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Saturday 4 February 2012

No Alcohol February...what am I thinking?

For some unknown mad reason which escapes me at this present moment in time...I've decided to join an exclusive club this month! No, it’s not connected to a gym, or outside fitness programme (although there's a thought) or dawn joggers along the beach (heaven forbid) ....It’s the 'No Alcohol in February' Club.
Crazy I know but there you go...I thought I'd give myself a challenge. Just to see if I could do it or how difficult it might be. The trouble is now that I've told you all out there; I'll have to carry it out no matter what! (Won’t I????)
I did ask my OH to join me but for some reason he's suddenly become deaf :o$
We don't drink a great deal, mostly at the weekends or when with friends, eating out etc so I'm hoping I can do this quite easily. Now if you asked me to do the same with chocolate then that would be a whole different ball game....and ugly.
It’s so easy to just have a glass here and there, but I'm wondering how hard it’s going to be to say 'No' when the pressures on.
Last night was my first trial being the first Friday night in February....but I managed to get through okay. OH enjoyed his beer (hic) so I enjoyed my apple juice :-$ 
I think I'm going to need some encouragement and participation from you perhaps to let me know if there are any good none alcoholic drinks out there. What's your favourite?
I'm thinking my toughest challenge will be when in a bar, although you can get some fancy mocktails  : )

(Photo courtesy http://sweetluscious.com/mocktails.htm)
I've just thought of a few events that may challenge me...my book club meeting....I'm also going to a concert later in the month...I might struggle a little there, so I'll need to regroup for that.

I'll keep you posted and but please feel free to join me if you wish...I'd love to hear how you get on.
February is the shortest month though isn't it???? :


  1. I wish you well. I drink so rarely that when I do my children panic. Sometimes it is harder to do than others but I believe that most are respectful of my wish to not drink very much. If you had plain apple juice is a wine glass many would probably not even notice.

  2. Neesie, I've not drank any alcohol in years and years. I used to bartend and I decided after watching how silly people act when they are drinking (for the umpteenth time) that it just wasn't anything I wanted to do anymore. I have never missed it and have never felt the need to replace alcohol with anything else. I just always drink sparkling water or Diet coke. I never really enjoyed the taste of alcohol anyways, so I am probably not the best person to give advice on this topic! Happy Weekend! xxoo

  3. Bartending can be an eye opener for sure Marie ÒÓ

    I've known many people who decided to go tee total for whatever reason and remained so indefinitely. I just wanted to give it a go especially after the Christmas/New Year/Birthday indulgences. I wanted to see if I could do it. I just enjoy a glass of wine with my weekend meals so nothing too serious...
    It's very popular to participate here in Australia, but I'm not sure if thats so for other parts of the world.
    Thanks for popping by and reassuring me that it's do-able. I'll be stocking up with Ice Tea, Cokes, Lemonade, and Apple Juice. Plus making lots of fruit smoothies and who knows I may perfer it ;D
    Have a great weekend and hopefully the weather will be kind to you xoxo

  4. Hi Suze, I lost your comment there for a while...for some reason you went into my spam! So glad I found you and happy that you popped by.

    You actually have hit the nail on the head because I think a lot has to do with drinking from a nice crystal or special glass. It doesn't really matter what's in that glass. Add a couple of candles ~ perfect!

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you for leaving your comment. I really appreciate it :D

  5. you can do it, I'm rooting for you!!
    There are lots of lovely drinks with out the booze, you'll be fine.

  6. Such confidence Laurie, I wish I felt the same although I managed last night no problem. Nearly through the first weekend :)
    I would normally have a glass of wine with todays roast dinner, so I'll plan ahead and mix up something nice and put it in a fancy glass ;D
    There's just a few tricky social events lined up later in the month that will be the real challenge. Hopefully they'll be a few of us sharing the journey. My waist-line feels better already.
    Enjoy your Sunday xoxo

  7. I have just exited from a No Alcohol January! I am not a big drinker but I did miss my wine....however, the self imposed ban on the booze was a great way to kick start the New Year diet! I DO love the idea of Mock Tails though, as I like an umbrella in my drink!

  8. Congratulations Karen ~ Well Done,
    I wish I'd decided to do this for January too, then it would all be over by now. But at least February is a short month.
    We're just getting ready for our Roast Lamb Sunday lunch and I'm going to miss that glass of red. But I have a plan...
    I'm going to pour some Ribena into a crystal glass....that should do it (who am I kidding?) ;D

  9. I have the ideal solution for you Neesie: when someone offers you a drink, say "No thank you, but I'd love some chocolate instead". How does that sound? (Maybe it could even be Drinking Chocolate - which is nice when iced BTW.

  10. That sounds like a brilliant plan Mark. Why didn't I think of that?
    I've missed 5 days of more chocolate already! ;D

    Hope your not snowed in...keep cosy.

  11. On your side the whole way! Never fear the end of Feb is near! You'll love the sense of accomplishment when you're done! xx

  12. Thanks for popping by Brown Paper Packages,
    Yep, past the first weekend without too much fuss, so I think it's going to be fine.
    I had to laugh when sitting down to our Sunday lunch, because for the first time ever, my son asked what was I drinking with rather a worried look on his face! It was apple and blackcurrant juice in my wine glass.
    I have to admit it did look a funny colour and not my usual red ;D


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