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Wednesday 26 December 2012

What's on Your Work Desk?...WOYWW #186

Good morning to you all...
Well as it's Wednesday and I have just checked (although I'm now 5 hours behind the UK where normally I'm 11 hours ahead) and the WOYWW gang are up and running, thanks to our host Julia over at Stamping Ground. The WOYWW linky is in place so that we can check out what everyone else around the globe is up to on this Boxing Day.
So here's my entry which if you've visited my blog previously you'll realise isn't the usual view 
(normally I'm in Australia ~ I don't think you could get any further extremes at the moment ~ an Australian summer to a Canadian winter).
The photo taken below was the view from my bedroom window this morning as the sun was just rising. Thankfully it rose a little later than I'm used to, which was very kind as I had trouble with my back...
...it just wouldn't get out of bed! 
Although that's not surprising after yesterday's busy day with skiing, cooking, laughing til my sides ached, dancing, socialising and hot tub dipping to name but a few activities, I felt like I woke with a hangover this morning (which I suppose could be a possibility????) but I think it was due to just sleeping so heavily. 

But this is supposed to be what's on your work desk post, so I better move on...
One of my presents from my daughter was beautiful wrapped brown paper packages tied up with string!

And guess what was inside....?

 Art supplies!!! Whoopdeedoo....!
It's reported that we are to have another big snow fall tonight and over the next 24 hours 
(Hopefully not taking the power away for another 36 hours again)
So I'll be using tomorrow to get to know my new art supplies.
I'm home alone at the moment for the first time of the holiday, so I want to use the time to hop about blog land and visit as many people as I can and I've also got to reply to so many kind comments I've received over the last week or so. If I don't manage to get to you today please forgive me.

Before I go I thought I'd let you take a peek at me in the tub...hey it's not that kind of blog!!!
Just me doing what I do best...NATTERING! 

 Have a wonderful day whatever you have planned...hopefully not returning to work just yet.
I'll be back soon Wink as long as we keep the power. Fingers crossed
(but I'm not taking any chances I'm off to charge everything up just in case...
phones, laptops and torches just in case)

Be kind and keep smiling! 
Happy Boxing Day to you all


  1. Such brilliant photographs. Not too sure about the hot tub, shivering at the thought of the dash (barefoot?) into the warmth.
    Enjoy your art gifts I look forward to seeing some of that talent I am used to seeing on your blog being put to good use with these toys. Lots of lovely photographs for inspiration.
    Glad you had a lovely Christmas.Hugs, Neet xx 3

    1. Hi Neet,
      The dash from the hot tub is okay because you've been boiled...it's the dash to get in that's where you have to be brave or stupid!
      The snow that was forecast is falling so I think my art gifts will be having an airing today! Whoohoo!
      Happy Days :D)))

      p.s. I decided to work my way backwards today to try and catch up so I may chat with you again soon X

  2. Now that is one fantastic photo, hot tubbing in the snow, ahhhh. you certainly seem to be enjoying your holiday and it will be one to remember.
    Happy crafting in 2013... especially with the watercolours
    janet #8

    1. I'm savouring every second Janet, ;D
      It's snowing quite heavily today so I hope to have a play with my new art supplies. It just gets better.

      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
      Let's hope that 2013 is the best one yet with lots of productive creativity for all :D

  3. Hi Denise,

    Art supplies for Christmas! What could be better!!! We got snow Christmas Eve and another storm is on it's way. The temperature has dipped so the snow will be around for a while.

    I'm not joining up with WOYWW today as I didn't show my desk - but I did a post on Aspen Trees. They are so beautiful.

    I received my Christmas card - thank you!!


    1. I know Kay...it just gets better and better ;D
      I'm hearing all about the snow storms around and the one predicted for us today has arrived. Nothing for it but to hunker down again and get creative!
      I didn't show a desk today for WOYWW either but I'm looking forward to seeing your post on the Aspen Trees.
      I'll be across as soon as I can...hopefully the power will stay with us this time :$
      Stay cosy and creative my friend :D

  4. WOW talk about drastic changes from summer to winter...Why in the world did you pic Canada! I grouch cause we had a winter storm yesterday here in OK and it dumped ice and snow on us and I am not a big fan of the white fluff! Hope you are having a great holiday week and Happy New Year! It is busy time of year but like you I couldn't miss the last WOYWW of the year! Enjoy the rest of your holidays! Vickie #4

    1. Hi Vickie,
      It's been years since we saw snow and to have a white Christmas was just what I wanted...especially with living in mostly hot countries over the years.
      Besides we are only having a quick chill and then we'll be back for the rest of the Australian summer ;D

      I know we are really lucky to have the two choices and I don't take them lightly...I'm VERY grateful.

