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Tuesday 22 February 2011


We have been having a considerably cool summer here in Melbourne this year.
In fact, we're nearly out of summer....eek! What a thought.
It really brought it home to us last night as we sat outside having dinner, we commented amongst ourselves on how like a UK summer it had been - decidedly chilly - but ever hopefully that the sun would shine. Thankfully most days it does but there's been a really chilly nip to the air recently.
With unprecedented amounts of rainfall too, it shouldn't have been a real surprise to see this fine specimen on my walk this morning.

I've never been brave enough to just take a chance or pick from the wild (but I know a few people who do and seem to be fine) but I'm not really sure about mushrooms and therefore a little nervous about picking them...
I'll just admire them through the camera lens.

Safe but sure.....and buy from the market!

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