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Friday, 24 May 2013

Autumnal Tree...APR #58

Today is rather a strange day...I'm in a new venue for sending my post. 
I've come to a local library and I must admit it's a little strange. 
It's the first time that I've sat and used the communal computers and I'm just thinking is it impolite to wipe all of the keyboard with antibacterial sanitising wipes before I begin? 
I normally have the radio playing when I'm blogging but here the tapping of the eight keyboards is deafening!
I've played footsie with the chap across the desk from me...the girl next to me is constantly chattering about everything and anything not working or going to plan, she's even muttered that heaven forbid they've let a small child onto one of the computers to 'play'! 
There's another chap who seems to have lost his chin whilst he concentrates on the screen and I'm now trying desperately to relax my own face...which isn't an easy task I can tell you! 
OH NO..he's now decided to pick his nose! Surely not :(
Oh please...it's like when you see a terrible sight but you just can't stop your eyes from revisiting! Yuk!
Now I wish I had used the wipes! 
I'm getting a little concerned about the chap sitting next to me who has slumped over the desk playing solitaire...he hasn't moved for the past 30 minutes! I do hope he's not peeking at what I'm writing.
Oh we're okay his time has just ran out and he's off...phewph!
The child playing on the end desk is accompanied by his Grandmother by the way and he's having a great time pressing every button on the keyboard because Granny just tells him..."I don't know darling...just press anything and see". Well it works for me :D
So with all of these distractions I nearly forgot why I'm here...
Oh yes...it's to post my entry into the lovely Jenn's The Artist Play Room. 
I've missed so many weeks what with gallivanting around New Zealand's South Island, plus packing up our belongings for the big move,  so I'm thrilled that I've actually got something to enter. I'm thinking that I will add colour because let's face it autumn is all about colour...but that will have to be later.
The only trouble is that I've already sent most of my art equipment away already, but I suppose I could add to my collection and purchase the colours that I need...they could always go via airfreight later.

 I've also another drawing (not in my journal) which I had hoped to post here, but unfortunately the usual daily business got in the way and it's still got some work needed. 
I've taken photos at various stages because I love that when I see other artists work broken down to show their techniques. Hopefully I'll be able to post that drawing soon. I'm quite excited about it.
In the meantime, I'll let my fellow 'puter people carry on...
Hormonal female next to me is still muttering...slump man has returned bring with him a rather odd odour (which I'd rather not dwell on) Happy feet across the desk is still tap dancing...and I seem to have missed the child leaving...maybe he's off for a nap now that he's been overstimulated. Oh yes and the chinless wonder has now found a tricky piece of skin near his thumb nail that seems to be putting up quite a fight!  
And so there you have it...today's post!
But before I head off for a well earned tea break, let me give you the link for the APR so that you can check out what the other artists have been submitting this week.
I can't believe I've been blogging for nearly two hours without a cuppa. Unthinkable! 
I'm off....have a fantastic Friday everyone and an even better weekend whatever you have planned. 
Have fun! 



  1. Can't post Neet I'm to busy laughing........

    1. Well then Lynn, my work is done!
      As they say laughter is the best medicine and what a perfect way to head into the weekend.
      Have fun and great to see...I'll head over to your place and check out what you've been up to as soon as I can ;D

  2. Well, what a strange experience for you! They say that "There's nowt so queer as folk", and how true it is. I think you did well to persevere and get your task done.

    1. Oh I know that saying Mark...my mother used to say it all the time and yes, it's so true.
      I didn't think I'd be able to settle but you know what this blogging malarky is like...it grabs you and before I knew it I had the whole post done and dusted plus even managed to save a few photos ready for my next one!
      Have a wonderful weekend :D

  3. Wonderful tree, but I am glad I can work at home and not in the library! Eeeeeeeek! Hugs, Valerie

    1. It's actually the first time that I've tried to work there Valerie and truth be told, I'd only nipped in to have a cuppa with a friend. But two hours later I had my post published and lots of other bits and pieces completed. Not a bad afternoons work really!

