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Thursday, 29 November 2012

What's on Your Work Desk...(WOYWW #182)

Well there's late and then there's ridiculous!!!
It's no longer Wednesday and Thursdays nearly done too and here I am posting to WOYWW which stands for What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday! 
If you want to see how it should be done then pop over to Julia at Stamping Ground.
Meanwhile I could tell you about my horrendous week where things not working...
The AC in my car when the temperature reaches 38 degrees celcius today. 
My laptop doing anything it likes as well as just dying when it gets too hot. 
Plus and here's the worst...I lost all yes 'ALL' of my photgraphs that I had on there. 
Now we're talking hundreds of photos over the last few years! 
I really don't want to think too hard about it because if I do I feel physically sick!

I was in the process of transferring them to my hard drive just in case something happened to them...
then WHOOSH...they disappeared! (WAIL) They are nowhere to be found!
https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511766.gifI'm so confused, upset and angry you wouldn't believe it!
No one dared look at me never mind offer help...in fact everyone just slowly got up and left the room.https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508622.gif

SO...(deep sign) I'm having to work my way back through my posts to save some of the photos, so at least I have some. 
ANYWAY... here's my desk before all the drama's started. 
Yep there's I'd finally thought Christmassy thoughts but now all that good spirit has gone too.

I'm not sure if I'll manage to visit many desks with this laptop playing silly whatsits! 
But I'll try...enjoy your day whatever you get up to...have fun.


  1. Nessie, how sad your post is & i can only imagen how you are feeling right now ((Hugs)).
    What about asking friends & family that you have spent time with could or do they have any photo's of events that you have shared with them that way you get some photo's back.
    Jill #48

    1. Hi Jill,
      I don't really do sad posts because I like to keep everything positive but I felt I had to share it...and what do you know it's turning positive.
      I've been hearing lots of ideas on how I might be able to retrieve the photos so will steadily work through them.
      If I do get them back everyone will definitely hear my whoops! ;D

      Happy WOYWW and thanks for stopping by :D

  2. NEESIE, I've been looking for you and now I find you've had a d.r.a.m.a.
    This is dreadful. Has the laptop drive konked or what? I'm so sorry to hear this news.
    I can even cope better with the Aircon dying.
    Hope you're okay as time goes by, and that maybe a clever tech person can salvage stuff.
    Desk looks great, cards and presos lovely.
    Ros #57

    1. Well hello Ros,
      Yep it was kind of traumatic but I'm a little calmer now and I've had lots of suggestions as to possible ways of retrieving them.
      Everyone has been so kind. ;D

      Still roasty toasty here with the temperature at 29 degrees at 10pm!
      It's been quite some time since I've been in these kind of temperatures at night.

      Hugs to you too for your kind words :D Thanks for looking for me xoxo

  3. Oh dear, I feel for you, I really do. Hope things get better for you and that you manage to retrieve your pictures somehow.

    1. Aww thanks for your kind comment Neil,
      I think there may be light at the end of the tunnel. I've been getting lots of advice in how I may be able to get them back.
      I'm just crossing my fingers at this stage and will work through them.
      Hopefully one will work ;D

      Have a great Friday and even better weekend ~ enjoy! :D

  4. Hi Neesie, have you heard of Piriform Recuva? It's free software which can often recover lost and even deleted files - and that means photos too. It will work on PCs files, USB files, SD cards - the lot.

    When a file is deleted it's actually still there - it's just the pointer to it that gets deleted, freeing up the file or image to be overwritten in time. So if you're quick and don't do too much with your files you could hit lucky.

    Just Google Piriform Recuva and away you go - fingers crossed for you!!

    Belated Happy WOYWW and hugs, Di xx

    1. Oh Di I haven't heard of that before but I'll definitely look into it!
      Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it. ;D
      It's all very fascinating but then I remember my photos are out there somewhere with out me :(
      I need them back so I'll keep searching until I find them.

      Happy belated WOYWW and hugs to you too :D

  5. Where there's a will, there's a way! I agree with Di, there are many things out there that can help so hoping you can find a way to help you recover those fab pics. Hope you are ok though, stay positive. Wondering if you've had any post lately?! ;0)Take care lovely, I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way. Zo xx

    1. Hello Zo...you're positive thoughts worked.
      You're really good because I'm back up and running and appear to have my photos too.
      A very worrying weekend but thankfully there are brilliant techy people out there that can help!

      I did receive some lovely post but have sent you a seperate email.
      I hope it got through because my laptop was very troublesome at the time.
      I'll pop over to visit to make sure it got through. :D

  6. Oh no! Hope you can get them all back. On the bright side, I've only just WOYWW-posted, so you're not the last to join ;0) Have a good week, Deb #135 xxx

    1. Oops apologies for my late reply Deb and I've only just realised that it's Wednesday today, so I've missed WOYWW again!

