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Thursday 2 February 2012

Wow...I won an award!

Well who would believe it...I won an award for my 'nattering'! 

I do hope my old English teacher reads this post. It seemed that he wrote every year on my end of term report...'Needs to stop chattering and concentrate more to reach her full potential'! LOL
Firstly, I have to go and dress for the occasion and prepare my acceptance speech.... ; D

Well okay maybe not, but I do have to thank Laurie for choosing me for the award. She's an amazing woman for various reasons which I won't discuss with you here ~ just pop over to her blog and meet her for yourself.
I think you'll enjoy seeing her artwork and her posts are always honest and heartfelt. She has personal daily struggles which I hope she won't mind me mentioning but she's truly inspirational.

I thought I'd better tell you a little about this award because until yesterday I hadn't heard about it.
The Liebster Blog Award originated in Germany. Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love.
In accepting the Liebster Blog Award, the recipient agrees to:
*Thank the person who gave them the award and link back to that person’s blog (Tick)
*Copy and paste the award to their blog (Tick)
*Reveal the 5 blogs they have chosen to award, commenting on their blog to break the news! (Tick)
*Blogs eligible to receive the award have fewer than 200 followers. (Tick... I think, but some blogs don't have that information displayed).
*Hope those people in turn pay it forward by accepting and awarding “The Liebster Blog Award” to bloggers they would like to honour. (Fingers crossed ; D)

My picks are:

It’s been incredibly difficult to chose my 5 blogs, because I would like to include so many more, but they are already so successful having over 200 followers (...I can only dream....) Anyway take a peek at the blogs listed above and see what you find....I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised and possibly meet a new friend : )

Enjoy your day everyone....have fun x


  1. Thank you so much for the award it really means a lot. How nice that it for those of us who are just starting out. You have a great blog so I'm sure you'll get that 200 and more soon.

  2. It was my pleasure passing on the award....you deserve it!
    I hope it brings many new friends and followers :D

  3. Oh Neesie, thank you so much for honoring my little art blog. You fill my heart with joy. You are a treasure. xxoo

  4. Good morning Marie,
    It fills my heart too that I can do a little something for you :D
    You always seem to be caring for others and I love your paintings of the little cute people. It was a pleasure to pass the award to you, you deserve it.
    Congratulations and I wish you lots of luck xoxo

  5. Thank you for thinking of me! You really made my day.

  6. I'm so happy to help make your day Beth...I was thrilled to receive it too and to be able to pass it on was so enjoyable :D

  7. I won it too and that's how I found you!
    So happy to be here and your new follower.
    Hugs, Amy Jo

  8. Hi Amy, congratulations on your award too.
    Thanks for becoming my latest follower and leaving a comment.
    It's always lovely to meet new people and I'll be sure to peek at your blog today.
    Hopefully we'll be having a cuppa and natter again soon :D

  9. Neesie, you have evidently taken nattering into a new dimension - an artform of its own. Well done! The whole point of blogging is communication though, so it's good to interact with new friends around the world.

  10. Thanks Mark,
    I get such a buzz seeing all the different locations that visit my blog and watching the numbers grow. It’s absolutely fascinating.

    But I have to say I doubt that my hubby thinks my nattering is an art form! LOL

    Have a great weekend :D

  11. I'm having a hard time trying to only pick 5 and I have no idea how to copy the image? Help if you can please :O(

  12. No problem Country Mouse...I'll email you directly.
    Have a wonderful weekend :0) xoxo


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