      Thanks for stopping by...have a great weekend whatever you have planned. Enjoy! :D

  4. I'd be wiping those keys too!I cleaned my keyboard last week.YUK!! I had no idea it had got so grubby.I don't eat at the keyboard.just everyday grot.
    Love your tree.I do Zentangles at night.They are so relaxing.I'm having a giveaway at my blog if you want to enter.

    1. Hello Judy,
      I often wipe my own laptop...well I did before it died....So so much for keeping it germ free!!! It died anyway!
      I'm still alive after my visit this afternoon and so far still seem healthy enough. (lol)
      I've become a little paranoid since I read a report that mentioned just what could be living on our keyboards and mobile phones.
      I'm not sure I could draw zentangles at night...I think my eyes would object but I know what you mean about them being so relaxing.

      Oh a giveaway sounds exciting...I'll be over asap! ;D
      In the meantime, have a great weekend :D

  5. Oh Neesie you are a hoot!
    Beautiful tree :)

    1. That's me Laura...a laugh a minute!
      Thanks for popping by to leave your comment. It's always good to see you.
      Have a wonderful weekend with lots of hooting! :D

  6. Loll!! There's a novel in that recount! Thanks for making me grin :-)
    Hugs, LLJ xxx
    Ps exciting news about your move back to the uk!

    1. Wow your comment has made me grin LLJ
      That's my ultimate dream...to write a novel ;D

      I've mixed feelings about the move back to the UK, with the sadness of leaving here, but the excitement of finally returning home at last! I know exactly what I'm heading back to and that's a comfort and considering I didn't want to leave in the first place...I know it'll be brilliant once I settle in.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment...I love visitors especially when they say such lovely things.
      Enjoy your weekend ~ have fun! :D

  7. OMGoodness! How brave are you carrying on and not running out screeching, "Bring me Wet-Ones!!" Eeeeuughh!!! I do hope you sanitised when you got home. If not before. *shuddder*
    Now, your tree. WOW! It is just gorgeous as it is, but I do hope you add some colour to it, I can imagine it in all it's Autumnal glory *sigh* So, yes, you do need to get some additional supplies. Lol. Time for a coffee break here. Fancy one Neesie? I can do caffeine free if it's too late for ordinary. Or a peppermint tea? Earl Grey? Kettle's on when you decide, anyway ;)
    Right, enjoy the rest of your evening. Hope you don't have library induced nightmares, lol :0) Mo xx

    1. Right then if you say I need more supplies then that's good enough for me! More supplies it is (thanks Mo)
      I'm thinking that the main thing about the autumn display is the beautiful colours, so my tree needs some colour too.
      I'll repost it if I do add some.

      Whoops...sorry I missed a cuppa with you last night but the options are very much to my liking. What a perfect host! :)
      I think I've now missed you as it's getting late for you and you're probably snoring...I mean sleeping away already!
      What a shame.
      But then I've already had two cups of tea and I'm not even out of bed yet! (shocking I know)
      Busy day ahead so I best get a wriggle on...
      Have a great weekend :D

  8. I would be the first with the wipes, I am a germ o phobe for sure, big time! Its an exciting time for you, certainly busy busy, the days are flying by and soon your new life will have begun, best wishes to you!

    1. I was awake at 5am this morning because all of a sudden it hit me that we are about to head into June and then that's it!
      I was busy writing mental notes and lists of all the things that I've got to do...and the list was endless...but now at this hour they are all manageable! How the mind plays tricks on you ;D
      I'm not sure if you have the UK TV programme 'Escape to the Country' but that's what this move will be like and I can't wait to share it with you.
      Thanks for your best wishes ~ I really appreciate them.
      Have a super weekend...enjoy!

