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Tuesday 25 December 2012

Christmas Eve....only one sleep to go!

What a morning! Breath-taking...quite literally.
This was the sight that greeted me upon opening my eyes.
The snow on the roof of the conservatory had grown considerably. 
 Another view out of our side bedroom window...really does a winter scene get much better than this?
A beautiful blue sky with crisp white power snow, glistening in the morning sunlight.
 Just take a deep breath....

 Let me show you around...
The sunlight hitting the icicles on the branches made them appear to be wearing twinkling fairy lights. 
Mother Nature was very busy last night.

 I suppose the icicles on the side of the house could be diamante dangly earrings...or is that going a little too far?
If you don't like the cold or would like to see what the house looks like in its summer outfit then click here.

 Oops...I've been so busy I forgot to mention we did have our usual Christmas visitor...the magic elf
 He's been settling in and up to his usual tricks of popping up in the most unusual places. 
I think he's enjoying being in the colder climate after visiting us for so many years to hot countries.
Can you spot him below?

 I know it wasn't difficult was it....
The antique snow shoes by the way, were purchased at Lachute Market which is a short car ride from here. It is an amazing market where you can buy literally anything from a horse to a handbag!

You just never know where he'll pop up next....

We just couldn't believe it when we spotted him up on the moose antlers 
(another purchase a few years back from Lachute Market). 
I mean he is seriously high up on there....so he must have a good head for heights!
It's quite difficult for you to see him but he's perched on the far right. 
I even had difficulties taking the photo...perching myself half way up the stairs to snap this shot! ;D

Here's a shot of the icicles tonight...they're growing by the minute. 
Anyone like ice in their drink? ;D

 I must also show you Mont Saint-Sauveur night-time skiing resort. 
It's the largest in the world apparently.
This is the view as you approach the resort.
I'll take better photos later...it was minus 18C degrees so I didn't hang around for a photo session.

 And here's the proof....

Nothing more for it now than to get cosy and wait for Christmas to arrive....
Look who got in on the act to my right...typical. But then it is his big night after all.

I just want to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas
to you and all of your loved ones. 
I would also like to thank you for visiting me here. 
I've loved having you stop by. Enjoy the festivities with love and lots of laughter.   

Oohhh...I think I hear sleigh bells...


  1. Merry Merry Christmas!

    1. And a Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours too Laurie :D

  2. Looks like you're having a wonderful time - it certainly is beautiful. I can appreciate it from a distance as long as I don't have to drive in it! Happy Holidays.

    1. Happy Holidays Terrie,
      I'm trying to catch everyone before the year ends which is quite a task.
      I've been really impressed with the snow management here. In the UK a little flurry would cause havoc in the past but here they clear everywhere so that life can continue.
      We are using a great four wheel drive car and even with our STEEP driveway there's been no issues.

      I hope all your festivities have been fantastic with family and friends. Good Luck for the coming New Year...let's hope that it'll be a great creativily productive one for us all.

  3. merry christmas my sweet dear friend.
    Hugs & Kisses,

    1. Merry Christmas to you too Jenn :D
      I hope you're having a fantastic festive time!

  4. Ah, enjoy...mild and very wet here, so not nearly so picturesque!
    Happy Christmas to you and your lovelies.xx

    1. Thanks Julia,
      I'm hearing that things are a little soggy over there.
      No matter what enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

      Happy New Year! :D

  5. wow, what a place to be...it looks so beautiful there! Merry Christmas from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Merry Christmas to you Sandee,
      I hope you have everything you could wish for.

      Waving with cosy toes from the lakeside ;D

  6. Hope you had a really special day (with plenty of electricity). Wishing you good 'elf and happiness for the New Year.

    1. Hehe...thanks Mark,
      I hope you had a fantastic festive time and are gearing up for the New Year!
      Good Luck and Best wishes to you and yours :D

  7. I've been on a computer vacation for several days so you may be home by now, but that looks like the perfect winter scene up there! I love the way the fresh snow glitters and sparkles in the sun. You had quite an adventure you won't forget this Christmas!! I hope you had a safe trip home. :)

    1. We're not ready to leave yet Rita...in fact hearing the reports of the most snow fall here for over 40 years we may have to stay awhile! I wouldn't mind at all ;D
      We are due to leave in two weeks so there's plenty of time to change my mind I suppose but as long as we're geared up, cosy fires and have power then the world's alright with me :D
      I hope it is with you too.

      Good luck for the coming New Year...let's hope it's the best one yet. xoxo

  8. Hello Ros,
    Oh my...it's taking me so long to catch up with everyone, but I'm getting there.
    We too had a fabulous Christmas day, in fact we've had spectacular days throughout!
    We were going to stop over in Vancouver but then our plans changed. Maybe we'll have to do that next time we come over this way.
    Now a snow cat ride sounds like something that should be on my list and looked into ;D
    We too have had the icicles in drinks...crazy isn't it!
    Not done the snow angel yet but I plan to. I'm just a little worried because I tried to stand in the snow around the house and went up to my middle! I may sink beyone trace if I try to do an angel :D
    I've never seen snow like this...in fact you may have seen on the news that Canada is having the more snow at the moment than over the last 40 years!
    Typical eh?
    It's not stopping us though. We're going for it BIG TIME!

    Good Luck for 2013 and have a wonderful New Year. Enjoy the festivities however you plan to spend it and we'll catch up when I get back.

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