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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Rainbow Lorikeets

Something had the Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) very excited this morning. As I walked Muffin through the nearby reserve the noise and chatter from a large flock overhead was near deafening. The Rainbow Lorikeets we perched high up in the trees and boy did they have a lot to discuss. I would have loved an interpreter to tell me what all the excitement was about.

I just can't get over how vivid and brightly coloured they are with their red, green, blue, yellow, and orange feathers. Positively flamboyant.
They also fly like the Falcon HTV-2 at incredible speeds darting, twisting and turning through the trees without a care, screeching to each other as they go.... 

On a previous walk I took this photo because I just couldn't believe that the lorikeets would actually use this tree trunk for a nest site. Its so low to the ground but obviously its safe enough because they popped back in before I managed to take they're photo. But I'll keep my eyes open when passing to try to capture them peeping out. They looked so funny watching me... watching them... watching me!

One of my new neighbours feeds all the local birds in her garden with a seed block.....
so guess what I had to get......
Yep, I'm hoping to attract the lorikeets into my garden. Plus the cockatoo's too!

There was an article on the tv tonight about Cockatoo's which have been taught to speak by their owners and then subsequently escaped....they are now passing on their language skills to other birds!
I must admit I didn't recognise any of the chatter this morning, but maybe thats a good thing hearing what some people have taught their birds to say!

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