  9. LOL..... You are just too funny!! love the post.....you captured and reported the scene beautifully...hehe...i'd go with the wipes next time...pretend to sneeze first...lol....

    love the tree, wow....awesome job!.... autumn colours will look awesome too.


    1. Hey...you're a little sneaky there Cynthia, I never would have thought to pretend to sneeze first. I'll store that one away for future reference thanks! ;D
      Yeah I'm think that colours are a must for an autumn picture no matter what, so I'll be nipping into the local art supply shop this coming week...whooohoo what fun!
      Have a fantastic weekend with lots of blessings too ♥

    2. Congratulations on winning the "no excuses" art journaling give away.....whoot whoot!


    3. Oh that's so sweet of you Cynthia, I'm still beaming and it's awfully late here...so it looks like I'll be awake for some time! ;D
      Blessings to you too xoxo

  10. Well that's nice isn't it, I finally get back on the internet and I'm confronted with a man picking his nose!! Too much information my dear (he he). I would have used and entire pack of wipes on those computers, eww. I certainly won't be using a public library to get on the net that's for sure, you poor thing. You need a laptop and you need it now. It would work in England wouldn't it, you'd just need a converter plug. You could take it on the plane and play on the long journey. I love your gorgeous autumn tree and you can never have enough colours, so have fun art shopping.
    Luv Von.

    1. Hehe...sorry about that Von, maybe I should have put up a public warning notice at the top of the post first ;D
      I must now backtrack somewhat because I'd hate to put everyone off going into their local library to use their computers...I have to say I was cosy, comfy and I did manage to do all that I wanted within a two hour window AND it was FREE!!! So I really couldn't complain.
      I need so much equipment Von that I've decided to wait until I get home and just do a little research for the time being. I need a camera, printer, scanner, laptop and desktop and that's just the start...so I want to get it right.
      We have two laptops here but I have to threaten a cooking strike in order to gain access!
      I'm off out to dinner tonight, otherwise I would have played with the colours for my tree...it will have to wait until tomorrow now.
      But the anticipation feels good :D
      I hope your weekend is going well and you're not having to hunker down as they keep saying here...I just smile to myself :)
      Great to chat to you and I'll look forward to our next get-together! xoxo

  11. I enjoyed all of your post, it made me laugh so much - far from the silent libraries I knew when I was young. How wonderful it will be for you to have your own lovely studio space when you reach it.
    It's a fascinating tree, it makes me feel as though I am standing at the foot of a very tall tree that is growing narrower and narrower as it reaches the sky. Lovely patterns.

    1. Hi Jez,
      The library was quite quiet except for the mutterings, keyboard tapping and the childs inability to whisper! It hasn't put me off from visiting again and I certainly drooled when I saw all of the selection of books that were available!
      Thanks for your lovely comments on my tree. I can see what you mean about standing below looking up to the branches.
      I'm thinking I'll have a play today and put some colour on it ;D
      Plus I've another drawing half done so I'm thinking it could be an arty day! Yay...
      Have a great Sunday too. :D

  12. I had tea spurting out my nose as I read you, Neesie!!! I love that you seem to have taken the thoughts right out of my head whilst riding the bus.
    and I love your work, by the way. BEautimous!!

    1. Hehe...that's so funny. I'm glad it amused you but not sure about the spurting tea...hopefully no where near your screen! ;D
      Sometimes just observing life around you can be very amusing.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment. I appreciate your time.
      By the way love your pinkie new pic :D
      Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned and I'll see you again soon. :)

  13. WOW!!!!!!! That's all I can say about your stunning tangled tree. Blessings!

    1. Aww...thanks Arnoldo,
      I'll be across to visit soon because I know I'll be in for a treat!
      Enjoy your Sunday and Blessing to you too. :D

  14. I think you need a pair of surgical gloves!! LOL!
    That is an awesome tree! I love it! :)

    1. Hi Rita,
      Nah...it wasn't really that bad just so long as you didn't over think it! ;D
      Glad you like the tree :D


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