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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Whipped up Windy Wet Wednesday

Hang on to your hats peeps...it's blowing a hoolie here today!
Yesterday was a barmy 19 degrees (which I have to admit was a little spooky) but today we've lost 10 degrees and the North Wind Doth Blow. 
If you have heard that expression before, then you'll know what that can mean, but just in case you haven't...'they' (whomever 'they' are) say if the North Wind Doth Blow...We shall have snow!!! EEK!
I heard some stupid remark on the radio yesterday, saying it was only 10 weeks or so to Chr***mas. Fool, they must have meant 10 months surely? Emoji 
I can't even bring myself to say the word! 
But going back to yesterday...

If going by the weather here has anything to do with it, then we were still in summer! 
made the most of it and stayed outside from dawn to dusk. 
Maybe upon reflection that's why I couldn't get out of bed this morning. 
I feel like I'm the Titan Atlas from Greek mythology carrying the heavy weight of the world on my shoulders and that was only to get out of bed to go to the loo and back! 
I even had my eye pop with the pressure from bending, pulling weeds and planting up a boarder. 
Instead of the whites of my eyes I now have crimson! It's a strange look and not one for young children to witness. I suppose thinking about it, it might be okay with Halloween coming up, but I'm not sure I want it to last that long. 
Bending double obviously doesn't really work for me.
Anyway here's a vision for you...me with hair like Medusa (keeping in with the Greek theme here did you notice?) stooped with aching back and a blood shot eye like Cyclops (Yay...I got a Greek mythology hat trick Emoji
No wonder my hubby went out to work before day-light! 
That way he didn't get the fright of his life seeing me lumbering around. 
But I now have a weed free boarder that looks afa bonnie (as they say) with hopefully beautiful surprises to come in Spring...that is if the bunnies and squirrels don't uproot and eat my bulbs! 

So that's an update on my gardening...although McMuffty is driving me crazy. 
She has to survey the whole garden numerous times a day tracking...yes tracking...I think she's moved on from being a Shih Tzu and now thinks she's a hound dog! 
Nose to the ground twitching insanely on the trail of heaven knows what? 
It's amazing really (or annoying might be a better word) that when her nose is working...her ears aren't! 
I can shout, call, grunt, growl or impersonate any living creature and she's oblivious. 
The neighbours must wonder what kind of a minajory we have here by all my impersonations!
But nothing will stop her when she's tracking! 
Yesterday, she definitely followed a line of scent that went all around the peripheral of the garden, even squeezing through a tiny gap between the fence and wall from the side garden into the front garden...across the front lawn, under the hedge...across the driveway...(are you still with me?)...and over to the other lawn to the boundary fence! 
She would have carried on into the field if I hadn't stopped her. 
As you can imagine, she was not impressed that I'd spoilt her fun and she didn't get her man as it where! 

I'm hoping this latest past-time will stop when the weather turns. 
I'm thinking she's finding all the mice living in all the nooks and crannies. 
She nearly got stuck just after I took this photo. 
See the gap at the base of the palette...she squeezed in and was desperately trying to get to the other side. 
If only she hadn't had that last piece of chicken she might have made it! ^..^
And then to top it all yesterday, the fun didn't stop because my son took her for a walk down one of the lanes that has newly laid tarmac on it. 
Yep, you guessed it. 
He walked her through it (didn't think to pick her up ~ D-ah!) and she now has black boots! ^..^ I've tried to cut out as much out as I can, but she's a devil for having her paws touched and more so if you try to clip them! 
Miss Wriggle Bottom Champion 2013 even with two of us holding her down!

There's a huge list of to-do's today as normal, but I'm going to watch 'The Great British Bake Off' with my cuppa first. Are you a fan? Do you see it in your part of the world? 
I am enjoying it so much and even though I swore that I wouldn't buy another thing for my kitchen...I'm finding a strong compulsion to buy yet more baking tins!
I mean have you seen some of them that they have been using?
I have the same oven, so I'm hoping that I will be able to produce some of the fantastic results that they have. 
I won't mention too much in case you are watching it and aren't up to me. 
No spoilers here.
I think Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins do a fantastic job of presenting the show...and then there's Mary Berry! What can I say...she's a God! 
And that Paul Hollywood ain't bad either  Emoji
It is starting to get rather serious now, as it's the very grown-up quarter-final. Lots of tears, trials, tantrams but thankfully triumphs too.  

