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Thursday 19 January 2012

The Vintage Shed...

Do you have time to go on a little trip with me today?
I thought I'd like to take you to the Vintage Shed situated on the Mornington-Tyabb Road outside of Melbourne. We had a trip there recently and had a wonderful time browsing through all the treasures...some brought back so many memories. I wonder?... if we remember these things does that make us vintage??? Nah...I thought not ;D

After a short drive out of Melbourne along to the Mornington-Tyabb Road, we came to the large shed that contained lots of vintage treasures. I think if you named it, it was probably there somewhere.
There were individual stalls which sometimes had a common theme and sometimes it didn't.
If you take a look at the photo's I think you'll get the gist. I couldn't possibly name what you'd find there...I'd be here until Christmas at least and then I probably wouldn't cover it all.

From furniture to fire extinguisher...glasses to globes...clocks to clothes!

There was so much to look at on each stall that it took quite a time to look over everything!

My OH was constantly commenting about this and that ..."oh we used to have one of those" or "oh do you remember these"...I obviously didn't being just a young thing but it was great to have all the fond memories brought back. Whoops think I've just shot myself in the foot...there's a confession there somewhere...eek!

 I was amazed to see the vintage hat box which you can see hanging on the ladders in the photo below. It had a card inside with all the details. Incredible.

This shot gives some idea to the scale of the shed and this was just a small portion.

Although I said I didn't remember anything ; D  I got very excited when I saw this Spanish doll. I had one just like it. But I only had the girl...I had no idea she wasn't single in all the years I had her. I even passed her on to my daughter. She remembered her too. Happy days!
Although we weren't on any particular mission I think its compulsory to bring a little something home.
Even though my OH questioned our real need for a bird cage. He knows my views on having birds caged but he should know me by now and trust my nesting instincts....He now admits it looks good. : D

Its in our outdoor entertaining area and the sun isn't too strong there. We also have a light nearby which at night illuminates it too. Perfect I think!'
Of course, I had to get the right sort of plant to fill it (ie a trailing plant) and this one fits the bill. Its interesting leaves and then hopefully if its happy then they'll be flowers.

Here's what plant I decided on.....
Plectranthus Oerthendahlii (Brazilian Coleus) Attractive hardy ground cover for semi-shade. Showy pale mauve-white flower spikes. Late summer-autumn....and here's the best part.... Excellent for hanging baskets!
I love the colour of the leaves and the little spikes along the stems. Its like designer stubble.

I have to admit I've been a little distracted whilst posting today. Firstly I had an appointment today so didn't get a chance to post earlier and with being later I clashed with Andy Murray's tennis match. He won so onwards and upwards as they say....hopefully all the way.
I must get on so I'll finish our trip along the Mornington Peninsula tomorrow if you're free again? I hope so.
See you ~ Have fun until then.... : D


  1. I'll be back, great trip!

  2. Hi Laurie, I'll look forward to seeing you then ;D

  3. What a beautiful cage, I wouldn't have been able to pass it up either. You did it justice with that plant it looks lovely.

  4. I'm so glad you agree...there was no way I could leave it behind. I've been on the lookout for quite some time so I was extremely happy :D
    The plant looks like its happy with its new home so fingers crossed it gets to bloom. If it does I'll be sure to show you.
    Have a fantastic Friday ;D

  5. Oh that plant looks lovely in that birdcage! How beautiful. I could poke around in charity shops, antique shops and the market for hours and hours. There's always a treasure to discover!! xxoo

  6. Hi Marie, I'm really happy with the plant and cage. I think the plants happy too.
    You could spend hours having fun looking around The Vintage Shed. There's so much to see...I'm sure you'd love it.
    Thanks for stopping by...I hope you have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  7. That place sounds better than Aladdin's Cave. What are the prices like? Are the items priced as per "Antiques" or as "Second-Hand"?

  8. They're prices are as 'second-hand' Mark...so there's some really good bargins to be had, if you find what you're looking for.
    Sadly I didn't see the 'Genie in the Lamp' but its probably there somewhere...
    Enjoy your weekend :D


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