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Monday 3 December 2012

Yoohoo....I'M BACK....

Hello everyone...oh how I've missed you...did you miss me???? https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1509409.gif
The good news is that I have my laptop back from the brink...she's all sorted and fixed up thanks to my fantastic little local computer shop and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg either. 
They've managed to retrieve all my photos by some hocus pocus that even when the long haired pony-tailed dude explained went...zip...right over my head. 
All I could hear whizzing around my head was "we managed to save your photos"
As you can imagine I was so thrilled I nearly kissed him! 
Thankfully I restrained myself because quite frankly I don't know who would have been the more horrified.  
So I now have to try and catch up with replying to all your lovely thoughtful comments, visiting everyone and all the other gazillion things I have to do online. No pressure...argh!
Oh yes and don't forget we're off to Canada very soon, so get your thermals aired and you're 'Onesies' at the ready because I think we're going to need them!
Here's my latest design...a 'Wannabe Rudolph' moose.
I wanted to keep with the Canadian theme. I hope you like him?
(I'd just like to say the red lines on the cards are straight 
but unfortunately my photo doesn't show that...I blame the photographer!)

He was to appear in my Etsy Shop along with the Robin design...but I've ran out of time now.
Enjoy your week and I'll be back soon. 
 https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1503768.gifHo Ho Ho!


  1. Just gorgeous Denise! All your work is. I hope you enjoy Canada, and yes DO pack some really warm clothing as it is bitter there this time of year, well, depending on where you are going. Pack those mitts and scarves! Love and hugs to you. xxoo

    1. Thanks Marie,
      I'm watching the temperatures everyday just to see how many sets of thermals I might need ;D

      I hope you, Tod and Mitzie are all well. I'll pop over to see you soon.

      In the meantime say 'Hi' to Chester for me :D

  2. Told you they were just hiding :) Great news! Hugs, Di xx

    1. Hehe...Yep you were right Di,
      You're so t'elligent ;D

      I hope you're week is going as well as mine :D
      See you soon xoxo

  3. well I think he a magnificent moose, we just saw moose tracks on our driveway last week at our bush lot, I'm so glad your back, I missed you!

    1. Oh Laurie I missed you too ;D
      I remember the last time we where in Canada a moose cross the road right in front of our car one night. Thankfully we didn't hit him because I have seen what a moose can do to a car!!! Sorry that sounds terrible doesn't it...I certainly wouldn't want to hurt a moose.

      I need to come and check if you're okay so pop that kettle on :D

  4. Now does a Candian moose say ho ho ho?...or eh eh eh? lol hee hee I would be a pain in the tush if I ever visited Canada, they would probably throw me out, eh? See, once I get started...glad your back and now your family can relax! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Hmm...now there's a question Sandee?
      Do you know I have no idea what he might say? Maybe I'll have to google it to see lol ;D
      I think it might actually be a hoot having you visit Canada...I can imagine all of your antics! I'm just not sure Canada would be able to cope with them :D
      I'm trying to get to a stage when I can visit keep an eye out for me!
      See you soon hopefully xox

  5. Great news Nessie... I knew you would find a man who knew!!! My Friend lives in Canada... lots of snow there so get your thermals out for an airing!!! Do you have any gypsy in your blood as you are a right wee globetrotter... is wee Muffin going along! Have a super time... Love the moose... Fabulous!!Hugs May x x x

    1. I'd love to tell you that it was a woman that helped me sort out the problem, but although he did have a long pony-tail he was in fact a man!
      I've got the thermals all freshly laundered and I've also purchased a few new sexy numbers! I just hope no-one sees me in them! :$

      The gypsy blood doesn't run in my blood May...it's in my hubby's.
      We haven't been anywhere for over three years but we're making up for it now. ;D

      Muffy is going to stay with Zac once again so it's a good job they are besties! ^..^ I'm sure they'll have lots of fun. I wouldn't want to take her to Canada as I'm sure she'd get lost in the snow!

      I've just realised it's Wednesday and I've missed WOYWW. Oh my...I can't believe it!
      Well have fun and I'll visit soon xoxo

  6. Welcome back, Neesie!! I am so glad you got your pictures back! Now that's a great early Christmas gift--whoohoo! Yes! Pack all the warm clothing you have!! :) :)

    1. Hello Rita,
      It's good to be back although I'm really struggling trying to get up to date with everything. I've hardly visited anyone yet and feel I'm missing out of so much. :$
      Maybe when I'm settled before the open fire in our log house in Canada I'll have time to go back to see what's been happening out there in blogland! ;D

      I hope your Christmas preparations are going well? I'll try to pop by soon ~ promise! :D

  7. Hello Ros,
    I didn't know that you'd lived in Canada? It's true you learn something new everyday! ;D
    Thanks for the joke and yes I did add the Scottish accent as I read it. There was a great advert in the UK some time back that had an old Scottish man dancing in his kilt, with a moose head mounted over the fireplace...he sings at the end (again a good scottish accent helps) "There's a moose loose aboot this hoose"
    Maybe you had to be there for this to work???
    It's been a hard week and that last paragraph proves it! lol

    I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and I'll try to visit you soon. Have a great week :D


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