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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Lets take a little trip to Qatar....

This post comes with a warning this morning...put the kettle on and have a cuppa...get comfortable because there are quite a few photographs today....
I'm in a reflective mood this morning it seems...I've been thinking how wonderful rain can be, especially after the hot week that we've just experienced here. Oh I know it wasn't as hot as many places on the planet, but when I heard the raindrops beating down during the night, I must admit it was a relief.
I began to think how it might have been back in the day or still is in fact in many places around the world. To not have Internet access or having the impending weather changes announced by a friendly meteorologist over the airwaves seems unimaginable in our modern technological world.
I can imagine years ago eager eyes scanning the horizon for signs of imminent rain. Homing in on primitive skills ~ smelling rain looming :-$
We knew the rain was coming yesterday and thankfully it did arrive ~ sometimes it doesn't ~ birds, plants and Muffin are very happy.
I also thought back to my garden that I tended in the desert, especially after mentioning my tomatoes in my last post. So I thought I'd show you what I managed to grow in my concrete desert garden in Qatar

Firstly I have to take you back so that you can appreciate the climate and landscape....

I have to admit this is the inland sea and not quite the plot that I had...but it gives an idea of what things used to be like...
Also a good point is if I show you a photo of 'The Sheraton Hotel' back when it was first built in 1979....
The corniche waterfront has now been completely developed...

Apologies I was getting distracted...we were talking about gardens....I wanted to show you a photo of the garden when we first arrived (nothing but a concrete square) before I started growing my plants but its hiding somewhere today : (

So anyway, here's a hanging manager ~ well you know I love them and always have to have them around me. As you can see this one is mostly filled with Petunia's.

On to some veggies... the runner beans and unfortunately I can't remember what was planted in the front little container.

 A grape vine began to explore the boundary wall with a little help of some lattice. The mushrooms have been family members for quite some time now and always cause a stir where ever they reside.

Here's part of the back wall... 
Ahh...I'd forgotten some the these friends...how could I?

The bird bath is in use here in Melbourne and a great watering hole for many little birds and critters...

One of the things that I managed to grow that really did surprise me was Sweetcorn!

They were brilliant ~ so juicy and sweet

And then the corner veggie plot...
  I always love to have fresh herbs that are just a stride away from the kitchen...

 Things at one stage seemed to be getting out of hand...
 The outside eating area became my nursery...well these delicate seedlings needed shade from the scorching sun and it was too hot for us to sit and eat...air conditioning saved the day when temperatures started to climb.

 And then there were more....

Wasn't I a busy bee...
 Here's more of the tomatoes...

The tomato wall...quite literally...but they grew so well at the side of the house on the boundary wall and the neighbour was free to pick any they could reach : )

Like beautiful red rubies...

Yet another wall....I was sorry to say goodbye to a lot of these friends plus their pots.

This was a photo of our first house in Qatar...if you look closely you can see someone special enjoying the sunshine. Yes Muffin is an expat too and has always liked the sun. This garden had two green lawns...emphasis on green.

So I think you'd better get on ~ I've taken so much of your time today. I've been aware that the last few posts have been rushed, so I wanted to take more time today and believe me it took some time to find these photos!
I hope you enjoyed your trip to Qatar....come back soon and who knows where we'll get to : D
Have a terrific Tuesday...Enjoy!


  1. You've certainly had some wonderful experiences living around the world Neesie! You obviously have a very green thumb too! I am not that lucky with plants. I do love to plan and to pick the results, but the inbetween stuff I am not so good at. xxoo

  2. Its not been all good Marie, I have to admit I've had many a failure. But when there's success there's nothing better than to reap the rewards...yum yum :D

  3. oh my gosh what beauty,, its snow snow and more snow here!! Your photosjust make my day, I did have my tea with you!

  4. come get your award on my blog nessie, you deserve it!!!!

  5. Hi Laura, it is lovely to have friends pop in for a cuppa and I enjoy sharing my nattering with you.

    I'm glad I've added a splash of colour to your snowy day. Maybe even a little heat too :D

  6. How thrilling Laurie, I'm on my way just throwing on a frock and preparing a little speech ;D Thank you so much xoxo

  7. Whoops Laurie I got so excited that I wrote your name wrong above...my apologies x

  8. I enjoyed this minitour of your gardens and your home in Qatar. I came over from Laurie's blog where she gave you an award.

  9. Hi Terra, thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.
    I'm so excited that Laurie gave me the award. I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat! (I grew up in Cheshire, (UK) so I suppose that's only right)

    Have a great week and hopefully you'll nip back for a cuppa another day ;D


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