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Friday, 29 April 2011

Whoops...first casualty of the move.

Whoops, look what happened.....
I'm trying to get ahead (sorry no pun intended) with the potential house move, but was a little over zealous perhaps and this is what happened.
I just hope its not symbolic. The father figure losing his head!

I bought this statue when in South Africa, mainly because it was a family of four, all holding hands.
I wanted my family of four to remain close and connected too. So as you can imagine I was rather upset when I swiped it from the shelf.

Things are progressing with the house hunting and potential move, so I'm away to get busy, hopefully not breaking anything else in the process. I'll keep you informed how things go.....

On a different note entirely, I hope everyone - if your into the 'Royal Wedding' -  has a great day today.
It appears my invitation must have got lost in the post...because it still hasn't arrived :-{
The frenzy and hype is being felt even this far from the UK, so I can imagine what its like there.
My Aussie girlfriends are having a girlie night wearing tiaras and hats, which should be fun.
Pop those corks...  

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