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Tuesday 13 September 2011

A Quick Tea Break....Phewph

I really wanted to post a recipe today but unfortunately when I cooked  last night the light wasn't good enough by the time I finished, so I'll make sure I start earlier in future....
So its just a quickie today as I'm trying desperately to cut the lawns. Its perfect weather for gardening so I'm making the most of it plus this weekend is supposed to be getting warmer so I'd like to have all the work done (ha! as if....) and then to sit and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Maybe we'll even christen the pool....eek!

As an update from the House Move, here's a few of my plants from the old house that seem to like the new place. Last time I posted a comment on my grapevine it looked very poorly. How dare they...? But looks whose doing fine...I just wonder if the beasties moved with it? We'll have to wait and see...

Here's the Jasmine too.

The new garden has both these plants but these are my babies so they have a special place.
The perfume from the Jasmine, Wisteria and Wattle waft beautifully on the evening breeze. I can't wait to be able to sit out in the evening to fully appreciate their splendor.

I just can't get over this wonderful cascade. There's also so many insects I'm wondering if I should start to keep bee's. They would certainly have a feast in this garden. 

That's my tea break over so I'll have to dash back outside....no rest for the wicked ; )
I must be very naughty...that's all I can say!

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