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Monday 11 April 2011

T-shirt Mystery

Over this last year we've had a mystery occur in our house, which really perplexed me...my t-shirts started to have little holes appear in them.
At first, I thought it may be my jeans or belt that had got caught, or horror of horrors perhaps little beasts nibbling the fabric, but then after my constant groaning, as yet another t-shirt was ruined, my son came to me one day to show me he'd also been a victim.

I finally worked it out ...

When my friend told me how upset she was, about her new top that suddenly had developed a hole I had to smile and said "Look I've got one of those too and I know why, it's not unique to you...."
Then a few weeks later, another friend mentioned as her son walked into the room, that he had his favourite t-shirt on, but he had ruined it due to playing with their cat. She thought the cats claws had caught it...now here's a clue, it wasn't the cat....but her son loves to cook?

Are you getting warmer.....?

So there were too many similarities - small holes all located in a similar area on the garment.
I noted that they all appeared at waist height and generally in the centre.....I began to look into everything that came into contact at that level. Days went past but finally eureka!

It was the granite worktop in the kitchen.

Upon running my hand along the edge, I came across an uneven area. My friend checked her kitchen and sure enough there was the evidence.
So if you have the same happening to your t- shirts and tops, check out your kitchen units.

I'm convinced you'll find the culprit!
Case closed.

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