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Thursday, 1 August 2013

My view on 1st August 2013

Hello everyone...today I'm going to let the photo below speak for itself...
I promised I'd take a photo each month to show the changes of the view from the rear of the house.
It could be like watching paint dry, but I'm hoping that the weather, seasons plus the farmland crops will show just how changeable the landscape can be. 
So here's the 1st August entry...after most of the day being wrapped in a cloud which was so low we couldn't even see the other side of the field...it has finally lifted to reveal the blue sky above. 
It's been warm, wet and sunny over the last month so the grass has grown quite lush. 
The farmer has also been busy.

Currently I'm busy editing my castle wedding, so hopefully I'll be able to post that tomorrow. I was so near to posting it this afternoon, but suddenly it went whoosh...and disappeared. 
I can tell you the air was blue never mind the sky!!!

So what do you have for your view today?
I hope you have enjoyed both the view and the day. 
Chat again soon hopefully over a cuppa, kilts and a ceilidh 
(pronounced kay-lee,,,scottish country dancing) 


  1. Hi Neesie, I've been meaning to drop by and welcome you back home ... as usual life just got in the way so apologies for that. Lovely photo - that sky is magical. We have been lucky to have had a real blast of hot and gorgeous weather but normal service is resumed and it's been cold and wet today here in Ayr. Hope it brightens up a bit for the weekend, and that we all have a good one. Elizabeth xx

    1. Hello Elizabeth, it's lovely to see you again ;D
      Oh I know all about life getting in the way, especially over the last two months!
      Anyway how is life treating you? I'll try to pop over to check as soon as I can.

      We can't believe the weather we've been having since we arrived back. It's been brilliant!
      We've even been able to eat al-fresco numerous times!
      Unbelievable really...I'm glad we popped the sunshine into our freight (lol) :D
      I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I know tomorrow is going to be good which is just as well, because we have wood being delivered. We have observed just how many houses nearby have huge stocks which is ominous, so we're joining in!

      Thanks for popping by.

  2. Och aye, can we toss the caber?? Is that how it goes over there (he he)?
    Your view is so gorgeous, just a little jealous :) Our weather is finally good. blue skies and should get to 24 deg (that's only one jumper weather). Those wood piles sound scary, you'd better get chopping as poor Muffty pup won't like the cold. Pop the kettle on and I'll be over soon, definitely before you need to use the firewood :).

    1. Very good Von, I'm impressed! ;D
      I wonder if you'll be impressed if I tell you that I've actually tossed a caber in a Highland Games, when we lived in Brunei!!!
      I have photographic and video evidence too (lol)

      Come on Von...you need to toughen up a wee bitee...one jumper weather at 24 degrees! That would be classed as tropical here.

      Let me tell you that that wood pile was scary and took us 7 hours to move it off the driveway into the woodshed and piled into suitable piles. Think Jenga and you get the idea.
      There will be a post about it coming soon ;D

      Hey the kettles on sweetie so come on...
      It's a fine sunny day so you'll be okay in just two jumpers I think!

      Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon

  3. what a beautiful photo, i can't wait to see the wedding!!!!

    1. Hey Laurie...no more waiting...the weddings up and posted! ;D
      I hope it's been worth waiting for.

      Have a fantastic weekend. The sun's shining here so I'm off outside to work in the garden now.
      Thanks for popping by...
      See you soon xoxo

  4. Similar day here, but the clouds are thinner so we have more light than you, I guess. We're still having fall-like weather--73 degrees and was in the 50s last night. Not normal.

    I love your idea of showing your view every month. You have some beautiful sky view there and lovely fields. It will be interesting to see them change with the seasons. :)

    1. I'm glad you like the idea of the monthly update but there maybe views where it might be dark and dismal or maybe too dark for the camera...I hope not but we'll see.

      The farmer has been working the field since 7am...making the most of the brilliant weather ;D

      Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you soon

  5. Gorgeous photo Nessie, That cloud is so low but Beautiful..Looking forward to the wedding pics... Hugs May x x

    1. Hi May,
      The clouds were so low all day but then they suddenly lifted and that's when I took the shot.
      If you look over to the left in the distance you can still see how low the clouds were.
      It's great to see so far because most of the time we can see the weather coming our way.

      I've just posted the wedding post so I hope you enjoy it. As usual it grew and grew so I've decided to post it in two parts.

      I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
      I'll be checking in with you soon xoxo

  6. Dearest Neesie So lovely to enjoy a beautiful summers day at your place! I write this wearing two jumpers and listening to the rain pelt down on the windows outside - remember how cold it can be inside the house in Melbourne? Wren x

    1. Hello Dearest Wren,
      Oh yes I do remember how cold it can be inside the house in Melbourne, but don't worry your time will come and I'll be needing your posts soon to warm me ;D
      I have to admit I love to hear rain pelting down but only if I'm warm enough.
      I spent 7 hours yesterday moving logs off the driveway into our woodshed ready for what might come our way this winter....but that's a long way off right now hopefully.
      The sun is shining, the farmers busy in the back field and I'm about to head out into the garden.
      All in all a great weekend so far! :D
      I hope your's is too other than the chilliness. Remember just wait five minutes and it'll change (LOL)
      I'll be visiting later hopefully, so pop that kettle on xoxo


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