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Monday, 11 June 2012

Bank Holiday Monday....yay!

We woke this morning to quite a thick fog...it wasn't exactly a pea souper, but it was quite thick for Melbourne. 
Thanks to the Public Holiday for the Queen's Birthday we were able to take things slow...no rushing off to work and certainly no Monday morning feelings. 
Bacon and egg breakfast with copious cups of tea.......not a bad way to start the day.
The fog lay think until after lunch but thankfully it did lift and there was the sun....it's been missing for quite a few days...heaven knows where it went...but we'll forgive it, just so long as it stays.

(Plants from a random garden on my morning walk)

I had an interesting ride on the train on Friday night...as I looked about the carriage, I saw the majority of people plugged into their own little world. Either with ipads, iphones or ipods! It's amazing what you hear from people who seem oblivious to the fact that everyone can hear what they discuss, whether it is the current state of their love lives, office politics, financial status, even to what was to be for dinner that night!
So imagine my surprise when I heard someone actually talk to me. Well I assumed he was talking to me because he wasn't wired for sound....and then it started...a real conversation. We chatted for most of the journey into the city. It was such an interesting conversation. He was returning to Sydney, but had been doing the journey back and forth from Melbourne since he was a small boy.
It was such a pleasant journey and I realised if I'd been plugged in, I'd have missed the opportunity to find out lots of interesting details, facts and to have a real conversation.

 (The water dropslet still clinging on...)

By the way, I've made enquiries concerning a local celebrity, the diary has been checked and she's free to appear for my 'Giveaway' prize draw on Wednesday. 
Due to the Rafflecopter not working correctly she has agreed to pick the winning name for the prize.
To keep the paparazzi at bay, I've been asked to keep the details confidental at this stage but all will be revealed on Wednesday. I think you'll enjoy the fun :D
Until then...have a great week and remember smile ~ it will make someone's day!


  1. Hi Neesie, a typical lovely post from you today, you can always be relied upon to give a smile away. How nice to have a conversation on the train, I bet you were shocked to start with and doesn't it make the journey go much quicker too? Hope the weather stays nice for you now that the sun has shown it's face. Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Good morning Anne,
      How's life with you this fine morning? You can tell the sun's still here by my tone probably ;D
      You do say the nicest things and I always have a smile for you :D
      Thanks for popping in and I hope your week goes well.
      Not long now for the draw so keep your fingers crossed....I'm getting quite excited and I'm not even in the draw! xoxo

  2. I have a question: what is this thing called "sun"?

    1. Your question is a toughy Mark...the thing called 'sun' is a very strange phenomenon that in certain parts of the world only occurs when there's many factor lined up...like for instance it not being a Bank Holiday, or during the summer months when it would be possible to go outdoors to enjoy....it's a rare and wonderful thing but very fleeting ;D
      Some parts of the globe have more chance of seeing this miracle specticle of nature, others and I suspect you could be in this region unfortunately may not.
      There's always the new invention of those light lamps...maybe that's a thought? ;D
      Stay cosy or keep your fingers crossed that today could be a lucky one for you. I'm already lucky here today :D
      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by...

  3. what a wonderful connection you made with this man, you know I think we are getting so conditioned to not trust we have become cold to opening up and to be friendly, I'm so glad you aren't like that, to have a conversation with a stranger is sometimes a real eye opener.
    You have my curiosity spiked, I can't wait to find out whats going on!!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more Laurie, we always seem to air on the side of caution these days and I think that's a sad thing.
      Everyone on the train looked at us as if we were doing something completely alien...talking to each other!
      I think you will like the surprise that I have planned but I hope it won't disappoint...its a little fun, so not long to go now ;D
      Have a great day and chat soon xoxo

  4. How great to have a real conversation! I enjoy talking to strangers - you can tell which are approachable and have a story to tell.

    You are such a tease!! Hmmm, a local celebrity - can't wait to hear more!!


    1. Hi Kay,
      I really enjoyed the journey and in fact when I got into the city and met my hubby we had another interesting conversation with a couple on the next table to us.
      They were about to embark on a six week tour of the UK and Europe. They were from Tasmania so we exchanged lots of knowledge about our homelands.
      Don't hold your breath on the local celebrity thing Kay....its a little fun but I hope everyone enjoys the draw. Not long to go so I must get organised.
      Watch this space as they say....have a great day xoxo

  5. Hi Neesie,
    I love those plants with the raindrops on them. Do you know what they are? I don't think they look familiar.
    And your framed protea looks fantastic!

    1. Hi RosA,
      Unfortunately I don't know what they are called but I will find out?
      I just saw them in a garden and couldn't resist the dew drops on them.
      I even nipped into my local nursery this afternoon to see if they could identify them, but unfortunately they thought I was mad asking if they could identify a green leafy shrub without the aid of a photo or even a leaf! Can't say as I blame them ;D
      I may return with a photo to see if that gives them a clue!

      I thought the framed Protea looks rather stunning. I think I need to get my A3 garlic a frame now to show it off in my kitchen ;D
      Have a great evening ~ enjoy!

  6. Awesome photos with the rain drops ~ always good to 'have you stop by' ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

    1. My pleasure...I enjoyed my visit. :D
      I just need to find out what that plant's called...if anyone knows please could you let me know ;D
      Have a great week!

  7. The leaves of the plant are huge!! Love the droplets showing so well too! As for people talking on their electronics when sitting beside me, usually risk my snicker, or comment as I feel if they are willing to share their conversation with me then I want to join in too! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. LOL...I've very often found myself about to comment then realise I'm not included in the conversation...how rude!
      Don't they know I love to natter!
      Great to have you pop by my place...have a great week but I suppose I may see you later as its Wednesday already...eek!


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