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Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer Rain...and visitors to my garden

We've been living in a cloud for the last five days...
Low misty dampness rolling over the fields and hills...but we are still in August, so thankfully it's still relatively warm. Perhaps it's just giving me a gentle nudge that soon the summer will come to a close, therefore I want to appreciate it to the maximum. 

I thought you might like to see some of my garden 
(well I was just playing really...challenging myself to make a little video and posting it with music etc...and I managed it! Yay)
I'll make sure that I capture the sun on the next video and not take it through the window! 

(for the first three weeks after we arrived back here we hardly saw a bird in the garden but now the word has certainly spread...'there's a five star restaurant for birds opened up in the neighbourhood'.
We're seeing so many different types now from the large wood-pigeons to the tiny finches and wrens. 
It's a pure delight)

There was a little reprieve yesterday afternoon as the sun worked its way through the cloud to warm and delight us once again. 
We decided to eat our Sunday Roast outside as it could be the last time for many months. 
But then who knows? 
The UK weather (as many of you will know) is very unpredictable. 
Take today for instance...it is still early as I type and the mist is still hanging very low all around but there's reports that it will burn off later and we could have sun and temperatures in the 20's!
That'll do for me thank you.
Whatever your weather...enjoy! 


  1. I love birds in the garden too.Glad your little visitors are giving you so much pleasure.

    1. I'm doomed Judy...I just can't stop looking out of the window!
      At this rate I'll never get any art done ever again!

      I was standing by a window early this morning and a robin just came onto the windowsill. They just don't seem to be bothered by us at all. Maybe I'll even get them to feed off my hand one day?
      I'll be sure to let everyone know if I do! :D

      Enjoy your day and I hope it'll be great week for you too.

  2. That tree is alive with birds, fabulous.
    We had a sparrowhawk breakfasting in our garden the other day. I couldn't believe my eyes :)

    1. I was a little disappointed because I thought they didn't show up as well as they could have on the video. I didn't really plan it in advance. I've three feeders at the moment and it's like a conveyor with a constant flow of feathers!
      I plan to get nest boxes and bird tables soon ;D
      Oh dear...I could seriously spend hours just gazing out of the window so art time will be seriously compromised!

      The tree was a tiny cutting in a plant pot that my sister gave me from her garden years ago. We travelled up to Scotland with it on the back seat. So you can imagine my surprise to see it that size when we returned. It'll have fabulous colours once the autumn palette gets under way but hopefully that doesn't start just yet.

      I once saw a sparrowhawk take a bird and I couldn't help but watch both in horror and amazement!

      Thanks for popping by...have a fantastic week

  3. Your garden in lovely.

    1. Thanks Boo,
      I have to say it was a relief to come back and everything looked so well. It's matured nicely...unlike myself...it's done it well!!! ;D

      Have a great week and I'll catch up with you soon

  4. Wonderful video...well done to you!!! You have a beautiful garden full of little feather friends....I hate to tell you this but in Eastbourne today I have the fan on I'm so hot...I hope that sunshine appeared for you all today......Hugs May x x x

    1. Hi May, dunna worry we have the sun here too ;D
      It's not full on you understand, say more a Gas Mark 4 (180F...but not literally obviously) so I'm enjoying the garden.
      Well actually I'm flinging myself everywhere as usual. I really can't stop trying to cram in too much into each day.
      I need to try to slow down, chill and spend an hour or so drawing.
      I've been trying to get to the pens and pencils all day and it's nearly 4pm already!
      I'm hoping to join in with WOYWW this week, but it'll be here before I know it!
      Keep cool and remember winter will be calling soon enough so enjoy the warmth.
      See you see xoxo

  5. such a beautiful video, I enjoyed it so much, you seem so happy and settled almost like you never left this magical spot, you belong here I think,

    1. Thanks Laurie but now I know what I'm doing I hope to improve on my next one ;D
      I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it all the same.

      I have to admit that I never wanted to leave this place in the first instance so it's nice to return. At one stage I never thought I would. Now I just have to sort out the best weather temperatures and being able to spend time painting...then it really would be my piece of heaven on earth!

      Lovely to see you...have a great week.
      I'll be watching out for that hare! :D

  6. Lovely garden! The birdies are sure enjoying it also. Is the large bird on the garden that makes a brief appearance a pigeon? I don't recognize it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Nan,
      They are enjoying it but I'm not sure who's enjoying it the most...them or me?
      I'm certainly going through bird seed that's for sure. I've reverted to buying it online now!

      You are absolutely right...that is a pigeon, but not the Trafalgar/St Peters Square type...it's a wood pigeon but usually there's about five of them around the base of the tree, picking up all of the fallen seed because obviously they are not built for the acrobatically balancing act that is required for perching on the feeders.
      It's a good system having them hoover up!

      It was my pleasure to share with you ;D

      Have a terrific Tuesday and I'll come and visit you soon
      Neesie xoxo

  7. Your garden in the mist is beautiful. The birds seem to be welcoming you now that you've settled in. Such pretty and busy creatures.


    1. That's what I thought Darla,
      It was very atmospheric.
      I'd like to do the same again when the sun shining and perhaps all the garden sounds included but I just grabbed the camera and clicked.
      I'm so impetuous sometimes...hehe!
      Enjoy your week and let's hope it's a creative one :D
      Have fun xoxo

  8. I'd be glued to the garden, too. It's like a private oasis!
    I liked the music, but wouldn't mind hearing the birds and the wind, either, with no music. Just nature, you know? It is so lovely!! :)

    1. Hi Rita,
      Well this side of the garden is lovely but wait until I show you the other side (gasp) (:O)
      I agree totally with you on the sound but as I mentioned it was just such a spontaneous filming and it wasn't until I'd finished it that I realised that the pressure cooker (twitter story) was hissing away in the background. Not very atmospheric, so I had to put the music over the top.
      I do plan to redo a video hopefully whilst sitting outside and recording all the actions and sounds.

      I hope you are enjoying your day and the week just gets better for you.
      Maybe see you on WOYWW this week?
      Fingers crossed today is the day I manage something creative :D

  9. Your garden is so beautiful and you have so many birds. Shame about the rain but it still looks gorgeous. I can see how you would sit there all the time and just look out the window. It's finally getting warmer here, 26 today, glad you are still in the 20's. I can't wait to see Mufty in the snow :)
    Enjoy the garden and clever you for making a video. Can you teach dumb blondes how to do it???
    Have a great day.
    Luv Von.

    1. Now Vonny, that's not rain! It's just low cloud ~ really ;D

      Muffty has just been clipped and she's feeling a little nesh. She's even resorted to her jumper (Jenn's mum knitted for her) on the odd day.
      Heaven knows how she'll get on with snow. Poor thing won't know what's hit her.
      Thankfully she's certain very quick nipping out at night to power her nose ^..^

      Hey I am the dumb blonde so if I can make a video I'm sure you can too :D
      I hope to show your card tomorrow for WOYWW. I'll be editing my photos etc tonight whilst the footy is on.
      It'll save me nagging...three nights in a row of footy! Ho hum...


  10. Hi Neesie,
    For some reason your video doesn't show up on my iPad. I would love to see the birds in your wonderful garden:(

    1. Sorry about that Heidi, but I'm not sure why it wouldn't work.
      I don't have an iPad but here's the link to Youtube which might allow you to view it.

      Fingers crossed anyway....


      Have a great week and thank's for letting me know...I'll have to check why it didn't work ;D


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