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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It's a Dog's Life.....

My other half had no idea of the cunning plan that was afoot this morning....
Muffin jumped up onto the bed at the sound of the alarm, like a greyhound out of a trap. I know thats hard to imagine of a shuh tzu, but believe me she was on a mission.
Immediately, she greeted him with such enthusiasm you could easily have been mistaken that he had been out of her sight for at least eight months and not quite eight hours!
After lots of fussing, finally my other half managed to drag himself out of bed.
Upon re-entering the bedroom after his shower, he realised that he had been had.....
There was an incentive to get him out of bed....it involves a warm, cosy, soft place to carry on the snoozing.....Ahhh....Egyptian Cotton!
Believe me, I didn't touch the covers - this is how she arranged them. Not sure whose top dog but I can make a good guess.

And to think there's a saying "its a dog's life" well, in our house at least, its a pretty good one.

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