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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Muffins Grooming at Dog Diversity

I certainly set myself a challenge yesterday, but little did I realise that the challenge would be so immense. I know to drive through the city shouldn't have been an issue, especially when you rely on the sat nav to guide you. They can be invaluable - well, that is until they get confused and keep changing their minds....{is that possible? ....machines changing their minds?}
Anyway, after rerouting I didn't really go wrong but it was a little hairy at times. Its not ideal for example when the sat nav tells you to turn right when your in the middle lane with two huge trucks either side of you.
I think Muffy picked up my stress vibes because the trip was taking way longer than our usual visit to the parks or oval. She knew something was afoot. But we finally got to our destination.
Much relief all round I can tell you.....Muffin was a little nervous especially when she realised I was going to perform the procedure! My course tutor was so patient and took showed me each step meticulously explaining what was needed and how to complete each cut, clip, comb and snip!  And I did all the cutting....eek!

Once you complete the course they give you a DVD of the step by step guide to Do-It-Yourself dog grooming, so that you always have a reference if you forget any of the techniques. I also felt so confident (that's thanks to my tutor) that I bought these scissors. They have little teeth so you can cut without making steps in the coat - not a good look whatever the breed.

Here's my tutor....{if you read this then I apologise for not using your name - I remember it sort of rhymed with Neesie. Just let me know and I'll amend the post to show your name : D }

The other little pooch with the Mohican's hairstyle is 'Fritzel'. Again I hope I've got this little chaps name right. 
Can you believe that he came from the same puppy farm as  Oscar  He's so cute and obviously will have a much happier life now.
I realised that I was actually holding my breath with each cut and snip of the scissors, so no wonder I was shattered as we came to something like a shih tzu puppy cut. I couldn't believe that we had been so engrossed for nearly two and a half hours! At this stage I had Muffin resting her head on my arms and desperate for a snooze.  
We had such fun though (well I'm not sure about Muffin but I did) and my tutor even produced Muffin ribbons showing me how to make the little bows. Muffin is modelling them above. How cute is that?

I love this logo....

If your interested in learning to groom your own pet take a look at Dog Diversity

As we were heavily involved with the technical details of not having Muffin look like a dogs dinner or been clipped with a knife and fork (down to my inexperience and nothing to do with the course) the sky's darkened and the heavens opened. Was it Divine intervention....I shouldn't meddle in things that other's are quite capable of doing without my input....no it was one of the worse storms that Melbourne has experienced this year. Poor Muffy....as if she wasn't suffering enough already.
We had to make a dash for the car with the rain lashing down and thunder and lightening flashing across the sky. As your probably aware dogs aren't too happy in thunderstorms and Muffin is no exception. I had to put the radio on loud each time there was a flash and talked the whole way back to try and calm her.
It was a terrible drive back home with gridlock rush hour traffic and floods everywhere. Some of the underpasses where so deep in water that four wheel cars where making bow waves which were a worry. I'm not sure my car can swim! :{
I have never been so glad to get home and I'm sure Muffin felt the same.

Muffy crashed into her bed as soon as we got into the house and didn't want to show off her new look.

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