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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Our trip to the South Island, New Zealand...Part 3

So where were we?
Ahh yes...I remember now we where in Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand, having a great time although it does seem quite some time ago now. 
As with our North Island trip we were so lucky with the weather with sun filled days but the nights were quite chilly. As we wondered around the town looking for somewhere to eat we found this fantastic Pizza and Spaghetti House tucked away down a little side street. We knew we were in for a good night due to the laughter coming from within, heat blasting out from the open fire, an atmosphere like that of a UK type pub and the aroma of pizza wafting through the premises. 
It was just what we needed...

Here's the blurb from the menu....
And here's our tasty pizza...Mmmm...smell that!

We can highly recommend this place if you are visiting but be warned you may have to wait for a table...but don't despair it will be worth it!

Now I' m aware of how many photos I have of our visit so I think I'll just let you sit back and relax flicking through a few. The photos don't do the scenery justice but at least you can see what 'Middle Earth' looks like.

I took the photo below from our window using the panoramic option and have to confess it was my first time but I'm quite pleased.
Not bad waking up to that view eh?
Maybe I should at this point mention the fantastic Pounamu Luxury Apartments where we stayed because the apartments had everything we needed to make our stay relaxing and enjoyable.
That view was so special and I found myself gazing at it for hours just watching the light and weather conditions change. It truly was inspiring. There was always something of interest.
I was also surprised to receive a gift upon our arrival for reserving our booking through their website instead of through an agent. 

This view was on one of our day trips and I couldn't help myself...I wanted to use the panoramic option again. I mean those huge expanses needs this size screen to fit it all in!  

The photo on the left below is of the Shotover River. This is where we felt the fear but did it anyway!
Well hardly, but it was a great experience jetting along virtually clipping the cliffs and performing 360 degree turns at break neck speeds...all great fun!

The bridge over Shotover River has quite a history.
The graceful bridge is a tribute to a WW1 nurse - and also a miner who refused to give up on honouring her memory. Edith Cavell was a British nurse. She was executed by German soldiers in 1915 for assisting 200 Allied soldiers escape into the Netherlands from German-occupied Belgium. There was an international outrage at her execution and the Allies proclaimed her a martyr.
Despite her wishes simply to be remembered as "a nurse who tried to do her duty" her actions inspired people worldwide. 
One such person was John (Jack) Clark, a miner who lived in a sod hut above Arthur's Point Bridge. His official request to have the bridge named after Edith Cavell were declined, so Jack took matters into his own hands. On the day of the bridge opening in February 1919, he painted "to Cavell Bridge" in large red letters on a sign visible to all of those coming to the ceremony.
To ensure the name stuck, Jack then painted "Edith Cavell Bridge" on the bridge itself. By the time that the paint had faded away Jack got his wish and Edith Cavell had her lasting memorial!

Here's an old photo of Jack...

                                                                  ....and Edith Cavell as a young woman.
The Shotover River where the bridge is located is in the Otago region and as the name correctly suggests the 75 kilometre-long river is fast flowing...
We do have photographic evidence that we actually did this ride, but I'd rather not show them if you don't mind! We were a little damp and windswept after it and my hubby wouldn't want you to see him like that! LOL 
But don't fret you will see the Bungy Jump later!!!! (gasp)

We spent a few days in a beautiful quaint old gold rush town called Arrowtown which was about a 20 minute drive from Queenstown. 

(photo courtesy of http://www.arrowtown.com/)
Arrowtown is built on the banks of the Arrow River, once a rich source of gold in the 1860's and now a sophisticated, multi-cultural town. It's also recognised as the walking and biking centre of the Wakatipu and many walking trails and cycle tracks of the area either start or finish in the town. 
We had a wonderful walk along the Arrow River...

On the day that we arrived in Arrowtown there was a festival and a scarecrow competition, which had all the children very excited. Later in the week the scarecrows were displayed at various points around the town.
Whilst the judges made their difficult decision as to who would win...we sat and indulged in an afternoon tea with warm scones, jam and cream at the Stables. 
(seen below on the top right photo) 

How quaint is this Pharmacy? In fact all of the buildings were like this. The current museum used to be the old bank...it was fascinating to visit but I did ensure that we would only stay two hours maximum. If you've not heard before my hubby loses track of all time in a museum and has to read every notice and bit of information available. 
I've got photos but I'm aware of how much of your time I've taken already...so I'll leave them out for today. 

