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Thursday 16 February 2012

Splish splash.....he was taking a bath!

I'm virtually sitting in the dark here and its only 4.30pm due to an oncoming thunderstorm. I've been watching the skyline this afternoon, like a child eagerly waiting for a sighting of Santa's sleigh. (Yeah...I know Christmas was so last year!) But it’s been quite humid for the past few days now and I really love to enjoy a good downpour when it’s been like that. Here comes the rumbling...and there goes Muffin....under the bed! 
I noticed in our office earlier a photo that's from our days living in Brunei. It shows my son having a fun time in the tropical rainstorm. (I hasten to add that there wasn't a thunderstorm at this time ~ not a good idea under an umbrella under trees!).
I can empathise completely with his sheer delight as I'm fighting the urge to go out and dance in the rain myself : D
Well it is still warm although that rain may not be.....He even got to wear blue wellies!

( Apologies for the quality of the photo because I had to take a photo of a photo...if you follow me?)

I really wasn't going to write about the rain or storm today but don't you find writing a post can take on a whole life of its own? I'm now trying to write one handed because Muffin made a dash from under the bed to under the table by my feet. She's shaking so I'm now holding her on my lap....it's such a shame.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, todays post...
I got a little shock myself yesterday when I checked the filter for the pool I opened the top and plunged my hand in to scoop a few leaves out that were floating....or so I thought, but one wasn't a leaf!
It was a furry wee beast!
Well actually after my initial jump (and I have to confess expletive) I couldn't find where he had disappeared to? Gone...vamoosh....no trace. I can be brave about these things but I just have to know where these little #@%&*$'s go, so I kept searching but to no avail.
I decided that he had just disappeared but then when I took the pool scoop to clear leaves off the water....LOOK!

I thought I wouldn't zoom in on the first photo just in case you're not fond of furry wee beasties.... but then I suppose I should have given you a warning first ~ whoops! Well I didn't get one either.

I have no idea how he got there because it was so far from where I'd seen him, although maybe I'd flung him without thinking when I realised it wasn't a leaf in my hand...it was warm and furry!

You have no idea of the 'shinanakins' that went on, as I tried to keep him here, captive whilst I ran to grab my camera. But he did seem to like the warm sun on his back and obviously needed to dry off.

I do hope he's not going to be a regular visitor ^..^ or bring all his brothers and sisters : $
Have fun day ~ and don't forget to smile : D


  1. Love the photo of your lad enjoying the rain Neesie. Not so fond of the other fellow though! Yikes! Let's hope he doesn't move the family in! xxoo

  2. And to think that that little toot is over six foot tall and nearly 20 years old now...how scary is that!
    I wasn't too fussed on the other fellow either Marie, especially when he was on my hand :$ xoxo

  3. Oh me Oh my!! I would have jumped too but I have to add - he is soooo cute... well at least with his wet fur and vulnerable little legs.... I suppose a family of them eating out the pantry is not all that cute. XX PS - Lurve the first pic... it looks as it would feel... if that makes sense :-)

  4. He kinda won me over with those big feet too, but as long as he and ALL of his family stay out in the garden, I'll forgive him for making me jump so much ~ I nearly ended up in the pool!
    Its one of my favourite photos (predigital days) We did have some humdinger thunderstorms whilst living in Brunei. Thunderclaps to make your hair curl! :D

  5. The little boy in the rain is a wonderful photo and so is the little mouse. I love them but not in the house.

  6. I can't believe that that little boy is now six foot tall. That particular photo plus one I have with him and my daughter are some of my favourites ones from those days.
    As to the mouse....no sign about the house, thankfully. They can share the garden but that's the limit.
    Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by. It's always lovely to hear from you. :D


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