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Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Rivoli Cinema to see 'The Help' Movie

There's a lot to be said for spending time with your friends, having a girlie fun time and yesterday was no exception. We met for a late lunch at a restaurant near to the cinema. Whilst getting updated on our news since we last met, we ate some really tasty food. Multi-tasking at its best, eating, drinking, laughing, chatting and breathing all at the same time. Oh yes and listening. The poor waiter had difficulty getting a word in edgeways as you can imagine.
Once sufficiently satisfied on both the culinary and conversation side, we heading into the cinema. Whilst I waiting for some of the girls I thought you might like to see this incredible Art Deco building. I was there poised for quite a time because so many people were walking about and cars passing plus a coach pulled up just outside, but with some determination I managed to get my shot. 

The Rivoli has had over $16 Million spent on refurbishing, enhancing the art deco architecture.
If your interested in seeing more, take a look at The Rivoli

Here's the Grand Staircase....

The staircase features the original banisters that are one of the many surviving unique features of the theatre and evoke the grandeur of the past.

And then there was the film....
I'd enjoyed reading the book so much, so was a little wary that I'd be disappointed with the film, but thankfully it was so well done. I laughed and had a tear which I thought I'd masked, but then I realised that we all had become emotionally involved and there were a few moist eyes. Some of the characters were spectacular.

I'm looking forward to our book club meeting to discuss in detail both the book and the film. It'll be fun hearing all the other girls views. Aren't Book Clubs wonderful? I'd love to hear what your currently reading or if your in a book club, what you get up to? We're needing idea's for our next read...
Happy Reading Everyone :-)

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