It's wonderful to catch up with what I want to watch whenever I want, because I record my programmes in the evenings when footy or sport is on...then I can watch them whenever I'm free! (which isn't often so I have to be choosy)
Our new telly we bought when we got here, seems only to show sport or news somehow?
 It's a 55 inch with all the bells and whistles on it, so it's like being in the ground or right there where the action is apparently...or so I'm told! (yawn Emoji)

Before I go I'll leave you with a spectacular sight from yesterday. 
I love the sound of the geese flying over...on their way South.
Their calls can be heard for miles and miles. 
They must have known what was coming weather wise today, so took flight!
Lucky things off to warmer climes...I hope they come back soon...please! 
I miss them already. 
And on that note, I'll love and leave you for now.
Toodleloo https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif


  1. oh Nessie, get your woolies on, its coming whether you like it or not sadly, what a sweet look pup, on patrol, you are in safe hands for sure,

    1. I'm in thermals already Laurie ;D
      Weather report has just mentioned snow at Glenshee which isn't that far away! Eek!

      I never thought about our patrol pooch...ahh...I can rest easy now ^..^
      Thanks for stopping by on such a sqaully showery day.
      I lit the fire just in case I had visitors ;D

      Stay cosy too and I'll nip to you as soon as I see a break in the showers!

  2. I love reading your blog about your adventures, gardening, cooking, puppy and pictures. I check everyday to see what you are up to. You have taken me to places that I will never be able to go but are able to enjoy through you. Thanks much.

    1. Wow Pam I'm so flattered. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      I enjoy creating and writing the blog so it's wonderful to hear that it's enjoyed ;D

      I've got so much more planned that I want to share...so I hope you'll keep visiting and enjoying the ride!
      I also hope you have a wonderful week because you've certainly made my week and put a huge smile on my face :D

  3. Sounds like cold weather is headed your way. I expect that McM will want to stay in when it arrives. I laughed at all the mischief she gets up to. We're having sunshine and temps in the high 60's but the nights are getting cooler. Don't get the bake off here that I know of. I do like watching cooking shows though.


    1. Morning Darla from a very blustery cold Scotland!
      Yep...the weather has turned. Those geese must be so switched on to leave the day before ;D
      We're being bashed and battered by a very forceful wind with showers and sunshine. There's never a dull moment!
      McM hasn't shown her face yet this morning other than nipping out quickly to powder her nose...then she dashed back indoors, so you may be right. She likes her home comforts and snoozing on someone's cozy bed is one of her favourites ^..^
      If you wanted to watch an episode of GBBO then the link is in the above post. You can pick what you're interested in. It's extremely popular here at the moment so you may get it at a later date.
      You're temps sound good, but I think we'll not see the likes of those until next year
      Never mind...I promised I wouldn't just focus on weather. There's lots to do and one thing I want to do today is art! Yay!
      Well if I can't go outside to work on my outdoor garden canvas, then I'll work indoors!
      Thanks for chatting...see you again soon

  4. Hi Neesie
    great post, down here in the south we lost about 10 degrees this evening too.... its quite cold now I might have to put my bed socks on tonight LOL.
    I have been watching the GBBO too (yes lovely man) as I am now gluten free last night was interesting might have to try and bake some focaccia as I miss that sort of stuff, and as for cake Mmm.
    anyway hope your eye looks better soon
    janet popping in from WOYWW

    1. Awww...bed socks! Now there's a thought! ;D
      I enjoyed the GBBO show so much but it is heating up a little now isn't it? Not sure who I favour because they all have their ups and downs.
      I baked a cake yesterday after being inspired and I'm sure I'll be constantly cooking once the Aga gets fired up. I've only got to wait one more week! Yipee! :D

      Thanks for your comment and for nipping in because I know how busy taking part in WOYWW can be. I just haven't got anything to show on my desk, so until I do I'll do other things instead.
      I plan to draw, paint or plan today. This weather makes you want to do what makes you feel all cosy and warm inside...which is art for me!

