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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Tuesday 21st May 2013

Outside my window...There's a big empty space where our alfresco dining table and chairs plus loungers used to be. I should explain if you haven't visited here before that we are in the process of moving back to the UK, so all our belongings and worldly goods are sailing home as I type. 
All that remains outside this particular window is the bricked in BBQ and a few potted plants. I've still got a few herbs and strawberries in pots but they'll be adopted next month. Thankfully there are lots of plants in the garden so we aren't devoid of greenery.
Unfortunately all the trees in and around our plot are still losing their leaves. This makes it a constant battle to keep them from falling into and worse still sinking down into the depths of the swimming pool.
The magpies are very vociferous this morning. They've been in deep discussion with each other since first light. I can't help but wonder what they could possibly be saying to each other.
Muffin is also sitting with her nose in the air...making sure nothing passes her keen sense of smell. She doesn't seem to have noticed all of our belongings have disappeared. She's still got her bed and her bowl for her mealtimes so everything is hunky-dory in her world! Bless...she has no idea she'll be going on a long journey soon ^..^         

I am thinking...where oh where can my reading glasses be? Last week they dropped into the pool but I managed to fish them out but on our dog walk on Monday morning I went out with them but they didn't return. I'm going to walk the same walk tomorrow in the hope that by some miracle I find them. This would be incredible because as I mentioned all the leaves are still falling so they are probably well disguised by now. Thankfully I've got a spare pair otherwise I would be in trouble!

I am thankful...that the English Football Premiership season has finished. No more 2, 3, 4 or 5am disturbed nights due to the boys getting up to watch their team play 12,000 miles away/
They'll be able to actually go to the ground and watch them play live! 
The last match was played last Sunday night and at 3.00am there was an almighty loud roar from the lounge. As you can imagine I thought the house was coming down and woke in a cold sweat instantly...as you can imagine I will not miss that!  

In the kitchen...there is none of my usual cooking equipment. They are all within in a 40ft container on sailing on their way back to the UK. It's amazing that I don't seem to remember this fact numerous times a day! I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a particular cupboard or drawer to find something I need only to stare into a large void! Don't get me wrong we do have a few rental things but it's only the basics. 
Some meal preparations have been a trial but so far I've managed. 

I am wearing...A warm fleece to snuggle into...leggings and Ugg slippers for cozy toes (and a thermal vest...but that's just between you and me..shhh...don't tell anyone else)   

I am creating...I've got a little surprise in the making, although I haven't actually got to start it yet! I won't say anymore because I'll hopefully show you later this week. It's perfect in my mind...I just need to get it out onto the paper...tomorrow may be the make or break of the idea. 

I am going...to try to maximise my last few weeks here in Melbourne. I'm not going to think that once I leave I'll never come back because as I've said before...never say never! Who knows? ;D

I am wondering...what it will be like to return to our family home. The one that we haven't lived in for so long. I think generally it'll all be good but obviously they'll be a transitional period where everything will be topsy turvy. I've got lots of plans which I'm looking forward to...one being that I can set up a completely new art studio...oh my heart does a little leap just at the thought! 

I'm reading...Fractured by Dawn Barker
Fractured is an intensely powerful story about a family torn apart by a terrible tragedy that pivots on the events of one day, all the pieces of the jigsaw gradually fitting together as the story builds to its devastating and inevitable conclusion. 

Anna and Tony Patton seem to have it all, great career, a loving marriage and now a beautiful new baby son, Jack. But six weeks after Jack's birth, he and Anna go missing and Tony is plunged into a nightmare. As he desperately searches for his family, it becomes clear that he has been overlooking just how hard life came be with a newborn. 
I obviously don't want to give too much away except to say I read this book with a few days! I've passed on my recommendation to a few people and so far every one of them has reported back that they couldn't put the book down. 


About the Author:-
Dawn Barker

Dr Dawn Barker is a child psychiatrist who works with families affected by mental illness. She grew up in Scotland, and studied Medicine at Aberdeen University. In 2001 she moved to Australia, completed her psychiatric training and began writing. She has published non-fiction articles on parenting and child psychology for various websites and magazines. Fractured is her first novel. 

