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Monday, 19 November 2012

Top Dog...I Think NOT!

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that dog walks aren't supposed to end like this....?

I know Mufftypup is vertically challenged and only has excuses for legs 
(hey...I got the short straw in that department too so get over it Muffy!) 
But I think it's maybe taking things just a little too far?
Or perhaps I took her too far...literally this morning?

I'm constantly kidding myself that I'm top dog, but...well...we all know the truth don't we?
No-one carry's me home when I'm tired!!!  :$
I hope your day is as relaxed as Muffy's and that you're enjoying the sunshine.
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  1. Neesie, who wouldn't have to pick up this little darlin'.
    Judy x

    1. Well yes but that's not to point Judy!
      She knows she's cute and she isn't afraid to use it!!! ^..^

      I hope you're week is going well ~ see you soon :D

  2. LOL! I had chihuahuas when I was young and they only wanted to walk so far, got tired, and you had to carry them home, too. It must be a little dog thing--hehe! ;)

    1. It's very strange with Muffy because sometimes she can walk miles without a problem...especially if there's another dog in front of her but then at other times she just doesn't want to know.
      It can be slow and stop...which is very annoying if you have plans for the day! :$
      Everything has to be sniffed at ^..^
      By the way she thinks she's a St Bernard so she's not aware of the size issue!
      Have a great week ~ enjoy whatever you have planned :D

  3. He's an aristocrat. Look at those eyes, and the mandarin moustache. Actually, he should be carried in one of those shaded chairs carried by four muscled men. Maybe in this case it should be huskies. Being top dog is clearly not a matter of size.
    Oh stop it!! I'm just a member of staff here with these two cats.

    Great photo of your little four-footer, Neesie.
    Ros. :-)

    1. Oh please Ros...don't give her any more ideas! ;D
      She's bad enough already! ^..^
      With the warm temperature today I suppose I should be out there walking already but she's still curled up, so she's not exactly raring to go.

      Enjoy the sunshine and I'll pop over to you soon :D

  4. Ha, ha - I did laugh at what Ros says - and as for carrying Muffy home :)) Memories of a bichon under each arm springs to mind - happy days! Hugs, Di xx

    1. Hi Di,
      Hairy armpits...hmm...nice! :$ LOL

      I hope you're week is going well and you're creating up a storm...I'll nip across later to check it out.
      Pop the kettle on :D

  5. Aw, Muffin! Looking very cute there!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Well I took the photo on my phone so the angle was a little weird.
      It just made me laugh the way she was so relaxed and enjoying lolling in my arms in the sun. Cheeky! ^..^

      Have a great day whatever you have planned and I hope you see the sun too :D

  6. Too cute! And we all deserve to be carried once in a while. :) Sunshine, what sunshine? We're having torrential, steady, cold, windy rain - worse than usual even for Seattle. Your pup brought a ray of sunshine though.

    1. Hi Terrie,
      I'm sorry to hear about your weather. It sounds terrible and maybe I shouldn't mention we've got 28 degrees here today. Whoops!
      But I'm glad we were able to bring a ray of sunshine to your day...that's what it's about isn't it! Our work is done.
      Sharing through the blogosphere! ;D

      Hopefully your weather will improve otherwise you should just get cosy and creative! :D

  7. Wee Muffin is Gorgeous as always...he clearly was not on the mood for a work-out that day.. Hugs May x x x

    1. Hello May...oh it seems ages since we chatted.
      She walked okay this morning so it's a hit and miss thing....although later when I was grooming her I found three burrs in three paws so maybe I have done her an injustice?
      Nah she's just a wee bissum!

      Have a great day and I'll pop across to you soon :D


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