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Friday, 23 November 2012

Artist Play Room....Turkey Day

This weeks theme in the Artist Play Room hosted by the lovely Jenn is Turkey Day!
Now I know I'm late...hey what's new...so I'll start by saying to all my American friends and followers that I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends.
I had the photo below from my trip to the Melbourne Show but didn't include it in the post due to the quality of the shot. I have to say this was a very cocky, strutting, confident turkey and not in the least bit concerned wandering round the show. In fact he just loved to show off to the cameras and as soon as you pointed a camera anywhere near him he just came straight at you...literally! So much so that it was impossible to focus.
I have to admit it was a little disconcerting having him rush towards you! 
I began to feel guilty about all the turkey's that I've roasted over the years sometimes so dedicated I'd roasted them whilst the outside temperature tipped over 40 degrees celcius!

Another idea came to my mind when I read this weeks theme...and that how like a 'headless chicken'  I appear to be lately...not reaching goals, tasks and ticking my ever growing to-do list.
Gobble Gobble...gobble...seems so appropriate ;D

So remember Jenn you did say we could think outside of the box...well keep that in mind please as you look below. Well it's a bird anyway! LOL
He's my latest design....

 I even managed to produce some cards too....whoohoo...which will appear soon.
Well at least I've started to think about Christmas...only four weeks so I hear! ARGH!!!

Have a great weekend...I'm off to a French Fest so who knows it may be a future post :D
Catch you later!


  1. beautiful work! I'm keeping my words brief, left handed typing is tiring!!! I hope you are well and happy

    1. Hi Laurie,
      In that case I really appreciate the effort it's taken for you to stop by and comment. ;D
      I am both well and happy and wish you the same...take care and I'll visit soon. xoxo

  2. When I saw the turkey...well, I'm glad I quit eating meat and fish over two years ago. I'm working on giving up dairy and eggs now, too. That's harder to give up than the meat--LOL!
    I love your Christmas birdie!! Hey, it's for the holiday season and it is a bird, like you said. :) :)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my Rita, I wouldn't know what to eat if I gave up all those things!
      I'm so glad you appreciate my thinking out of the box idea...yep it's a bird and he's very festive! Sorted!!!

      I hope your weekend is going well? I've pop over to your place soon to see what you're up to :D

  3. OK,you had me laughing at the Turkey charging the camera and then I really had a chuckle at your bird in his Christmas booties! What a fun drawing! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. I couldn't resist adding the wee booties Sandee,
      That turkey certainly had an attitude and there's no way he was going to end up on a plate!!! ;D

      I hope you're holiday preps are going well and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to soon :D

      I presume you've worked your way through all of the egg nogg by now! ;D
      Enjoy your weekend. xoxo

  4. ohh, he's adorable with his red boots and vest!! I also love the holly in the corner, I make kinda boring holly, I'll have to study what you did there!
    Here's your first... MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend!

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Phewph...what a hectic weekend! Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
      I'm happy to hear you like robbie and his red boots...not exactly a turkey but then there's wings, feathers, beak etc...so I thought I'd sneak in the challenge. Hehe. ;D

      The holly is simple but that's just me!

      Now you just had to do it didn't you? Yep you are the first to wish me 'Merry Christmas'...so backatcha sweetie.
      I know you're probably getting all h'ggscited already! :D

      The radio is playing Christmas music and there's quite a few programmes on the tv, so there's no getting away from it!!!
      I'd better get a wriggle on :$
      Chat soon xoxo

  5. Oh Neesie, your design is just fabulous - I love the wellies and slightly coy expression! Hugs, Di xx

    1. Hi Di,
      Thanks so much ~ I'm glad you like him. It's my first Christmassy design...late I know, but that's my middle name lately!
      It seems ages since we spoke...so I'll nip over to your place soon to see what you've been up to while I've been away! ;D

      I hope you've had a great weekend and are ready for a fun packed week ahead! :D

  6. This is SOooo super super cute to me Neesie! I love it very much indeed! :0)) Mo xx
    Wow, just noticed your temperature at 8pm! If you take 27 away from that, that is our temperature just now at 9am, lol. That is one seriously gorgeous sunset too :0)) x

    1. Aww thank you Mo! I'm thrilled to hear that ;D
      Yep it has been a roasty toasty weekend...well the hottest temperatures here in Melbourne so far this year!
      We spent all afternoon on Saturday at a National Trust House and Grounds for a French Fest and it was so hot everyone was trying to find shade. I'll be posting about it probably later in the week.

      I'm watching the news here and seeing the floods in the UK ~ I hope you are on high ground? It looks rather serious :$

      Take care and I'll pop my wellies on to come and check if your okay!
      See you soon xoxo

  7. I wouldn't be too concerned about a turkey coming at me like that; I'd just tell him to "get stuffed"! :)

    1. Hi Mark,
      I tried shouting 'PAXO' but he just kept coming!!! ;D

      I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a fun packed week?

      I hear there's lots of floods happening, so I hope you're on higher ground!
      Take care :D

  8. What a plucky turkey. We have plenty of wild turkeys here in sunny Queensland, they normally run away from you, not sure what I would do if they came towards me. Love you bird in vest and boots, clever.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Wow wild turkey...but aren't you suppose to drink that? ;D
      I was happy that this plucky thing had his carer near to hand to keep him in check!

      Well that's the weekend over so I hope you had a great time.
      Let's hope the week ahead is a good one :D

  9. DO love a fashionable turkey!! So good to "see & hear" you, Neesie!! EnJOY your fest and BE well!!

    1. Hi Currie,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment. ;D
      We had a great time at the French Fest and I'll hopefully be posting about it later in the week.

      I hope you enjoyed your weekend and let's hope we have lots of creativity in the coming week :D
      I've be popping over to see what you've been up to soon xoxo

  10. I'm horridly late I know... bloody hopeless and all that but will you forgive me if I tell you how much I love your card design... it is awesome... love those little boots... surprised you have found time to fit in anything at all... hope the packing and organising is going well...xx

    1. I'll always forgive you...don't worry about that!
      I'm just the same so I know what it's like...that means we cancel each other out...so we're sorted!!! ;D
      I'm glad you like the design and I'm please with another I rattled off on Friday. Yet to be seen, but it just came so quickly in my head and before I knew it he was on the paper. It was so exciting and brilliant. I just wonder why it can't always be like that?

      Packing!!! Packing!!! Should I be packing too ~ OH MY :$

  11. What a great design, I think this time of year we could always use another kind of bird. Great that he seems to have popped into your mind.


    1. I don't think they'd be much meat on one of his drumsticks!!! ;D
      (Ok, ok, apologies to all the vegetarians and bird loves out there...it was a joke!)
      Well I've had another desin pop in my mind but you'll see him hopefully soon, if my laptop would only behave.
      Nightmare yesterday as I lost ALL of my photos. They just went phewph and disappeared. No where to be found, so now I have to go back through my blog to resave some of them. I feel sick when I think about all the one's that have gone and can't be retrieved.
      I was in the process of putting them on my hard drive too :$

      Anyway...hopefully your week has been better than mine?
      I'll catch up with you soon if this laptop will let me play!?!?!


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