I am hoping...that Mufftypup has a good flight and sleeps most of the way so that she doesn't fret. It's certainly a long way for a little pooch to travel all alone. I'd love her to be able to sit with us and I know she'd love to meet all of her fellow passengers. I can just visualise her walking up and down the aisle seeking as much attention as possible.

I am looking forward to...seeing all of the members of my family. I haven't been home in three years so there's a lot to catch up on. 

Around the house...There are empty rooms. As I mentioned here we have shipped our own furniture back to the UK in the hope that it will be there ready to welcome us when we return, so in the interim we have rented furniture. It feels like we are on holiday yet again! It's amazing just how inventive I have had to be...especially with flowers. I realised that I didn't have a vase to put them in, so I recycled interesting plastic bottles by cutting the tops off! I have to say I'm so pleased with myself as they have worked brilliantly.  

A favourite quote for today...

One of my favourite things...(I always have difficulty with this one because I've got so many favourite things) It's difficult to think of something else as I pop another chunk of chocolate into my mouth...whilst finishing the best book I've read for some time so other than the obvious chocolate and books I think I'd have to say my family and friends. 
I'll be so sorry to leave the friends I've made since being here in the land of Oz, but I will treasure our friendship and hopefully with the internet's help I'll be able to stay connected. As to my family it will be wonderful to reconnect with them and get back to where we left off! 
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order...it still appropriate! : D

A peek into my day... 
We are having fantastic autumn weather here in Melbourne and I'm making sure that I appreciate it! 

 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your visit and if it's your first time reading my daybook entry, I hope you enjoyed it.
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Have a fabulous week and hopefully the sun will shine for you....keep smiling!

https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif I hope to see you again soon...Have a wonderful week everyone...whatever you have planned.


  1. Hi Neesie,

    Just left you a note on the going home post. You've put such a lot into this Day Book entry so I'll have to return to it in the morning when I'm compus mentus.

    More soon,

    1. Oh hello Ros,
      I've been thinking about you recently saying I must visit to let you know that I'm away soon.
      It's lovely to see you again...look forward to chatting soon ;D

  2. Oh Neesie....how exciting, you're going home...and in a big way.... i too hope your wee pup travels well, i know that will be stressful.....have fun enjoying your last days in Oz dorothy....make sure you haven't packed you ruby slippers...hehehe...

    P.s...wondering what it is you are going to create...hmmmmm... :D

    1. Hehe...yep hopefully I'll be able to get started on my creation today. I'll be posting if all goes well. ;D
      Thanks for your lovely comment and yep the slippers are in although they're Ugg type and not the ruby kind unfortunately. Not sure clicking my heels will work but I wish it would, then there wouldn't be any stress and like 'Toto' Muffy would be there in an instant!
      Have a great week yourself and I'll pop over when I get more access.
      Blessing to you too ♥

  3. It will surely be sad leaving Australia, but on the other hand, you have such a lot to look forward to in England! Enjoy the rest of your stay! Hugs, Valerie

    1. You're so right Valerie,
      Sad and happy times mixed together. I do have so much to look forward to so, I'm focusing on them in order to help with the leaving process. ;D
      Thanks for popping by...it's always great to see you and I'll do likewise soon.
      Have a great week in the meantime :D

  4. Hi Neesie
    not long to go now it must be a bit weird to be without so many personal things and you must miss your crafty stuff.... but hey wait until you get home, so exciting. thanks for the rear peek at the sun!
    I dont know where home is in the uk but you are welcome to visit I would love to me you

    1. Hi Janet,
      Yes it is kind of weird seeing all of your worldly goods drive away without you. I've never done it this way around before. We've always left at the same time but it will be good to have everything waiting for us at the other end.
      My pleasure to send a little peek of the sun...I'm hoping someone will do that for me when I desperately need it!
      Must dash as the laptop is needing to go to work!
      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :D

  5. It's so sad that you are leaving us, I know we will see each other on the blogs but it seems different somehow. I'm sure little Mufftypup will enjoy her adventure and will tell you all about it when she sees you. I'd pump that aga up to extreme heat when you get there as my friend in Essex says it's really cold. I gave my friend a link to your blog and she sends her best. Funny how the world works, you are about to go back to England and she is about to emigrate to Australia. It sort of balances things out in a way. Enjoy your last few days in Aus and I hope the sun is out for you in the old blighty.
    Luv Von.

