few days Janet. It was much needed. The pooch pouch was brilliant with Muffy only just recovering from her surgery. She was able to get out and about with her pack!
      Happy New Year to you and yours. Best wishes for 2017 and let's hope it's a good creative one :D

  4. I'm enjoing visit your beautifu blog. Your home is most cozy and beautifully decorated, and I love sweet Muffy, too.
    Wishing you love, joy and happyness for New Year xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much Sirkkis, I really appreciate your visit and kind words.
      I hope you've had a wonderful festive holiday and that the New Year brings you nothing but the best! Happy New Year :D

  5. What a wonderful way to end the year - a sweet picture of Muffin's Muff! Darn I love that dog!!!
    Happy New Year Denise!
    Sandy xx

    1. Thanks Sandy... I thought you'd like this post.
      Happy New Year from all of us here to all of you over there. Let's hope that 2017 is a fabulous creative, good year :D

  6. If it helps a dog get out, I think the carry things are a good idea. dogs re social animals on the whole, so do need interaction with people and dogs. and in cases like Muffins were they are recovering from surgery, they are a really good idea. Its when tiny dogs are carried everywhere all the time that is annoying. they have four feet for a reason :p but with dogs injured or needing help, I do think they are a really good idea :)

    1. I wouldn't normally go in for this kind of pampering Jennifer, but after having major surgery and walking 5 miles through the woods... mostly uphill I thought she deserved a ride home!
      I think she liked it and I'm thinking it might be a good way for us to go further afield on our walks in the future... or when she's feeling frail. I can't see that for some time with her only being a pup of 13 years!!! But we're equipped if she does need it.
      I hope you've had a wonderful holiday and that the New Year brings nothing but the best for you and yours. Happy 2017!

  7. What a lovely post! Your pooch looks so sweet. I am glad she likes the backpack. Happy New Year to you!

    1. She did enjoy being carried especially after such a long walk Lisa.
      Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope you have a brilliant, creative 2017!

  8. haha, I did the same: gave myself a time-out until Monday, so I could enjoy lazying around without feeling guilty :-) And I must admit that fireplace looks very inviting.... That pooch pouch is just so cute, she looks like she likes it up there. Wishing you all the best for 2017: happiness, health, joy and boundless energy to get everything done :-)

    1. Thanks denthe, the break worked wonders recharging my batteries. I definitely felt in need.
      Now I'm ready to tackle what 2017 brings. I hope it's a fabulous year for you. Thanks for your visit and comment. Best wishes for the New Year

  9. love the look on your dogs face in the first image. :)
    Happy New Year.

    1. There's never a dull moment with her... she has many expressions and certainly knows how to play the cute card.
      Happy New Year to you too.

  10. Your home looks very cozy and I often think, it must be famous to make a "winter sleep" like animals...
    It's just another view from such a backpack , I could like that too.
    Happy healthy and quiet New Year :)

    1. Thank you Mascha, I think a little hibernation would be wonderful, especially if the weather was great wet and cold. I much prefer the crisp, frosty sunny days during winter.
      It was strange to have a large bump at the front once again (like being pregnant all over again!) but once I got used to it it was great. I doubt she'll be going back in it now as she's just had the all clear from the vet and she loves to walk and sniff. More sniffing than walking if I'm truthful.
      I wish you a happy healthy New Year too. Enjoy!

  11. oh your doggie is so cute ~ very creative photography too ~ glad you and she like the pouch ~ have though of getting one but this little one likes to 'trot' along at her pace ` LOL ~

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ ^_^

    1. Thanks Carol. Now that we've had the all clear from the vet I doubt that she will be wanting to go into the pouch now. She loves to walk and sniff especially if we are walking through the woods. For such a little toot she can really walk quite far!
      Happy and Healthy New Year to you too :D

  12. It looks like you had a very nice Christmas and New Year. Your home looks so warm and inviting. Hey taking some time off is a good thing. I did the same. Well I don't have a fire place to sit by LOL You little dog doesn't look happy but I am sure he was glad to be warm and close to you. Wishing you the very best of 2017.

    1. Hehe our home wasn't warm and inviting initially upon our return. It was like entering a cave as we'd been away for some time and the weather had turned chilly. It's great to have two wood burners, an Aga and central heating to get it feeling cosy once again.
      I think my dog just didn't have a clue what was happening. Major surgery, leaving home for Christmas, masses of visitors and visiting, different houses and then to walk in strange places and finally to be placed into a pouch!
      All very confusing for a little wee toot... a blonde one at that!
      I wish you a fabulous creative healthy happy new year too Nicole

  13. what a great idea. Our pup is 20 lbs so not an option. Our friends pug had knee tendon surgery and they take her everywhere in a baby stroller.....although that wouldn't work out hiking in the woods.
    Months after the surgery has healed that is the only place the dog wants to be........Hope your New Year brings much love and joy.

    1. Oh my imagine carrying your pup! That's serious weight-lifting!
      I know of someone that used a buggy for her recovering dog, but he got so used to it he would hardly walk anywhere.
      Thankfully Muffy is very puppy like, energetic and nosy, so she wouldn't want to miss sniffing out interesting trails. She might only have little legs being a mini shihtzu, but she likes to walk.
      I will only use the pouch when it's necessary. Besides I don't like to feel pregnant at my old age... which is just what the pouch makes you feel like. All that extra weight at the front! (hehe)


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