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Monday 18 April 2011

House Move 11 (part 2)

Last weekend was a marathon to say the least.....the clocks ticking on our imminent house move, so we had to dedicate all day Saturday to viewing potential properties. But after viewing 11 homes everything became a blur. My mind was in a spin - all the kitchens, en suites, lounges, entertaining area's etc all merged into one.
My previous record for viewing in one day, was 13, but that was when we first moved to Melbourne and I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I think I've learnt my lesson since then and certainly don't want to repeat it.  Eleven viewings took timed military precision, a challenge to say the least.

Perfect houses, perfect plots, perfect locations but unfortunately not on the one property. There's always a compromise, but which is the most important? I've watched so many programmes over the years which give advice, tips and guidelines, but these all seem to disappear when your wanting to choose your next nest. Its a very emotional process.
Isn't location supposed to be the main aspect, but that doesn't help when you find a wonderful house that would be perfect, just if it were possible to uplift it to somewhere else!
I think the males of the species should leave the final nest choice to the females, but then logic can go out of the window, especially when the design is just what your looking for....the fact that its $1,000,000 over your budget doesn't really sink in. Rose coloured glasses maybe....?
Well, other than a divorce (which might well be a factor with the way some discussions go) and having a baby (which quite frankly, if that happened I'd kill him) a house move is certainly up there on the stress- oh-meter! What makes it harder is we don't particularly want to move in the first place :-(  Well not just now anyway....
Enough of this...I need to make progress, so I'm off to wrap some treasures in a box..... ho hum.....

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