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Friday 20 January 2012

The road trip continues...Mornington Peninsula

...and so we continue on our road trip along the Mornington Peninsula...are you ready? You may want to take your swimmers....Off we go....

Firstly, I thought you might like to see the location of 'the Peninsula' as its commonly called, in relation to Melbourne CBD.

The Mornington Peninsula is located just over an hour’s drive away from the city, on Melbourne’s ‘doorstep’, and is often described as Melbourne’s playground. It is the most popular informal recreation area in Victoria.
So let's go and play....

Unfortunately the photo's don't show very much sunshine, which I know would have been better, especially if you're in the middle of your winter....it would have been a nice warming touch...but believe me it was very warm even without the full sun. If I remember rightly the temperature was over 30+ degrees celcius.
This is a view from the top of the pathway down to the beach...

There are masses of activities for every kind of hobby or whatever your interests.

 A few shots on the pathway...little snippets before we hit the sand...

I'd rather not take photo's of people without their permission...a sad fact of our times I'm afraid...and there were quite a few people enjoying the beach, so I left them in peace.

There were lots of people messing busy in or on boats...there seemed a very friendly communal atmosphere around the yard. Lots of people were fishing off the pier and everyone got very excited when there was a bite on the line...
I loved the way these boats bobbed up and down, keen perhaps to get into the open water.

When my son first knew we were coming to Australia he announced that he'd like a little boat...
he's still waiting and I'm not sure if its even still on his wish list, but every time I see a little boat like the one below it always makes me smile : )

If like me you enjoy finding out about the history of a place especially when you're visiting a particular location, then you may want to see this Mornington Pier site. I always find my mind wondering back imagining how things might have been...so the old photo's are brilliant at transporting us to a different era.
Unfortunately I didn't capture a photo of the pier due to the throngs of holiday makers fishing, walking and generally enjoying the great outdoors...its the main summer holiday time here with the schools closed just now, so I didn't think it would give you a good idea of what the pier looks like most of the time.
Here's a much better shot....I just wish it was one of mine (sigh)

 Fantastic photo courtesy of  Koby Thompson

Everyone it seems was enjoying the afternoon. These seagulls were like ladies at the spa, all grooming and chattering away having a wonderful time, but just as I went to take the photo a holiday maker walked a little too near and off they went....Grrr!

Are you hungry? What could be better than to end our trip at the seaside with a feast of fresh fish and chips!
Absolutely scrumdiddleedumshious!
I noticed a photo on the wall of the cafe that Hugh Jackman had visited...oh my...I scanned the crowd intently then...if only.....well I'll just have to be content with my fish and chips, but I'll surely keep my eyes peeled everytime I visit!

I hope you enjoyed our little trip and I'll be sure to invite you along on my next one....hopefully next time the sun will be shining...but until then have a fantastic Friday : D


  1. This is so pretty.Hope you are having a lovely time.

  2. Hi Yolanda, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comnment. Its always great to hear from people out there....
    Of all the places I've lived in over the past 22 years, Melbourne is top of my list. I'm not sure how long we'll be here but for now I'm enjoying every moment.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend :D


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