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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Emotional Trip Down Memory Lane...

I'm having a rather emotional day today and I have had trouble thinking of posting anything else, so if I run through this one quickly, then I may be able to move on....Why you may ask?
Well, for over the last week my brother (bless) has been sending me photos daily from our childhood.
Let me explain...we had lots of Kodak slides stored in a box. I think probably everyone has a similar box somewhere in their family vaults. The box of slides used to be tucked away in a cupboard, but now they have been reborn. They've come alive and into the light again, thanks to technology and my brother. He's converted all the slides into digital photos and they've converted incredibly well.

I'll also have to explain that I lost my Dad when I was 16 years old and although 'they' say time heals, I'm afraid I don't agree...it doesn't heal it just enables you to cope. Sometimes better than others. 
So as you can imagine to suddenly see my Dad again after all this time in photos that I haven't seen or have totally forgotten is like being visited by him...and it’s both joyful but so sad all at the same time....(big breaths....)
I could say so much more but it’s upsetting and I always try to be positive on my blog. If you're lucky to have your Dad still  ~ go give him a hug, kiss, call him, text him, or do anything you want to do, just because you can ~ he's there : D

So, phewph...lets lighten up....here's one of the photos and I trust you will not laugh, well not too loudly. I can hear you....<(. , .)>

Yep that's me in my beautiful bikini. I know...okay...laugh away :oD

If I told you I was a shy timid girl you wouldn't believe me would you? But I was ~ honestly. I think that's why I find this shot so hilarious. My sister used to have the same cossie (as we used to call them) which might have been very annoying for her, having her little sister dressed the same, but I always thought it was so cool. 
I used to love the way the skirt billowed out when you entered into the water. If you were brave enough to venture into the water that is. I think that's my Dad and brother in the background too. 

I have to confess looking at some of these photos I wish they hadn't been converted ~ but we have had a laugh! Some of the hairstyles and fashions have been incredible. And then there's the different moods captured...some priceless sulks too. Not me of course....

If there's one thing I've learnt from all of this, other than to really appreciate your family and loved ones whilst you have them near, it’s also never to refuse having your photo taken. You may not look your best at the time or wearing the right outfit etc but all that doesn't matter. The photos aren't just for us (you'd probably never feel totally comfortable anyway) They are for those that love us, they are priceless treasure. 

So smile....next time you’re on camera: D


  1. I love old photo's and they do tend to bring on joy and sadness. Memories are precious,feel blessed to have them.

  2. Neesie, I bought one of those "Slides to PC" gizmos last year, and set-to to convert my Mum & Dad's collection of 35mm slides, some of which date back to the 1950's. Like you, I experienced a range of different emotions. My Mum died young too, so it was lovely but also sad to see pictures of her. I only converted about 50 or 60 of a total of maybe 10 times that, partly because of the effort of doing so, and partly because of the memories they brought back. And I didn't have a "cossie", but I did have a cowboy hat! :-)

  3. You are so right the photographs are not just for us, they are for those that love us - mm that's why I don't seem to have many from my childhood as my parents sent most of them overseas to family.

    Hope your feeling better - photographs are real treasures in how they can evoke memories. And this shows in your continued affection and love for your Papa. Take care.

    PS You sure you were shy, you little poser :)

  4. Hi Amy,
    I've always loved old photographs but now I realise how special they are.
    I adore looking at old photos and footage of events and places back in history.
    Thanks for popping by and leaving your hug ~ have a wonderful Wednesday :D

  5. Oh Mark...no cossie just a cowboy hat... Wow what a picture! ;)
    I guess you weren't shy then?
    As you say the emotions are all over the place when seeing these photos. I really had such a tearful day, but sometimes not tears of sadness.
    I lost my Mum just two years ago and so to see both parents tugged at the heart strings. But one thing I can plainly see is that we were such a close happy family and that I had a very special childhood. Priceless.

    Thanks for stopping by and make sure you keep cosy :D

  6. Please believe me Shaheen, I WAS SHY! Painfully.
    I did love that red and white cossie though, so I think that probably had something to do with it ;)

    By the way, I meant to leave a comment on your blog to wish you a happy carefree move. I really enjoyed your post about leaving Scotland. I hope your move goes well. Good Luck and thanks for taking the time to visit :D


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