Let's get away from the town and just breathe in that clear air....
How about that for a sky?

But wait a minute you can't visit Queenstown without doing a bungy jump can you?
 AJ Hackett pioneered this crazy adrenalin activity and this is where the madness began at the Kawarau Bridge back in November 1988.
So did I do the jump? Before you scroll down...what do you think? 
Did I or didn't I?

I'm not that stupid so in the interest of all my blog followers I sent in my substitute so that I could report back to you on the whole experience! 
I made a few critical requests as I set up my video...No backing out once I pressed play, no squealing, no flinging arms or legs...and a swallow dive please with neatly folded arms once at the bottom of the jump! 
No biggies really...it worked like a dream...in fact I ruined the video with my giggling and saying "OMG he's done it! I didn't think he would".
So if you want to check out the details here's the link http://www.bungy.co.nz/
He was even presented with a t-shirt as a momento giving all the details ie height of drop etc. I on the other hand nearly purchased one that had a chicken on it with a pair of scissors and the cut rope!

Don't ask me why but my hubby decided he wanted to get dunked at the end of the jump, as if the drop wasn't enough. 
There's a choice...it's not compulsory. 
The guys in charge take your weight and work out how much rope to give you (or elastic or whatever it is that has you dangling). 

..And that's where I think I'll call it a day today...
Thanks so much for joining me on my trip today...I hope you enjoyed it.
See you again soon


  1. O my word such Beautiful photographs... your hubby is sooooo Brave O my I could never do a Bungee jump... you would hear me scream for miles!!! You are coming home Nessie... what part of the UK Do you live... I am in the South East of England But still no sign of Summer yet!! I do hope you bring along some sunshine with you....I hope wee muffin is doing good... I wish you all a safe trip home...Hugs May x x x

    1. I'm not sure if it was bravery or stupidity May ;D
      I don't think I'd have even got to the edge never mind jump off! My nails would have been embedded into the helpers arm probably drawing blood.
      I was bothered that my hubby might squeal and that's why I warned him that the camera would be rolling...if he screamed he'd have to do it all over again! LOL

      I'm not liking the fact that summer hasn't arrived yet, so I'll certainly try to pack some into my luggage. I'm going to need it!

      Muffy is fine and totally oblivious to what's ahead even though she's been prodded, poked and jabbed. ^..^
      I'm going to be the nervous wreck whilst she's travelling...she'll probably just curl up and sleep. She's liking getting cosy these days, so hopefully she'll miss big chunks of the flight time sleeping! Ignorance is bliss eh?

      Thank you for your kind wishes and I hope to keep in touch because no doubt they'll be lots to photograph, share and natter about!
      Hugs to you too May....have a great weekend and I hope that that sun comes out to play!

  2. Crazy man. Why would anyone want to do that?? I'll stick with the scenery and the history, thanks.

    1. I know Mark...and there wasn't a drop of alcohol involved either! ;D
      I must admit it was enough for me filming the jump never mind throwing myself off the bridge!
      I'd have deafened the guys working the jump with my screams if I had managed to fall off the ledge, but I honestly don't think they would have been able to prize my nails out of their flesh!
      Keeping your feet firmly on the ground...have a great weekend whatever you have on your plan :D

  3. Great pictures! Loved the one of your hubby taking the plunge, ( he has a cute tush too, just sayin' ) lol Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, you are the sweetest! Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

    1. Trust you Sandee LOL
      You keep your eyes off his tush! ;D
      Just between you and me though...it's not bad is it? It's actually one of the things I first noticed when we met! Haha...that and his sports car! :0
      Waving from DownUnder but not for long xoxo

  4. Wow - I'm dizzy just thinking about that jump! What beautiful pictures Neesie; so many incredible memories to take with you wherever you may roam.
    Are you an early riser? It's nearly 7:00am. Put a sweater on, it's a bit chilly just now :0) Mo x

    1. Morning Mo,
      Yep up early and ready to start the day. In fact we had a fantastic start to the day with a huge flock of cockertoos landing in our garden and the trees that are just outside our bedroom window! (I'm about to tweet it)
      I've got photo's of course...I just can't help myself but I suddenly realised that I'd ran out of the front door in my PJ's! I'll be the talk of the neighbourhood now. Well at least I wasn't in my nakey! Lowering the tone...maybe it's a good job I'm leaving LOL
      I'm wrapped up cosy at the moment because I'm hearing rain is on it's way for this afternoon and throughout the whole weekend. But that's okay it'll just mean that I'll have to draw/paint!