      Good Luck for 2013 and let's hope it's a fantastic creative one for us all.
      Take care and keep cosy. I'll try to nip over to you asap unless we lose power again!
      Fingers crossed we don't!

  5. Oh my, just look at that wonderful white Christmas... with perfect blue skies into the bargain! Thank you so much for sharing your fab photos - makes me want to go to Canada even more... and what lovely Christmas goodies. Continuing good wishes for the festive season, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

    1. Hi Alison,
      It has very been special and I'm glad you've enjoyed sharing it with me. ;D
      No sun this morning though...the snow storm predicted has arrived. I'm just contemplating whether to go out for more provisions or not. Chocolate supplies appear to be dwindling!!!
      Serious measures maybe needed :D

      Good wishes to you and yours throughout the festive season too.
      Have lots of fun and laughter with family and friends.
      See you in 2013 for a hopefully mahoosive creative time! LOL

  6. ahhhh I see the wild women did make it out to the hot tub, kinda surreal wasn't it? I love your life, beautiful homes, skiing, dancing, socializing...how do you do it? You are my idol. lol Waving hi from the rainy, but wishing it was snowing hills of North Carolina for the last WOYWW of 2012!!

    1. I did warn you about my wild side...but less said on here the better I think!
      It certainly was surreal sandee especially as just over a week ago we were in the Australian summer. How bizarre!

      I'm not sure about being your idol though, but I'm certainly happy to be your friend for sure.

      Waving from my bed looking out at the snow storm on the lakeside.
      Good Luck for 2013 just in case the power blips again.
      Let's hope its the best one yet for us all Smile

  7. Now that's the way to spend a holiday! clink...Happy New Year! Nan 44

    1. 'Clink' to you too Nan ;D
      I hope you're having a fantastic time over the festive holidays.
      Happy New Year...let's hope it'll be the best one yet!

  8. You can't beat art supplies for Christmas. I got a new set of Watercolour pencils to take to Canada with me when I go to Mom's in January. I am curious now where in Canada you are. I am thinking most likely on the Western side. Looks great at any rate! xxoo

    1. Hi Marie,
      I've actually been playing with the new art supplies today during a snow storm. It was a little scary with the new ink and nibs that I've never tried before and also lots of blank pages of the journal which I always find frightening, but I felt the fear but carried on anyway! ;D
      I just took a line for a walk and let it lead me where it wanted...
      We are actually in Québec. So where is your Mum located?
      Isn't it surreal that you'll be travelling from Chester (very near all of my family) to here in Canada where I am at the moment...where you're family is located!

      I hope you are over your cold now but I'll nip over just to check on you before you leave. :D

      Best wishes for 2013 for you, Todd, Mitzie, your Mum and all of your family xoxo

  9. Wow, what a view from the hot tub.... but brrrr¬¬ Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay - and what fabulous gifts! Helen, 40

    1. Yep in summer you can actually see down to the lake.
      It was chilly but as soon as you're in the tub it's fine and by the time you come out, you're so toasty that you don't notice the quick dash back up to the house! Even barefooted!!!

      As I mentioned above I've been playing with the pen and ink today and had such a wonderful and scary time all at once.
      I drew 'Nutkin' which I may share at a later stage ;D

      I hope you are enjoying the festive holiday with lots of family and friends.
      If I don't make it in time to see you before the new year ~ have a wonderful New Year.
      Best wishes for 2013. Let's hope it's the best one yet with lots of creativity! :D

  10. You are having one great Christmas holiday - snow - art supplies - a hot tub - will you want to go home I ask myself?? Enjoy.

    1. It's going to be tough Margaret that's for sure,
      Maybe if I get too cold then the Aussie summer may call me back, but so far I'm having a fantastic time and I don't want it to end just yet!
      I can't believe how fast the days are going but I'm making the most to them...cramming something into every minute.
      Not sleeping until the early hours and then awake as soon as the dawn shows it's face :D
      I hope you're festivities as fantastic too and I'll try to visit you soon... in the meantime have lots of fun and laughter!

  11. Art supplies are such a great present, but the time to okay with them? Priceless! I hope you still have power.

    Happy new year when it comes,
    Rachel #26

    1. We never lost the power in this lastest snow storm but we did stay indoors today, so I decided to have a play with my new toys ~ the art supplies!
      I drew 'Nutkin' the squirrel and considering it was my first time using ink and nibs he went okay...well except that he looks like he's going to explode. He's rather rotund...possibly due to all the daily goodies he's indulging in. ;D

      Happy New Year to you and your's too Rachel. I hope you have a fantastic time and I wish you every good wish for the new year!
      I'm hoping 2013 will be the best one yet! :D

  12. You take the best pictures to make us feel like we are right there beside you, Neesie, even in the hot tub in the snow!! It all looks like picture postcards. Keep on enjoying your vacay; hope you didn't lose your power. Just in case, I hope you laid on more supplies of chocolate and beverages!! Cheers to you in the new year!! Darnell #53

    1. Thank you for your kind words Darnell,
      Everything has been okay today during the snow storm so we're very grateful.
      I've even managed to do some drawing with my new art supplies!