      Thankfully I have all of my photos back now. They're all stored in my external hard-drive. ;D

      I hope to start visiting soon...but I'm about to head off to Canada soon so I'm not sure just how much I'll fit in.
      Have a great week and if you post to WOYWW say 'hi' to the gang for me :D

  7. oh man, that does stink, I've lost pictures too before. I NOW try and do a yearly transfer to a disc, or save them to Flicker so they aren't lost. But try as I do I still forget and some still get lost. I had a giggle though at "everyone slowly getting up and leaving the room"...that's too funny ( sorry, but it is! ) (((hugs)))...waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. I have a flickr account too but can't seem to access that now either. But because I'm working backwards with my replies tonight you'll know by now that I have managed to get the photos back.
      I do smile (now although I certainly didn't back then) when I think about how everyone slowly got up from their chairs and made their way out of the room. I must admit there was steam coming out of my ears thought so I can't blame them! ;D

  8. I feel your pain! When my desktop crashed recently, my first fear was "oh no, my photos!!" but the clever guys at the computer store were able to restore them and move them to a new laptop. I keep an external hard drive and back up my photos every couple of months or particularly after a trip. I'm assuming your loss is mostly blog photos and not the 900 you just took on your trip...that WOULD be devastating! With all the good advice and suggestions, I hope you're able to retrieve them, but I totally understand the stress and work and time it takes to work through all these computer issues. But, the alternative would be no computer and I don't think I could manage that! :)

    1. Hi Terrie,
      I can't believe I haven't replied to your comment before now...so sorry but I'm here at last!
      Yep we have clever computer guys here too, so although everything is mixed up and different on my external hard drive they are there...it's just a challenge to find them.
      Some unfortunately won't open and appear to have been corrupted?!?!

      Well we are off to Sydney and Canada so I must get on...I'll be visiting whilst sitting cosy in front of the open fire with a nice glass of something to warm the cockles of my heart no doubt!
      Winter wonderland here we come ~ whoohoo!

      Have a fantastic Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.
      Let's hope 2013 is the best one yet!

  9. Well you've made a good start on the Christmassy cards! I really love your art work! Sometimes one just has to vent when everything...absolutely everything goes in the shitter. ;) Been there, hon. I now have a stand alone hard drive that backs up all my stuff automatically. Feels good to say " Take that computer. Ha" . Really good luck to you. Hugs, Nan 114

    1. Hi Nan,
      Now I like the sound of that automatic back up thingy! That just sounds perfect for me.
      I'll maybe have to add it to my Santa list ;D
      Everything has been sorted and I apologise for taking so long in replying to your comment. It's been crazy here but hopefully once we're away on our holiday things will settle down and we'll be able to relax and catch our tails!
      Thanks for stopping by with your kind comment ~ I really appreciate it.
      Have a wonderful time over the holiday period whatever you have planned.
      Enjoy! :D

  10. Oh you poor thing, computers suck don't they. I hope they turn up somewhere, just think positive. I have an outside back up thingy but never think to use it and when I do, I can't remember how to do it, so it doesn't get done. I can't get Christmassy yet and with this heatwave coming there is no way I'm putting up a tree. Hope you don't suffer too much down there, at least we have a seabreeze to keep us a bit cooler.
    Have to make table decs for missy's party tomorrow, so must fly.
    Hope your week gets better.
    Von #66

    1. Hi Von
      You sound just like me...I have the same thingy and each time I do decide to back up I sit looking at it for quite some time before I remember how to work it. :$
      I hope your party went well and you can now just relax? HA!!!!
      Yes I know fat chance eh?

      I've done nothing for Christmas yet and it's playing with my mind. I am normally in the thick of preparations by now but can't with flying with limited weight allowances plus having to take every warm thing we possess!

      I'll just have to go full pelt once we arrive in winter wonderland. ;D

      Have a wonderful time and I'll hopefully get to see you before Santa arrives!
      Enjoy and have lots of fun :D

  11. Well, that just sucks!!! Wind out of your sails, want to smash something sucks!!! I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of that. I hope you can find your pictures or save enough of them from your blog. You have reminded me to save to my external thingie again....catch you later. You did your good deed for the day my way. *hugs*

    1. All's well now Rita but thank you for feeling my pain! ;D
      I did feel like smashing something and I think both my hubby and son realised that and that's why they slowly got up from their seats and left the room!

      I hope you've back up recently after hearing my tale but I'm sorry to take so long in getting back to you.
      Thanks for your support and understanding.

      Have a great week and I hope you are well and into the holiday spirit ;D

  12. Better late than never, the desk is lovely! I do hope you are managing to recover your photos... eek what a dreadful thought. I feel for you. Helen, 8

  13. It was a scorcher wasn't it.. We put everything on hold until today as it was just to darn hot to do what we wanted to do.. My garden loved that humidity though its grown heaps.. Sorry to hear about your car AC dont know how you drove without it in that heat prob the 4 way air conditioning had to kick in.. (All the windows open to get any air at all in the too hot car) Hope you retrieve your photos.. I know what its like to loose some on a computer crash its just horrible.. I have mine backed up on 3 things now and I print them out to hard copies as well as you can always scan them back on to the computer.. (((Hugs))) hope you feel better by now.. At least the weather is cooler.. Sandy :)

  14. awww, my sweet friend, you are so put upon. I hate it when computers act up. If you have about $100, I bet a tech could find the corrupt file and there may be photos left there, hidden. Might be worth a try.

    Saw your post about muffypup and ice cream, that is the cutest thing ever. She's adorable. And that's real love, sharing your premium ice cream with your dog!!

    Much love,

  15. Hi Neesie,

    Oh no! I bought a thumb drive and haven't even attempted to download my photos..... but your story has inspired me to try.

    What a great idea to go back through yours posts and save some photos that way.

    Happy WOYWW

  16. I am so sorry for all the negative Drama you are having. I can't even imagine the loss of photos.....

    On a positive note, your Christmas cards look wonderful! Hope this week is much better for you, and praying a new computer comes your way.

  17. YIKES!!! O my goodness I think I would have passed out.. I do hope you can get your pics back... I can feel my BP rising just reading your post!! I am sure they will all be recovered by a man who knows how!! Hugs May x x x

  18. Oh nooooo what a disaster! And how can that be avoided? I am so sorry you lost your photos :😭 patsy


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