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Saturday 18 February 2012

Silk Painting... scarf

Did I say that I would do some silk painting earlier in the week? Well guess what? Surprise surprise....I didn't get a chance. The week just ran away with me yet again. How does it do that on such a regular basis?
So I thought instead of pretending that I'd never said anything about painting...and hoping you wouldn't come back and question me, but then I know you're too polite for that. I thought I could show you a new silk painting ~ well not exactly new ~ but new to you.
I thought I'd show you one I made earlier....really early in fact, in 2004 to be precise! My memory isn't that good...I'd never remember that it was that long ago, except that I've signed and dated it very discreetly in one corner ; )
I'm not sure if dating sometime is a good or bad thing....anyway here it is....Oh, but first it’s quite difficult to photograph and capture the vibrant colours or how best to display. Anyway, I hope you get the idea.
The scarf is about a metre square. 

Initially the scarf is raw white silk with a stitched boarder. Then the excitement starts as you add the paint....
Only three colours are added onto the silk...red, blue and yellow in random areas. As the paint spreads over the silk then the colours change.
If you mix two primary colours together, you create what is called a secondary colour. Mixing blue and red creates purple; red and yellow make orange; yellow and blue make green. The exact hue of the secondary colour you've mixed depends on which red, blue, or yellow you use and the proportions in which you mix them.

 The silk lends itself perfectly to this technique. Without any gutta (or resist) the paints are free to go whenever they wish.....changing colour as they meet and greet one another.

Once dry I then added gold paint over the top in a pattern. This definitely adds a little something to the design and finishes it off I think.

 I thought it would be great to give you a splash of colour today....I hope you like it and I promise to try and paint another in the near future. I can then take shots of the process.
I'd love to hear what you think?
So don't be shy? 

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend ~ I'll see you again soon : D


  1. oh my gosh what a treat its like eye candy, I would love to see the process, this is just amazing, I love the colors,,, beautiful!!!!

    1. Hi Laurie...wow what compliments and from a master!
      Thank you so much, you're very kind. At this rate you will make me think I can actually get back into painting again ;D

      I'll certainly try at least one attempt, even if it’s just to take photo shots of the process, so that you can all see how it’s done.
      I thought with so many of my readers situated in the northern hemisphere and desperately wishing for spring to visit, that the timing would be good to post a boost of colour.
      Have a snuggly cosy Sunday xoxo

  2. Wow! This is so beautifu - a sea of lovely colors. I really enjoyed to see that. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a fantastic Saturday. Eva

    1. It was my pleasure Eva...thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely complements. I really love to hear from everyone out there.

      This particular scarf was the last thing I painted back in 2004 and I remember it was such fun to see the colours take on a life of their own...mixing and spreading together...and the end result was so vibrant. The paints did all of the work and I'm just taking the credit :D
      Enjoy your Sunday ;D

  3. Very beautiful, I love your color selection and can't wait to see your new ones

    1. Eek! That puts a little pressure on Carole...you wanting to see the new ones (:$)
      But maybe that's what I need ~ a gentle push.

      I visited a studio not so long ago and thought that some of the wares for sale wouldn't pass my quality control. I think maybe I'm rather tough though, so perhaps I should lighten up and some of the pressure would lift from me. That way I'd be free to paint...just to see what comes about!

      Hmm....we'll see....watch this space as they say.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend ~ have fun :D

  4. This is absolutely beautiful Neesie. Quite amazing actually! I love the way the colours play with each other. Well done!

  5. Thank you Marie, thats so kind. I just wish I could say I painted it yesterday but alas....
    I really am going to try and get back into it but this weeks looking really busy, but I'll try.
    The colours are even more vibrant than on the photos. I tried to photoghraph in all different rooms but it's very difficult to capture the full colour.
    I'm glad you liked it. xoxo

    1. Oops found this button yesterday but forgot to use it just then...I know I'm dizzy at times! :D

  6. Visiting from Creative Tuesdays--This is beautiful! Love the colors and the gold line details. I've always wanted to try silk painting, and this definitely inspires me! I hope you're making more of these.
    Looking forward to seeing your art on Creative Tuesdays and thank you for stopping by on my blog!

    1. Hi Abigail,
      Great to see you here ;D
      I must admit when I look at the silk painting I realise that I must get back to them.
      Thanks for your lovely comment and I do hope to enter Creative Tuesdays soon.
      Have a wonderful weekend :D


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