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Friday, 25 February 2011

Rollerblading Revival

To say my family are slightly nervous about my next pursuit is an understatement. That maybe because its been too many years, especially for me to divulge here, since I last participated in this kind of activity.....
I'm talking Rollerblading....
In my mind, I'm still a natural with the ability to do turns and curves, but in reality I'm afraid this is still to be perfected. I'm hoping its like riding a bike....everything will click into place and away I'll go.
It all started when I came across the blades in one of our freight boxes and I've had it in mind to give them an airing since then.
It's a box on my list that has to be ticked.

With having a cycle path so near to the house it'll be perfect. Well, I have a confession to make...it wasn't only the sight of the blades that sparked off my interest. It could have had something to do with a tall young guy whoosing past me one morning, whilst I was out walking Muffin. I couldn't resist watching his technique in his Lycra shorts.
It just looked such a good form of exercise especially for the gluts!!!
Truly, if his were anything to go by anyway.

I think my family's nervousness could be the fact that the creek runs extremely near to the cycle path in parts. Glug...glug....glug

I remember when we lived in Qatar, there used to be a young girl who lived near by and she had her dog pull her along - not sure that'll work with Muffin, for the following reasons...
(1) She's only 4.6 kilo's and I'm a big lump compared to that.
(2) She constantly stops abruptly in her sniffathon and that could be disastrous.
(3) She's a diva and she would be horrified I had even thought she might be suitable.

Ahhh....the open road.

Bring on the buns of steel!

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