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Friday, 27 January 2012

Andy Murray takes on Novak Djokovic tonight!

As planned today has been a quiet day (phewph) but there's excitment mounting....Andy Murray will be playing Novak Djokovic in a few hours time at the Rod Laver Arena.
I went along on Wednesday with my OH to the Rod Laver Arena to watch Djokovic play Ferrer. It was a really good night and although I didn't really use my camera very much I've got just a few to show you.
Here is a series of photos showing the walk up to the arena looking back at the city....

 And then there's the first exciting sight of the blue outer courts....

 If you look closely over to the left of the photo, you'll see the name 'Rod Laver Arena'.

After a beautiful meal in an air conditioned marquee with Champagne flowing, (its tough I know) we made our way to our seats...Game on! 
Apologies for the blurred photo but we were sitting quite high up ~ I really must get a better camera.
Anyway, if you're a tennis fan you'll know all about the game and if you're not then you probably don't want all the details. Surfice to say...obviously Djokovic won hence waiting to see tonights game.
The winner of this match will play Nadal after he beat Federer (which was yet another fantastic match last night) So here we are about to hopefully see Andy (4) beat Novak (1)....sorry Novak but we need him to win...we've been waiting for a Grand Slam winner since Fred Perry in the 1930's so its time.
Not a great deal more words from me today because I have to prepare and cook dinner before the match starts....
"Come on Andy ~ ITS YOUR TIME"

Have a great night and hopefully we'll have the result we want, although as long as it's a good match we won't complain.....well maybe just a little ; D


  1. Hope your favourite won Neesie! I am not a great tennis watcher. I'm actually not a great sports watcher at all. I do enjoy watching gymnastics and figure skating, especially the pairs, but that's about it. Melbourne looks like a lovely city. My sister in law's brother lives there with his wife and children. xxoo

  2. great photos, very exciting!!

  3. Hi Marie....bad news I'm afraid. He didn't win :(

    You'll have to tell me which part of Melbourne your SIL's brother lives. I have to admit Melbourne is great, but I've said that numerous times already.
    Hope you're weather's behaving. We're in for 34 degrees tomorrow so will try to stay cool.
    Have a fantastic weekend and I'll try and catch up with everyone's posts soon. It's been a hectic week :D

  4. Hi Laurie,
    It was very exciting but unfortunately the result wasn't what I wanted. Andy didn't win but played so much better than last year, so I feel he's on his way.... Maybe it'll be Wimbledon???
    Have a great weekend and hopefully your weather will be kind...
    Stay cosy and keep painting :D


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