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Thursday 24 February 2011

How Dare They....?

It was a beautiful morning with sun, blue sky and a perfect temperature....
just what we need before the start of autumn next week.
It certainly wasn't the sort of morning that you would want spoiling by an invasion!
I'm not talking of the little green men or the body-snatching kind - no just small, wrinkly, furry greedy insatiable hungry grubby kind!

I've been painstakingly taking tender care of my plants over the summer months, and none more so than my vine. Call me naive but I'm hoping that I might actually produce a grape from it one day soon. (It might well be ONE grape if I'm lucky) Hope springs eternal....

Anyway, but look what horrors I found....

It's necessary to just comment here that I can appreciate the beautiful colours, patterns etc of these creatures - BUT NOT ON MY VINE

I love to have butterflies hovering around the garden and so therefore a small thought passed through my head, that perhaps I should leave them to evolve, but then there are so many my plant would be stripped. They've got to go!
I know we share this planet but please not my vine.....

I tried to identify them by going online, but unfortunately the more I looked at numerous photo's the more sickly I began to feel. Breakfast began to talk back to me. Especially after watching so many of them inch there way along the leaves....gulp.
If anyone knows more about them, or what I can do to evict them, other than snipping off all the munched leaves, please let me know.

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