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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Little Italy...

If you're wondering where all my baking and cooking recipes have disappeared to ...well, my new years resolution is not to set foot into the kitchen! Nah...only joking ;D
But after all the Christmas cooking we've been making the most of eating out especially whilst my daughter is visiting. She adores dining out and there are so many places to eat here in Melbourne whether you want a quick bite or to grab something on the hoof, or a gastronomic gourmet banquet...they're all out there. The choices are mind boggling. I think we may be on a mission to try all the different cultures and culinary delights before she goes back to Scotland ....I'm sure they all taste so much more delish with Dad's wallet being on hand too...LOL ;D
On one of our evening excursions we recently visited Lygon Street, which is one of the great food precincts of Melbourne. It has its origins in the early immigration of Italian migrants and if you stroll along ‘Little Italy’s’ leafy Lygon Street then you'll discover a place where Melbourne’s famous cafe culture was born. Beautiful Victorian terraces provide a backdrop for lovers of coffee and dining al fresco. A variety of cake shops and gelati bars tempt visitors...I have to confess we were tempted and we didn't resist! :D

There are so many restaurants all nestled together which makes wandering along the street enjoyable, whilst drooling over menus amidst the hussle and bustle ~ entertainment in itself.
The only thing that I felt was missing was the typical Italian music being piped out onto the street....but then as we were leaving the area, one of the restaurants party atmosphere erupted and spilt over into the street with the music, singing and clapping entertaining everyone passing by. What a fun night!

I always love the fresh pasta displays...and thanks to my daughter and her camera I can now show you them too.

I have a new pasta machine still in the box ~ note to self ~ I really must give it a go.
I know confession time again...I've never made fresh pasta myself (gasp) but didn't have the machine until a few months ago. That was my excuse anyway. Now I haven't got that excuse anymore ~ it's time to play.
I may post my experience at a later date as I have visions of white clouds of flour covering the kitchen....we'll see anyway. I keep hearing Jamie Oliver say how easy it is and that once you do make you're own they'll be no going back!

Whilst walking along the street this cute little car caught our attention too, but I'm not sure what it is though? I'm thinking it could be a Fiat 500 but please forgive me and let me know if I'm wrong...I forgot to ask my boys before posting, sorry.
As you can probably gather, cars aren't my strong point. I just drive them. I normally only say what colour a car is, not the make or model. 

We didn't indulge in a dessert whilst sitting in the restaurant as my OH had seen the gelati shop thankfully nearby.
I say thankfully because by this time movement was a major achievement. 'Mama Mia'...we were full to the brim but how could we refuse? Thankfully they had brilliant tiny cones as well as the usual huge, large and big sizes. The tiny 'bambino' size was perfect for me because I could still indulge but didn't POP! My OH found his favourite flavour too...Blood Orange! It has to be said he didn't have the bambino size.

Isn't it around now that we should be thinking about diet's and healthy new starts...Hmm....maybe our way of overindulging at the beginning of the year, then slowly pulling in the reigns might work better. 
I've never been one for diets anyway...if I used the word (diet) I'm immediately hungry and feel underprivileged thus overindulging immediately. My philosophy is everything in moderation!

So have a great day whatever you get up to...and we'll chat again soon ;D


  1. Neesie, there is a reason the word diet starts with the word "die". lol Sounds like you are really enjoying your time together as a family. I have never had gelato. I want to try it now, and I want to try Blood Orange flavour! Is it like sherbet??? I have never made my own pasta either, unless you consider noodles for soup or pierogi pasta??? With a pasta hating husband it is not something we eat a lot of. I adore pasta though and love fresh pasta best of all! xxoo

  2. Hi Marie,
    I've never thought about the word 'die t' before...well I try not to think about it ~ full stop! hehe
    Gelato is a mix between icecream and sorbet. Those Italians know a thing or two about how to indulge. It's quite remarkable but not fattening at all! {'Shame on you Neesie'}
    Pasta is the same...'momma mia'...but it is Belissima

  3. Probably Mark...but hey, maybe I should go back and check for you? I'll let you know if they do...(some excuse eh?) LOL ;D

  4. What a wonderful place to visit. Don't make the pasta unless you plan on eating it often it's so much better than the ones you buy.

  5. Hi Country Mouse Studio,
    We eat fresh pasta at least once a week but I usually visit my local deli to purchase it. I like to help all the little local shops ie butchers, bakers, deli''s etc so that's why the pasta machine is still in the box.
    I'll have to give it a go though...it keeps looking at me every time I go into the cupboard! ;D


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