      But I have to say that the chocolate supplies seem to be constantly dwindling no matter how much I stock up...it's a real mystery! ;D

      I hope you have a fantastic New Year with lots of productive creativity. Cheers to you and yours too :D

  13. Oh! Oh! Drooling over those art supplies! Can hardly wait to see what you have created with them. I see you made the hot tub...did you ever make the sauna? ;)
    What a glorious vacation!! :):)

    1. Nope haven't made the sauna yet because the house is so cosy, I haven't felt the need to toast myself any further...but who knows there's time yet!

      Now don't get too excited but I used the new supplies today. We stayed off the slopes due to the snow storm so it was an ideal opportunity to get to know them.
      A little scary at first because I haven't used a nib with ink before, but I managed to draw 'Nutkin'.
      He's looking like he's over indulged on the turkey but I think he's okay for my first attempt.
      I'm not sure if I'm going to share him with anyone or just leave him hybernating in my journel for now.
      If I produce anything better then I'll leave him be. It's all a steep learning curve.

      I still intend to nip across to you...so pop that kettle on...I'm just not sure when :D

  14. OoohNeesie, am so enjoying your globe trotting ! Talk about extremes of climate though, as you say, keep I t all charged and keep digging out the hot tub -priorities gal!!!

    1. I know Julia...I don't think we could have picked any further extremes if we'd have tried.
      If you've seen the news today it reports that Canada are having the most snowfall for 40 years! Trust us :$
      We're all geared up now and know what to expect if the power does go. Booze cupboard full, everything charged, hot tub simmering nicely and enough food in to feed a village.

      If I don't get back to you before New Year...I wish you and yours all the best. Good Luck for 2013. May it be a brilliant creative one for all WOYWWer's! :D

  15. Nessie, what a fantastic post I so would love to have a white christmas but I do like the heat at home. Have a great holiday

    Eliza #63

    1. At the moment Eliza I've got the both...looking out at the pristine white crisp snow but the log fire is roaring away.
      We've got the soundtrack from 'The Snowman and The Snowdog' playing throughout the house which is just adding to the magic!

      I hope your Christmas was fabulous and your gearing up for the New Year celebrations.

      Best wishes and Good Luck for 2013 :D

  16. Oh how fantastic to get sme lovely art supplies.. That hot tub looks really good with all that snow all around it just what you need after all that skiing.. Jump in while the power is there.. Happy holiday..
    Happy New Year..
    Sandy :)

    1. Thanks Sandy...Happy Holidays to you too ;D
      The hot tub is just perfect as part of our apres ski activities.

      Have a wonderful New Year celebration...what ever you have planned. Let's hope 2013 will be the best one yet.

      Lots of Good Luck too :D

  17. Hi Beautiful Neesie -- You look pretty "cool" in that hot tub -- I hope your vacation was wonderful -- the snow looks beautiful!

    I have just loaded your amazing blog into the draft for my Grow Your Blog party - so you are all set! The date is January 19 -- so I cant wait to see you there!

    Sending love-

    ps - snow here today!

    1. Hello Vickie,
      It's wonderful to see you in my inbox because I've been thinking about you a few times recently. Firstly though I must thank you so much for thinking about me for the Grow Your Blog Party. It's been my intention to come across and get sorted, but the time just seems to be galloping away. I remember the date was set for 19th January because my birthday is the 23rd! ;D

      Secondly I thought about you when I was in Sydney recently because we were on the harbour cruise tour and there was an American couple sitting in front of me that looked just like you and your hubby. They were also going on one of the huge cruise ships the next day that had anchored in the harbour.
      I couldn't resist and at the end of the tour I asked her if her name was Vickie...but it wasn't you :(
      Can you imagine if it had been...now that would have been surreal!

      Thank you for your lovely kind comments above and for thinking about me. I'm going to pop over to you RIGHT NOW before anything else takes me away!
      See you soon xoxo

  18. you mad woman sitting in the snow bound spa thingy... not everyday you can experience that... I would need more than champers under my belt...xx

    1. Mad did come to mind Tracey, but once you're submerged in the hot bubbles with cold bubbles going down your throat then you tend to forget everything! LOL
      It's really a weird experience...to be warm in such low temperatures...outside...in the tub...listening to nothing but the birds...bubbles and looking at more snow than you've ever seen!


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