      You might even catch a thunderstorm on my weather widget ;D

      Thanks for popping by again...it's always lovely to see you.
      Have a great weekend :D

  5. LOL.....omgoodness....he's crazy!.....
    Love the ever-so-graceful swan dive position.....hehehe


    1. Yeah Cynthia, crazy does come to mind.
      He only announced over breakfast that day that he was going to do the jump! He'd been thinking about doing it during the week but didn't want to tell me in case I put him off. I think he's really pleased that he pushed himself and did it!

      I will take credit for the swan dive thank you...because it was my explicit instruction. I mean if you're going to do something you should do it well...isn't that right? ;D

      Have a great weekend ~ enjoy!

  6. Wonderful photos, except perhaps for the bungee jump! What lovey scenes and skies you saw! Thanks for sharing! How long now before you leave? Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie,
      Thanks for your lovely comment on my photos. It's not hard to take great shots when the subject matter is so fantastic! ;D
      We have until early July to make the most of our stay here...and I fully intend to. LOL

      Have a great weekend...whatever you get up to have lots of fun :D

  7. Wonderful pictures. We have a saying here.... Wacky as a Bed Bug... yep your hubby fits the bill. No way, I'd do that. Tell him... I'm impressed.

    1. Hi Boo, thanks for stopping by...it's always great to see you.
      Yep, Wacky as a Bed Bug sounds about right! ;D

      I'm with you...I'd rather be behind the camera with my feet firmly on the ground, not bound and dangling!!!

      Have a wonderful weekend :D

  8. No way would I ever bungee jump or skydive. I am afraid of heights and would probably, like you, draw blood on somebody first--LOL! Your hubby is braver than either of us. ;)

    What a gorgeous town! I love that you brought me with you. Thanks so much. Best of luck with your move, too. *hugs*

    1. Hi Rita,
      I never used to be bothered by heights at all but lately they do so I'm thinking that it might be an age thing. I'm putting up a fight though...I'm not going along easily!!! ;D
      I'm not so sure my hubby was brave or just stupid! The jury is still out on that one.

      I'm happy to hear you liked your trip. I think I may have just one more part to share...so Part 4 will be coming your way soon.

      Thanks for your good wishes for the move.
      Hugs to you too :D

  9. Loved sharing your travels - looks beautiful, and the panoramic views divine!

    1. They were pretty special Linda and that's why I wanted to share them. I'm glad you enjoyed travelling along with me.

      There could be Part 4 which will be the last one but I've got to organise the photos for that so it may be in a wee while ;D

      In the meantime have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy! :D

  10. Neesie how wonderful! What a wonderful trip!! Lovely photos and the pizza looks sooo yummy! Your hubby is very brave!! Thank you for sharing and thanks for your visit to my blog. I appreciate it. I added your button to my blog! I rearranged a few things and I added your button. :) have a great week!

    1. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the trip to New Zealand. We certainly did!
      As to my hubby being brave...I'm not so sure if he's brave or stupid...hmm...tough choice Marie ;D

      Thank you for adding my button to your blog...I really appreciate it and am flattered.

      Have a great week too ~ hopefully with lots of creativity :D

  11. Wow, I have always wanted to visit New Zealand/Australia. Now after seeing such beauty I have added it to my bucket list. I loved the town with all the little houses.

    1. Both are amazing places and I thoroughly recommend that they feature high on your bucket list ;D
      There's so much to see and I really hope that we get to visit again one day.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting...it's always great to see you.
      Have a great week whatever you have on your plan :D

  12. Thank you for your kind words on the blog. Heaven knows why such amazing people are taken form us young. I am heartbroken.

    Sending you kind thoughts for your own loss.



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