    1. I know Von, I always thought that I'd nip to Brisbane for some reason or another and then maybe be able to meet up with you for a cuppa!
      Never mind...at least with your friend coming this way to replace me you'll not even notice me going! (sob sob) ;D
      It's lovely to think that you will have your friend with you soon...I hope her move goes well too. I'm sure it will with having you here ready to help her settle in.
      Yeah I'm a little concerned by the weather and temperatures but then it is the UK. They'll be lots of other positives that hopefully will outweigh the cold/damp/wet/dark etc Yuk!
      I'm determined to find everything else to talk about other than the weather (although there's bound to be some of that) so hopefully it'll keep everyone amused!
      It's lovely to catch up with you again because I know both of us are having such difficulty with this technology stuff!
      Obviously nothing to do with us because we're so techy savvy LOL
      Have a great week with hopefully lots of creativity.
      Don't tell anyone but I spent a few hours today drawing and it was fantastic! Oh it does you good :D

  6. Moving is such a pain! But,it sounds like you have it all under control. Best wishes that it all goes super smooth. At least you've got some warm weather stuff to keep you cozy when you get to England. :)

    1. Oh I know Cat, but then we have done it 11 times before so we know the drill.
      Everything is colour coded and organised even before the packers come into the house! ;D
      Thank you for your kind words. We don't really need to leave until September but I just couldn't bare the thought of having winter here and then moving to a UK winter. Who in their right mind would want to do 2 winters back to back? Certainly not me!
      Have a great weekend and I'll see you again soon :D

  7. Wow this is a surprise to find out that you move back to UK! All the best for this complex process of moving! I hope you found your glasses! And I am looking forward to your creative surprise some time this week! - I like your pictures very much!

    1. Hello Stefanie,
      Thank you for your best wishes for our move...I still can't believe it's happening myself!
      Unfortunately, I didn't find my glasses, even though I walked the same walk yesterday in the hope that they would appear! There's so many fallen leaves on the ground that they may be hidden until spring! At least they are only my reading glasses and I have a spare pair.
      I've done one drawing already and I've been creating another so it's been a great week. I'm hoping to finish it off today . It may appear online later...whoohoo.
      I love the idea and am really quite pleased with it so far.
      Have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend :D

  8. Neesie! I 've been meaning to respond ever since last week when I saw that you were moving... just have not gotten to it:-/I am sure it is both very hard and very exciting. But I was thinking that you will be several thousand miles closer to me now... which means my threat to come over for tea just got more real!:-)

    1. Minnemie!
      Great to see you ;D
      I'm so looking forward to going home but unfortunately that means I have to leave here first which will be tough.
      It's going to be fun with so much to share....that I get excited just thinking about it!
      Now wouldn't that be something if you popped over for a cuppa. I'd be so thrilled I'd probably natter until the cows came home (literally) :D
      Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully some quality 'you' time.

  9. So you are moving back to the UK. I imagine there will be a bit of an adjustment but since you have a home to go to, it should be much easier to settle back in to life there. I've not been to the States in 3 years but we are going this summer to settle my son in for his first year of college Gosh! Now that is definitely going to be an adjustment. Wishing you all the best with the move, Tammy

    1. I am indeed Tammy,
      You are so right that because I have my home already sitting waiting for me it will be a huge help in the moving process. I didn't want to leave it in the first place so it's quite exciting to think I'll be back there soon.
      How exciting for you to be going back to the States after all that time... but also a little sad perhaps with having to leave your son behind. Good luck for his first year of college. ;D

      Thanks for stopping by...have a great weekend whatever you have on the plan. Enjoy! :D

  10. I really hope Mufftypup has a good trip, too, that's not too stressful. Being back with family will be exciting! Going home. :) Enjoy your time you have left down under! :)

    1. I can't believe it's actually going to happen...it's all very surreal.
      I spent three hours on the phone to my sister over the weekend.
      It will be fantastic to see family again, but before I do that I've got the horrible task of saying goodbye to the friends I've made since I came here :(
      Mufftypup will probably sleep most of the way...she's very good at getting into a comfy, cosy position and snoozing! ^..^
      Have a good week yourself :D


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