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Friday 16 September 2011

Look what I found....

If your looking at this blog from the UK or somewhere that's just had summer, then maybe you should look away especially as a little bird told me the UK summer hasn't been the best. Maybe September will turn into what my Mother used to call an Indian Summer. I hope so, especially with Autumn already underway.

Ok....now I can start.....because today I wanted to rave about Spring. Its positively bursting out all over here. The birds are twitter bating, by the way I've been using that phrase since watching 'Bambi' with my kids and not from current Twitter jargon - yep I'm that old. The wisteria is positively vibrating with the loud buzzing of so many bees visiting, and there's the drone of lawn mowers getting everything ship shape ready for the wonderful weekend that's promised. But don't forget this is Melbourne so you always have to be cautious. Reportedly the temperature could reach the high 20's....whoohoo.

AND look what I found on my rounds this morning.

My first tomato....this variety is 'Patio Totem'

I've got a few other varieties such as 'Pink Pearl' and 'Italian Toms' and there's lots of flowers so things are looking good.

I also found this lilac tree....I had no idea until the flowers appeared because it was just twigs when we first arrived here. There's nothing more exciting than getting to know a new garden. Well maybe there is thinking about it, but its still exciting to me.

There's just so many surprises and hopefully many more as the seasons change.

So its the start of the weekend again....how brilliant.
Make sure that you have a fantastic time whatever your planning, no matter what the weather decides
See you next week.....; D

P.S. I did bake cookies this week and intended to post, but even though I used cutters they looked nothing like they were supposed to. I gave my OH and son the game of trying to guess what they were. Even when I mentioned they were supposed to be farm animals they failed miserably. So its back to the drawing board, but in my defence, it was a new recipe and the amounts weren't in Imperial measurements.
I may post a photo to give everyone a laugh.....they're still being eaten though....x 


  1. Beautiful pictures Neesie! Yes, our summer has been the worst since I have lived over here and so far Autumn isn't looking any better! Mind you we did have a beautiful April . . . so maybe summer came early and left too quickly. xxoo

  2. What a shame Marie...I've got my fingers crossed for you xxoo


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