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Tuesday 12 April 2011


After I'd washed and polished the wood floor yesterday, Muffin for the first time fell down the stairs. This has never happened before, so perhaps I was over zealous with the mop!
But in my defence, she was in a rush to get down to the front door and worked up into quite a tizzy (what's new?) so maybe I shouldn't feel so guilty?
I had purchased these little sockets for her a few months ago, but didn't feel it was necessary to put them on, but after this mishap I thought I'd give them a go.....

As you can see...she wasn't impressed

I had no idea I'd be in for such a laugh.

She stood still for quite a time unable to work out what was happening. Then tentatively she took a few steps. Each step so over emphasised it was untrue. Like a real strutting prima donna - all that was missing was the tutu. And don't worry I'm not going there!
The socks were enough....

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