      Enjoy your desk hopping and I'll try to hop over soon

  5. I have missed heaps of your posts as I've been busy with school holidays and visitors, so caught up today. I'm still giggling at your 19 deg barmy, you'd have to be barmy to like that temp!!! It's going to be 35 tomorrow and I much prefer that, with a stiff sea breeze any day. So glad Mcmuffty is happy there and enjoying the little adventures in the garden. That sport problem with tv's must be catching as our tv is doing the same thing, I agree it's boring.
    I'd be firing up the arga if the wind from the north has any truth to it, can't imagine snow (brr). Please send some photos of Mcmuffty's first encounter with snow, it will be priceless. Better fly, we're off out again today, will write soon.
    Luv Von.

    1. Oh we have the stiff sea breeze too Von...it's just a little too stiff!!!
      Now here's the thing...I'd rather 19 degrees than 35! Yes I know that's shocked you but at least I can add layers or take them off at that level but at 35 you can't strip your skin off, if you strip everything else and you're still too hot! ;D
      I find it just drains me too much and I just loll around like a blob when it's like that.

      With the chilliness you have to keep moving to stop the hypothermia taking hold.

      I will certainly post McMuffy adventures in the snow...but that hopefully won't be until late winter...if at all. I'm sure she'll not like it. She's definitely a hot house plant! ^..^
      We'll hopefully be firing up the Aga soon...once the engineer works his magic! :D

      I'll pop across later today, hopefully because I see you've got some art on show.
      In the meantime have a great day and enjoy yourself.

  6. Nineteen?! I'd be wearing my down jacket! Well, as they say better you than me. tehe Do love the continuing adventures of McM. Alright, now how on earth did you not lose a few sheets in that stiff wind? Can't wait to see what you cook on that Aga/Arga....stove. When you start baking up a storm you'll have to give us Yanks a brief description of how it works. Love the clouds n geese pic. Well, the girls are snoring so I guess that's my hint to catch a few Z's too. Have a wonderful day. Hugs from FL

    1. Well it would be great if we could swap now and again Nan? Maybe a month about? What do you think? ;D
      The sheets were fine (although they look blue in the photo...they are a crisp white cotton) because they were hanging before this horrendous hoolie came flying in from the North! But I do wonder if they'll fly off to Norway when its windy. So far thankfully they haven't!

      But yesterday a towel went flying off into the field and it had had 4 pegs on it! Hubby thought it would be okay :(

      Don't worry I certainly will be featuring the Aga and all that comes from it's lovely warm depths. But I may need to reacquaint myself with it first.

      To give you some idea of our weather today...McM is curled up on the sofa on the seat nearest to the wood burner. She's wearing her Aran jumper too ^..^
      Adventures are on hold until this wind stops. It nearly blew her off her feet yesterday! She was not amused!

      Hugs to you too :D

  7. Love your saga with Muffy. It sounds very similar to mine. I called it squirrel deafness. My JRT was totally deaf to my voice calling to her if she was after a squirrel.

    Mr. Scooter is just as bad. If he's a sniffin' he cannot hear my voice at all. I have noticed that if I shake the treat can, he can hear that. Go figure. :).

    Oh I feel for you and the black paws. Scooter is not fond of anyone touching his paws either. I tried to trim his yesterday.

    1. Oh heaven help me Boo, if she comes across a squirrel :$
      I think that perhaps Mr Scooter and McMuffy may be secretly corresponding in how to wind both of us up...what do you think? ^..^
      She's behaving today because of the hoolie that's blowing outside. She was nearly blown off her feet yesterday and she wasn't amused. She's curled up on the sofa in the nearest spot to the wood burner at the moment! She's not daft!

      Have a great day and thanks for visiting...it must have been quite difficult to land in this wind! :D

  8. Hi Nessie, Down here it's turned rather Brrrrr too...Would you look at wee MacMuffin off of her jonts..anyone would think she was a local...Love her!!.. we have the Geese flying over twice a day going to the local ponds they fly back in the evening to the local Arlington reservoir.. the sound is fabulous... Don't forget to get your thermals out for airing... we all are going to need them soon..Have a happy week... Hugs May x x x

    1. Thermals airing May???? They're ON and probably not coming off again until June! :$
      There have been no geese since I took that photo because quite frankly they would just be blown out of the sky.
      Brace yourself May because I believe that the weather we've been having is heading south.
      Have a happy cosy week too...Hugs to you and McMuffy sends her love ^..^


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