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Monday, 6 May 2013

My Laptop has been admitted into Intensive Care....

Just to let you know...my laptop was admitted into the Intensive Care unit of my local Computer shop this morning. I'm hoping for a miracle....and waiting for a phonecall...but no word yet.
I think I may have overworked it because I'd been downloading photos ready for the posting of Part 2 of the trip to the South Island and it just decided enough was enough!
I must admit it was working rather hard, so maybe it just decided it needed a rest.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully I'll be back soon.

Trying to put on a brave face (sniff, sniff)
I hope your Monday works out to be better than mine! :-(


  1. you are the sixth person right now who's lap top is on the fritz!!! My lap top lasted three days past warranty, this one better last longer than that!!!! I miss your posts, hurry back!

    1. Oh hello Laurie,
      Thanks for your lovely kind words as usual...I know you have had your fair share of puter problems in the past so can relate to how frustrating it can be.
      I just feel so lost without my laptop...it's frightening really and maybe just a good eye opener as to how attached I've become to it! I'm on a borrowed laptop this morning in the hope that I can push the button on Part 2 of the NZ post...but it's painful.
      My fingers just don't know this keyboard as well...something I know you've had to master...but I'm getting there.
      Hopefully stand by for another post soon :D
      In the meantime have a great week and I'll visit when I can xoxo

  2. Sob, sob! Mine is not far away either! Old age, like me! Valerie

    1. Rubbish Valerie...we're not old we're just getting started!!! ;D
      Fingers crossed you don't have it just die like mine...hopefully it'll feel better soon. Maybe just a hiccup?

      Thanks for stopping by and consoling me ~ I appreciate it.

      Have a great week :D

  3. Technology always lets you down at the most inconvenient moment! Using a laptop provied by my company does have some advantages... the screen on mine gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago, but I got the whole computer replaced within 24 hours!

    1. Lucky you Mark,
      Do you think your company might like to replace mine within 24 hours? Well it was worth a try? ;D

      I'm on a borrowed laptop this morning so hopefully the post will appear soon. I wanted to add a few more photos but will have to be content with what's there already.

      Have a great techy problem free week!


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